‘Misfit Garage’: Will Fans Keep Watching a Klump-Dominated Fired Up Next Season?

Update: Preview new season as John Klump era has begun. 

Last night on Discovery Channel, the season closed down for mega-hit “Misfit Garage,” now apparently four-partners strong.


It is hard to imagine how making John Klump a partner is going to make Fired Up Garage stronger. His temper and condescending attitude are pervasive; his bad attitude cannot help but spread. Does he add something? Yes, he potentially could; he has talent, and his insistence on doing things right–waiting for the correct motor mounts instead of cutting and pasting some kind of homemade cardboard-inspired fix–is something the shop really does need. But, his attitude?

Nothing but destructive.

Plus, do they really need another partner, financially? Unless they are pulling in a LOT more profit than they are revealing on the show, by the time they pay everyone and split things between four people, there just cannot be enough juice left there for the squeeze.

“Misfit Garage,” in our opinion, is a fun show, whether you are a fan or an anti-fan; we want to see them come back. But, we want them to be fun to watch; we want to watch them and roll our eyes and laugh; we want to look forward to the next episode at the end of the show we’ve just watched. But, these shows that have featured John Klump? We just feel annoyed and glad to get to the end of it for the night; that is not the “Misfit Garage” we’ve come to enjoy on Motor Mondays.

When Klump was just a supporting character, occasionally pitching ridiculous numbers for paint jobs, then complaining about having to do the work, that was one thing; it was one of those eye-rolling moments in the show. But, when he is in the shop all the time, yelling at everyone and putting hammers through windshields? We’re really ready to turn the channel to something else.

But, maybe we’re being too hard on Klump; maybe he’s adding something we do not see. So, what do viewers think? Is John Klump a win-win for Fired Up Garage? Will they all learn to work together, now? Or, is having him in the shop, particularly making him a partner, a move they will all regret–not to mention a move that will drive loyal viewers away?

Stay tuned for the next season of “Misfit Garage.”

“Misfit Garage” is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Media Group, with Craig Piligian and Eddie Rohwedder serving as executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman is Executive Producer with Todd Lefkowitz serving as Coordinating Producer.

“Misfit Garage” airs on Discovery Channel Motor Mondays.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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7 thoughts on “‘Misfit Garage’: Will Fans Keep Watching a Klump-Dominated Fired Up Next Season?

  1. The cars are so much better with Klump. He’s an eagle among Turkeys and the cars are so much better without Jordan. I will be watching.

  2. Definitely watching. It’s a show and ups and downs are part of it. I really liked how Tom put it out there for Klump to help Josh instead of ragging on him. This is one of my favorite shows.

  3. I’m from Australia & watch this cos it offer, IMHO, entertaining TV (despite the fact I have to seek it out on the good old interwebs).
    We have absolute S*#tloads of channels to pick from all based on crap. Hence the searching for something better. Yeah, some may not like it, Yeah some say it’s over the top.to those I say there is an off switch so use it. For me I am happy to take it for what it is. I what each episode & look forward to the next. Thanks ffom a dedicated OZ fan.

  4. John klump
    I hear that he fire real person who help fix cars and steal stuff off show but that how he treat his workers man I think john klump is lies

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