‘Return to Amish’ 2-Hour Season Finale Tonight; Will Loose Ends Be Tied Up or Saved for Possible Season 4?

UPDATED: Season 4 is here. Video sneak peek!

Tonight on TLC, “Return to Amish” comes to its 2-hour Season Finale. Fans are no doubt looking forward to some loose ends being tied up; will they be?

Last week, Sabrina found out her daughter, Oakley, would be coming home. It was not surprising; it seems she has been working very hard to correct her mistakes and bring her life onto a positive path. We hope it all goes well for both Sabrina and her daughter, and she is able to go forward on that good path; we believe she will.

We were also glad to see Abe and Rebecca had so much positive to say about Sabrina getting her daughter back. No, they did not help her much, but here’s the thing: Sabrina did it herself. She showed she could be strong, and that she could move forward in a positive way. And, Abe and Rebecca had been burned by drug-related situations in the past, so it was pretty easy to see why they were reticent to trust. So, we give Abe and Rebecca props for the support they showed Sabrina last week, and hope they will all be able to repair their friendship in some way or form.

We got to see the jerky side of Jeremiah once again at Mary’s Amish Old Christmas dinner. He talks a big game, about supporting people and whatever, but it seems that “jerk” is always right under the surface. He attacked Kate at the dinner table, not only ruining Mary’s holiday dinner, but “calling out” Kate on an issue that we don’t even think exists, basically saying that she mistreats the other “Return to Amish” cast members and she is “embarrassed” by them. Kate is moving forward with her life; why shouldn’t she? Friends come and go over a lifetime, and there is only so much time in the day. Good for her for prioritizing her life as she needs to do in order to get where she wants to be. Perhaps Jeremiah needs to do the same and stop worrying about Kate.

Jeremiah has a wedding coming up tonight; we hope his potential new wife knows what she is getting into with him.

We liked the fact that Mary is moving on with her life, as well. Mainly we wonder if, ultimately, it will be with or without husband Chester, and we cannot help but wonder if she would be better off without him. He certainly is not appearing to support her–but, of course, that may not be fair to say, simply because, as a strict Amish person, he is likely not going to be willing appear on camera to explain his positions along the way. And, it’s only fair to point out, Mary was not being very supportive of Chester, running around New York City and doing all of the various things she did to get banished in the first place. It isn’t a black-and-white issue, and it will be interesting to see how it all falls out.

And, on Abe’s teeth: We can understand why he wants to keep the teeth he can, but maybe that’s the key here, “keep the teeth he can.” It doesn’t seem they have the means to continue to worry about it much longer without his health suffering. So, we’ll see.

Will we see tonight?

According to TLC, tonight on the 2-hour Season Finale of “Return to Amish”:




Mary makes a decision about her future while Kate attempts to prove herself at Fashion Week LA. The cast travels to Jeremiah’s wedding and meets his fiancé, only to come to a wedding day mishap threatening the ceremony.

Stay tuned.

The 2-hour Season Finale of “Return to Amish” airs on TLC tonight, Sunday, August 28, at 8/7c.

Image:  Courtesy of TLC, Used with Permission

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2 thoughts on “‘Return to Amish’ 2-Hour Season Finale Tonight; Will Loose Ends Be Tied Up or Saved for Possible Season 4?

  1. It’s obvious why Jeremiah and Sabrina connect with each other more than with the others – they are both losers who have each picked one of the others to not only blame for their own failures, but to to torment for focusing on something other than Sabrina or Jeremiah. Sabrina goes after Rebecca for “not being supportive enough” while Sabrina was screwing up her life to where she lost custody of Oakley, and Jeremiah targets Kate for supposedly being embarrassed of the Amish & the others.

    The episode where Sabrina had Rebecca cornered in Kate’s apartment, screaming and banging the table, made me think Sabrina could be an actual danger to Rebecca.

    The look on Sabrina’s face when Jeremiah said he was getting married was priceless – like she stepped in dog poop barefoot! Her comment to Carmela – about how it’s “good” the bride doesn’t expect happily-erver-after was despicable. Her comment about “some women” being unable to get over Jeremiah having had a thing with Sabrina – well, wouldn’t Sabrina’s name be at the top, or even the only, name on that list? Probably explains why she hasn’t married the daddy of Oakley and the kid she is carrying
    Sabrina is a manipulative and cunning brat. Jeremiah is a meathead who seems to be following in Sabrina’s formula of blaming feelings of failure on the ability of some other person to focus on doing something constructive.

    The despicable behavior of Jeremiah and Sabrina has me to the point that I don’t plan to watch any more episodes.

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