‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Was ‘Ryan’s Wedding’ Part 1 TMI For You?

The special “Million Dollar Listing New York” about the months leading up to Ryan’s wedding to Emilia aired and it was a mixed bag. The overall reaction was colored by going deep into their personal business, which at times bordered on too much information. Going into the bathroom and watching Ryan shower, with the camera shot ending at his waist as they bantered about his body, was a cringe-worthy moment. RECAP part 2 of “Ryan’s Wedding”. Hell froze over, Serhant went to therapy. 

They fought about the things couples typically do, no matter when it is, but in pre-wedding mode it got ramped up and got nasty. Did anyone else wonder why they agreed to reveal so much of themselves and if it will affect how they are viewed on future seasons of the show? We learned that things got worse from the last season’s episodes that saw Ryan continue to put off sitting down to pick a wedding date and make any plans about the event.

They chose a July date and we picked up the action with only four months to go and no plans set. There was no church or reception venue chosen, no reservations for flights to Greece, not a dress in sight or invitations chosen and mailed. Nothing, nada, zilch. Both of them were shockingly unprepared to understand the time commitment and the complexity of planning an event for a lot of people taking place in a foreign country. Emilia insisted, mistakenly, that she didn’t need a wedding planner on the ground in Greece, nevermind in the U.S. to avoid what looked to be a disaster.

Prior to their engagement Emilia’s complaint, which was valid, was that Ryan didn’t take time for her that was even close to sufficient to maintain a serious relationship. He’s chronically late and used work as an excuse for everything. It’s not that he wasn’t working, running around to clubs and such, but his drive to succeed and be #1 in his career didn’t leave room for Emilia to any great extent.

At that time she was working hard at a law firm, with long hours, but they never came close to his. She put her foot down and he changed, for a while, making his commitment to her with that theatrical pop-the-question moment in Times Square after which they carried on. Since then, we learned that Emilia left the law firm and got into the real estate business on the escrow, finance side of things. She did it to have something more in common with Ryan and that was after she gave up her dream job that would have moved her to Europe.

Some of the most interesting things we learned in part one of “Ryan’s Wedding”, (second installment airing Sept. 29th) were about Emilia’s family, her dream of returning to Greece and how she left everything behind after falling in love with him while she vacationed in the U.S. Think her family was happy? No, and we learned just how unhappy when we were introduced to her father.

Not only isn’t he intimidated by Ryan, his success or wealth, but he demands answers that aren’t jokes or sarcastic. When are they moving back to Greece, he wanted to know, and did his future son-in-law understand that he will be the first non-Greek in the family? Does he realize the importance of family, not work, and the large role played by the Greek Orthodox church in the family’s life?

Yeah, that went over well, NOT, and Ryan almost swallowed his tongue. This was after he was almost an hour late, came into the apartment looking at his phone and asking for a moment while he finished what he was doing. By that point, the couple’s battles were louder and more hurtful.

He threw in her face that without his hard work they couldn’t afford their $4 million dollar home or the untold amount ready to be spent on a wedding in Greece. Here’s betting that Emilia could live in something half that price if it meant having a real family life with her husband-to-be.

Remember who else screamed that at his fiancée? Josh Altman tried to get that past Heather on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”, when he couldn’t make time for any pre-wedding appointments. That wedding got called off for a long while before the couple got back on track. Looks like Ryan got lucky that Emilia didn’t tell him to take his job and shove it.

She insisted that he learn what her life’s been like since leaving everything behind, by agreeing to move to Greece at some point in the near future. He was incredulous, and not kind about it, forgetting that they spoke of that possibility way back when they started their relationship. You know Ryan, right? He hadn’t heard any more about it and presumed he was off the hook.

Get ready for part two of “Million Dollar Listing New York – Ryan’s Wedding” next week and since we know they had their ceremony, there’s no suspense about them going through with it; rather, it’s about what they each had to pull back from to make it work.

Bravo TV airs “Million Dollar Listing New York”‘ special Ryan’s Wedding part 2 on Thursday night Sept. 29 at 9/8C   Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission

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  1. Get out NOW Ryan ! I am Greek American, and this is one insecure but spoiled Princess. What disrespect and language to use toward your future husband and father of your children.
    If she cannot manage simple decisions, how will she raise children.
    Lovely on the outside but lacking inside……..

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