‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney’s Cookie-Bite Defense Was Sad, And Final Straw For Will

In the latest installment of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” Whitney Thore lost the unflinching support of some closest to her in “Flirting With Disaster”, because she maintained her opposition to changing her unhealthy eating habits. Todd and Will changed position, one directly to her face and it’s possible more will follow.

Once again, credit goes to Whitney for allowing cameras to catch her in the most unflattering way as she exposed herself as someone who is more than a bit naive, and not just about her health. Preview latest: Makeup with Will, but is there a breakup with Lennie? 

The exercise DVD opportunity was exciting and could lead to a different sort of career for her, but Thore’s preparation and judgment were lacking. Not only did she choose unwisely when it came to picking the best two dancers from her class to perform with her and Todd, but she winged it without a script. While she might argue with the fact that it reveals a lack of discipline and understanding of consequences, there is no other way to see it at this point in the series.

That wing-it attitude blew up the relationship with Will when he cut ties with her. Whitney added the DVD opportunity to her already busy schedule and chose to participate in all of them instead of keeping appointments with him. She hoped the storm would blow over by explaining how difficult it was to fit it all in.

When that went over like a lead balloon Will put the hammer down about her refusal to end bad eating habits and follow his instructions to be conscious of what she consumed all day long. She had no comeback to his dismissal of her as a student, other than to point to a giant cookie in her car and beg for credit that she took one bite. Will scolded her for buying it and she wanted praise for refraining from consuming the whole thing. When he informed her that she gained four pounds in a month she fell apart, returning to her deep fear that she won’t feel the spirit of the NBS campaign while dieting.

On the job front, winging-it led to an open flirtation with one of the on-air radio personalities. While on one hand Whitney admitted that it might be turning into something that could threaten her relationship with Lennie, she responded to the guy’s interest with interest of her own.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” has come to this point after seasons during which Thore gained support for her No Body Shame campaign, which viewed in the best light allows fat people to see an example of someone who won’t be limited in public because of her size. Whitney Thore carries the torch for daring people to criticize or bully her as she goes about her life of loving, working and dreaming of more.

What’s missing is other people in her life openly refusing to be part of her routine. Todd bristled when asked to help her get dancing shoes off because she couldn’t bend down to do it herself. When her bestie of many years begins to feel like an enabler, she has got to know she’s in trouble.

TLC airs new episodes of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: TLC, used with permission¬†

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  1. A big blob of constant crying and excuses to get out of any responsibility for her own damn health so over this show hope it’s cancelled soon. Bad example for young adults period.

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