‘DCC: Making the Team’ Season 11: Miss Kitty’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques After Week 5

We spent week 5 of training camp with the cheerleader hopefuls on “DCC: Making the Team” and it was one busy episode. Cameo photos were taken, show group auditions were held and members named, and then there was the tornado named Miss Kitty.

As she noted, when the ladies see her it can turn smiles to frowns and the dread quotient rises. Some of her best stuff was said privately to Kelli and Judy to help them decide who to cut. Yes, there were two office sessions with struggling rookies on the hot seat, but there was a third that was something unlike the others.

Miss Kitty, Kelli and Judy put up the cameo photos and moved them around on a board, critiquing looks, body shape and put it together to with what they saw in practice sessions. Looking to cut the squad from 7 over the ideal number, Judy mentioned four that were obvious candidates: Bethany, Emily, Amy A. and Kelsey. Kelli fought for Kelsey, and heard Kitty say, “I think she’s gorgeous, but she still can’t dance,” naming Bethany as the sure shot to leave immediately.

When Kitty added Allie D. to Judy’s choices it was all about her “square” torso. “There’s just some body things we just can’t fix,” Kitty told Judy and Kelli. Emily was given a rare compliment after she looked good doing hip-hop style moves, but she doesn’t have much else going for her as far as dance technique. Amy A. has the same issues, according to Kelli and Kitty, but Ms. Finglass reminded Kitty that “Amy’s been noticed in a positive way by people,” to which Kitty replied “I like Amy, she took my classes. I don’t see her in a DCC uniform, she’s not a finished product”. Kelli countered with, “She’s more finished than Allie,” and they called the two into the office for a chat, to see who appeared more poised and polished.

Those two ladies had no idea that any slip of the tongue or attitude could put them on the cut list. Of course they were asked a question bound to unnerve them. “If you didn’t make it through training camp this year, would you try out again?” Allie said yes, but Amy A. began to tear up. It’s her fifth try, and she might be unable to make any more changes to her appearance and technique. Then Kitty said something new and more curious. “They¬†both look better in person. I mean up close than from far away.” Just guessing that the field tests with the jumbo screen might make the final decision.

It was Bethany who bit the dust after week 5 and she took it like a champ, but those eyes! She, and to a lesser extent Emily are two women who look like their eyelids are glued to their faces and despite them putting on wide smiles, it looks fake. Is that something that can be fixed? It didn’t help that Bethany was still struggling with mistakes, and despite promising to get better, after week 5, there’s just no time left. As it is, there are 6 more cuts to come and when Judy, Kelli and Kitty think your time is up, it’s up.

CMT airs new episodes of “DCC: Making the Team” Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: CMT, used with permission

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