DUNGEON COVE, Discovery Channel. Kelsea Retherford on the deck of the FV Excalibur.

‘Dungeon Cove’: Derby-Style Fishing & Daily Family Life Provide Unique Flair for This ‘Deadliest Catch’ Spin-Off!

Last night on Discovery Channel, fans saw the captains of “Deadliest Catch” giving their comments, opinions and explanations on the upcoming franchise spin-off, “Dungeon Cove.” Fishing for Dungeness crab off the shores of Oregon, the crab fishermen of Newport have a completely different experience than the fishermen who brave the depths of the Bering Sea. And, from the sneak peek last night, it looks like it could be a winner for viewers.

We are always skeptical of spin-offs; they are often just trying to capitalize on the popularity of the main show, and the quality of the second show seems to be lacking at times, with networks banking that fans will watch anything connected with a hit series. But, after watching last night’s sneak peek episode, we have high hopes for “Dungeon Cove.” The fishermen were interesting; their families were involved; and, while the experience of the Newport fishermen is similar to that of the “Deadliest Catch” crew, it is different enough that it piques our interest. So, again, we have high hopes.

Having the “Deadliest Catch” captains sit in to explain the differences between the Oregon fishing and Bering Sea fishing was a good move. While the Bering Sea fishing is by quota, the Oregon fishermen are able to go at it “derby style,” basically catching all they can during the Dungeness crab season. The style of pots is different–round, small pots that can be quickly thrown overboard at an amazing rate of a pot every 30 seconds or so! It is hard to imagine, after watching Bering Sea crab fishing for so long.

But, that was what was great about last night’s sneak peek; instead of being a few clips thrown together while the captains sat on the couch and talked, it was more like a full episode, with the captains commenting here and there, explaining things we saw along the way. It was a good call by Discovery Channel.

The other interesting thing is that the Oregon fleet fishes close to shore. This is different because, first of all, they can run aground pretty easily. They also fish in much smaller boats, and the waves in that stretch of coast are enormous and violent; just watching it on television was terrifying, so it is hard to imagine how they–and their families awaiting them at home–feel. And, speaking of families, they are in a position where they get off of their boats and go home at night–assuming they make it through the day. On the one hand, that would have its benefits; on the other hand, the pressure of having to blend family life and fishing life every day would be enormous. So, we look forward to learning more about that.

So, we were skeptical; now, however, we are excited to give “Dungeon Cove” a try on Tuesday nights. What did readers think? Thumbs up, down, reserving judgment until you’ve seen more? Let us know in the comment section below–and stay tuned!

“Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove” is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions with Philip D. Segal, Sarah Whalen and John Gray as Executive Producers and Johnny Beechler as Showrunner. For Discovery Channel, Joseph Boyle is Executive Producer.

“Dungeon Cove” premieres on Discovery Channel on Tuesday, September 13, at 9/8c.

Image:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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