‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Ep. 9: Ambush At Sea, Has Peng Delivered a Death Blow? (VIDEO)

Season 3 of “The Last Ship” has flown by, and multiple threads are still hanging in episode 9 “Paradise”. At least one is the fate of people around the world who have yet to get the cure. Thanks to President Peng of China, his Asian neighbors have and will continue to die in droves despite the cure being delivered by the United States.  RECAP of the episode posted below. 

In the previous episode, we got the scoop on Peng’s plan to dominate the region, by using a chemical to cover the landscape prior to the cure being dispensed. It interferes with the ability of Dr. Scott’s serum to work. It’s why Takehaya went on a mission to destroy the Nathan James after the population of Japan was decimated. Peng needs the U.S. Navy to disappear so he can continue his treachery and he warned his aides that he will not accept failure.

That means that CNO Tom Chandler and Commander Mike Slattery will be back in action and in the video sneak peek posted below, it does not appear that things go well. Is there a leak in the chain of command, because it sounds like the enemy knew the ship’s plans before they were executed?

Meanwhile, back in St. Louis, the new president has chosen to align himself with people who want to change the course of domestic policy instituted by the now deceased President Michener. The only person arguing for continuing the use of ration tickets and regulated cash withdrawals from banks was Kara Green, who was frozen out of meetings with the president and his top aides as a result of her disagreement.

Will President Oliver change his position on total support for Chandler and his mission to keep Peng from committing genocide in Asia? Kara Green will be doing some digging at the White House to get answers to what is going on behind the closed doors that she now sees when top-level decisions are being made.


Preview of next episode: How did Tom Chandler become the enemy? 

The leak and traitors were revealed and all of them reside in St. Louis, surrounding the new president. He’s a pawn, someone who was informed that he has no power, and warned that if he didn’t play along he would end up like Secretary Rivera and a senator who were gunned down in a parking garage.

Kara was witness to the shooting, having followed River after thinking he was the big bad guy that caused one Navy ship to sink, another to sustain major damage and 83 Navy personnel dead. The true mastermind was Chief of Staff Allison Shaw, who had given Kara the impression she was her pal, pulling for her to be included in the circle around President Oliver. Did you catch that mention by Shaw about Michener’s death. Did he truly commit suicide?

She and the territory managers decided that the United States was going down the tubes domestically while Michener and now Oliver allowed Tom Chandler to roam the world, edging ever closer to World War III. Chandler’s mission was to save Asia from a Peng-directed genocide via the green gas that perpetuates the death rate from the “red flu” as they call it.

Shaw’s vision of the new America is local control over the territories that Sec. Rivera told Kara, prior to his death, were suffering and out of control in a way that they couldn’t conceive of in the bunker that is St. Louis. Haven’t you wondered how the ladies still have makeup and product for their hair when food is rationed? But, back to the story, of Rivera fessing up as he lay dying and telling Kara she wasn’t safe.

Capt. Green had been digging and with the help of a code breaker learned that the info she was giving to the president about the operation at sea with the Nathan James, was being sent directly to Peng and his men. Now on the outside, and having seen what can happen to her, she left on foot for parts unknown.

The battle at sea was led by the USS Nathan James and its sister ships, the Shackelton and the Hayward. The first of those was captained by a freakin’ fan boy of Tom Chandler, who gushed when he finished getting his orders straight from the CNO. The three would surround the Chinese battleship carrying a huge number of the missiles filled with the green gas.

How did they know that? Well, that’s where the title of “Paradise” comes into play. Paraiso, an island thought abandoned decades ago after being occupied by the U.S. military during the Korean War was in fact a thriving community of people, working in factories to pack the missiles and ready them for use.

In a bit of comic relief, the Vulture team (Chandler, Cooper, Green, Wolf and Burk) landed on Paraiso and found a man in tennis garb speaking about a flu-less society operating a small tee-shirt factory and living in harmony. They were known to Peng, according to Mr. Tennis Sweater, and were left alone.

Oops, that was a lie and CNO Chandler got to say “Match point” to Mr. Sweater when it was discovered. Vulture team was ambushed as it approached the other factory, somehow getting the best of the enemy while returning to the Nathan James. That’s when the plan for the three ship attack on the Chinese was hatched. Takehaya helped pick the best spot for the James to find the missile-laden ship and of course, the leak in St. Louis caused the ambush at sea.

In scenes of next week’s show, it appears that Chandler will always stand for truth, justice and the American way, except that his new bosses won’t agree. Attempts will be made to take him down. What? No worries fans of “The Last Ship”, the show has been renewed for another season, so Tom Chandler is going nowhere.

Looks like they’ll be stuck at sea outside the U.S. again, fighting the forces that took down the U.S. government cobbled together in the aftermath of the virus.

TNT airs new episodes of “The Last Ship” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TNT, used with permission 

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1 thought on “‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Ep. 9: Ambush At Sea, Has Peng Delivered a Death Blow? (VIDEO)

  1. Can this show get any better? Renewed for another season. Fantastic!

    Edge of your seat thrills this week. So much unnecessary death and distruction due to a bunch of traitors in our government. Those goons are going down!

    Chandler, Slattery and company have to do it on their own now. No one is backing them.. Wonder who is going to inform them of what REALLY is happening.? Kara.. Stay safe..

    Will just have to keep watching to find out. And I’ll do so most gladly. ✌️

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