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‘Dungeon Cove’: Will Viewers Return to Discovery for More Crab Fishing Tonight or Turn the Channel?

Last week, viewers started getting to know the captains of the new Discovery Channel “Deadliest Catch” franchise spin-off, “Dungeon Cove.” Ideally, it needed to be similar enough to the original to get our initial attention, capitalizing on all of the aspects that make it such a winner in the first place, but different enough that we did not feel like the show was simply a cut-and-paste of the original, which has already claimed its own place in our viewing hearts. Tonight, producers of the show will learn if they accomplished those two things, when viewers either return … or not.

We think they will return.

First, it was similar enough: The captains are catching crab, not trolling around for other species of nature’s bounty the ocean’s waters provide. They are catching crab, and we all know we love the ups and downs and the techniques of crab fishing. But, again, the derby-style fishing is different enough, with the smaller pots, the faster string-sets and the unlimited quotas, that we aren’t bored and asking, “Didn’t I already watch this?”

It is also similar in the fact that it, like “Deadliest Catch,” features generational fishermen, sporting legacy boats and families who are striving to prove that they can make it, just like their families before them. But, then again, it is different enough in the fact that viewers will actually get to know these families, as the fishermen go home to their families at night, unlike the Bering Sea fishermen, who go out and stay out until they have caught their quotas.

It may also end up being different in the fact that we may just see more women involved in the business, which will be a decided difference. We did see Mandy Hansen take her turn on the F/V Northwestern, but it has been presented as something of an oddity in the Bering Sea crab fishing world. However, the inclusion of women in the industry seems to be more natural in that setting, since everything happens right there at home, with fishermen heading home (hopefully) to their families at night. We hope to see more of that aspect with “Dungeon Cove,” which is something else to draw us in.

What were readers’ likes/dislikes about “Dungeon Cove?” Think it is going to make it, or fizzle out? And, most importantly: Do you plan to keep watching?

Tonight, according to Discovery Channel, on all-new episode “Pacific Fury”:

A savage winter storm swallows Oregon’s Dungeness Crab grounds, forcing Captains to either run or fight, a decision their families on land must deal with as well. When the Newport Bar becomes impassable, boats are stranded at sea in monster swells.

And, following, fans can stick around for new series, “Taking Fire”:

After three months in Afghanistan, the 101st Airborne suffers a devastating hit. For rookie medic, Shreeve, one mistake and SGT Petry will be paralyzed. Shreeve shoulders the responsibility – unaware that the next soldier calling for help might be him.

Stay tuned.

“Dungeon Cove” airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c; “Taking Fire” follows at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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1 thought on “‘Dungeon Cove’: Will Viewers Return to Discovery for More Crab Fishing Tonight or Turn the Channel?

  1. Cove is a fizzle for me. They are all too aware of making a show whereas Deadliest was salty Captains doing their thing. There’s no charm in people trying too hard to be reality stars.

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