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‘Bering Sea Gold’ Video Exclusive: Season Premiere Finds Shawn Exploding His Empire Reach Tonight!

Money is king in Nome, Alaska, with a modern-day gold rush hitting during the 2016 ice-mining season. And, “Bering Sea Gold” fans all know: Where there is gold, there will be Shawn Pomrenke, AKA “Mr. Gold.” So tonight, fans can get ready for something big to go down on the all-new Season Premiere of “Bering Sea Gold” on Discovery Channel.

This season, with a new plan in hand, Shawn offers the gold mining fleet access to his 160-acre claim of untouched Bering Sea floor. Rumored to contain millions of dollars in gold, the miners risk everything to try their luck on the untapped terrain. But, of course, access comes at a price–and not a small price, at that.

Coming off a colossal 2.2 million dollar summer, Shawn Pomrenke looks toward the future and sees an empire. He just needs to build it. This season, instead of dredging, Shawn preps for a huge summer, expanding his inland operation and constructing a mega-dredge that will dwarf the Christine Rose. And, while Shawn works to build the Pomrenke Empire, so will the rest of the fleet.

While those wishing to dredge Shawn’s virgin Claim 38 can do so, they must hand over 20% of their gold and, most importantly, valuable GPS coordinates. This means when the ice thaws and Shawn’s new mega dredge hits the water, he can get on the gold immediately.

For the fleet, Shawn’s new virgin territory offers big risk and big return. But, drill logs show the claim to contain upwards of 15 million dollars in gold! So, with this in mind, Zeke Tenhoff will do whatever it takes to have a successful season, including continuing his unlikely partnership with former flame, Emily Riedel.

Relying on Emily to handle the business so that Zeke can focus on the mining, the explosive duo re-unites in hopes of finally striking it rich. And, as for Vernon Adkison, the consummate dreamer, this season represents his best and possibly final chance to make it as a gold miner.

Take a look at this EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK, provided by Discovery Channel for TVRuckus readers:

Discovery viewers can also look forward to the premiere of new series, “Blue Collar Backers,” tonight:


Meat Your Maker: In Denver, a bike shop is poised to corner the local market, but needs Backer Ron’s cash and expertise to make it happen. In Texas, Cameron helps a struggling couple transform a fire truck into a state-of-the-art BBQ behemoth.

Stay tuned.

“Bering Sea Gold” is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions, a Fremantle Media company. For Original Productions, executive producers are Thom Beers, Philip D. Segal, Sarah Whalen, and Jeff Meredith. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producer is Kyle Wheeler.

“Blue Collar Backers” is produced for Discovery Channel by Leftfield Pictures where David George, Shawn Witt and C. Russell Muth are Executive Producers. Matt Vafiadis is Executive Producer and Meagan Davis is Producer for Discovery Channel.

The Season Premeire of “Bering Sea Gold” airs on Discovery Channel tonight, Friday, August 26, at 9/8c, followed by the premiere of all-new series, “Blue Collar Backers,” at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

Video:  YouTube

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