Eustace Conway and his dog, of HISTORY's Mountain Men Photo by Karolina Wojtasik/HISTORY Copyright 2016

‘Mountain Men’ Season Finale: It Was a Hog-Killin’ of a Time in North Carolina Last Night on History!

It was a busy night last night on History Channel’s “Mountain Men.” And, anyone who loved bacon going into the night might have had something of a second thought this morning before chomping down–or, in fact, anyone who eats any kind of meat whatsoever.

Now, this is not a commentary on the virtues of vegetarianism or the evils of meat; we have no issues with meat-eating whatsoever, and enjoy a great steak ourselves! But, Eustace has had those hogs running around for awhile now, and we had been wondering all season: Just how graphic would they actually get with the hog-killing ritual? Answer: pretty graphic.

If you’ve ever been to a hog killin’, you’ll know that what they depicted was pretty dead-on for the event. It’s not a one-person job, and it can make for quite the family gathering. Perhaps that was more true in years-gone-by than it is today, when more families depended on homegrown food for their livelihood, but there are still those out there raising and processing their own meat, even today. And, it is good to know just where that meat we are eating comes from, regardless, even if the homegrown version of processing likely does not resemble the industry version much at all.

But, still, it was a little surprising, to see the processing in such great detail, from the killing right down to the scraping, butchering and salting–all 280 pounds of it. This was not the episode for the squeamish!

Marty revealed that he was having a positive season, and would make a little profit; it seems the investment he made in finally getting a proper snowmachine is paying off.

Morgan was busy taking care of pregnant horses, making sure they were comfy and healthy. His friend, Margaret, arrived via helicopter to stay with him for a few weeks and help with the horses.

Rich revealed that his dog, Ruby, had passed away, the result of some complications during pregnancy. She died during treatment, but the vet was able to save four of her eight puppies, and Rich was tasked with caring for them, like a surrogate mom. A big job, especially early-on, when the hungry puppies need to eat every two hours, minimum! Rich also went through a series of “tests,” to decide which puppy would be the best to train for a new hunter. They were all adorable, but Rich needed the most aggressive, self-confident of the bunch, and he ultimately went with a little female, Skillet. The other three will all go to good homes, he indicated, while Skillet begins training to be on the lion-hunting line.

The big question of the night, however: Would Tom and Nancy choose to stay in Montana, or would they decide to leave, after another failed season of trapping? Tom had to dip into his private collection of furs and sell his prized wolf fur, to make ends meet. “A person never knows exactly what he’s gonna do until the very time comes to make that decision. Something needs to happen or something needs to change,” Tom said. What will that be? He did not say, admitting, “I’m just not sure what to do about it, yet.” But, seeing the sneak peek glimpses of next season, it appeared Tom was still around–and, knee-deep in water, trying to adapt. What will be his new plan?

Stay tuned.

“Mountain Men” airs on History Channel.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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