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‘Cutting It: In The ATL’ Season 2: LaKenya Crawls Back To Maja With a Brunch Invitation (VIDEO)

“Cutting It: In the ATL” Season 2 reintroduced us to the ladies of hair style in Atlanta already in the midst of business and personal wars. In its inaugural season on WE tv the show gave us background on the state of their businesses, adding LaKenya to the list of entrepreneurs who rose from assistant to boss.

That girl had a heck of a time fitting in to the cliques and feuds among the other four women, who forced her to make a choice between getting help from one faction over another, just to get her salon up and running. In tonight’s episode, “Rest In Weaves” we’re taken back to that dilemma.

LaKenya sets up a brunch and invites Maja to see if things can be smoothed over, but it’s the other event centered on Maja that sets up the brawl of the night. The new person added this season, Pat, is as combative as all the ladies put together, but when around Dedra, the stylists everyone loves to hate, it gets turned up to maximum volume.

In the video clip posted below, Dedra talks about the foolishness of inviting her to a Maja tribute event. Remember how she humiliated Maja last season with a birthday cake that featured the birthday girls mug shot? Yeah, well hold on to everything you’ve got around you because as Dedra tells her friend, “If they want to be messy, I’m gonna’ show up.” Whoever sent the invitation was a fool, and viewers reap the benefit of the chaos.

WE tv airs new episodes of “Cutting It: In the ATL” Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT, immediately following “Braxton Family Values” For a BFV preview clip, click here!

Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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