‘Ryan’s Wedding’ Part 2: Hell Froze Over, Ryan Serhant Went To Therapy and It Helped

Ryan Serhant went to therapy. Read it again if you must, but on “Ryan and Emilia’s Wedding” Part 2, the “Million Dollar Listing New York” star was willing to do it for the love of his life. With little time to go, the fighting between Ryan and Emilia got worse, even after a brief cease-fire while they visited his family.

There was a big birthday party for Ryan’s grandmother to celebrate her turning 90 and the man who can’t take time for lunch, still under enormous pressure to sell out a building before his leaves for Greece, spent a few days in Wisconsin with Emilia. They came out of it better when Emilia got a talking-to by her future mother-in-law. She learned that when Ryan comes home, but continues to work at the end of a long day, it’s because he loves being home with her, and could have easily just stayed in the office.

Just that little bit helped Emilia see Ryan’s attempts at making her happy, despite her talking of the past year, his emotional distance and control freak nature as setting them on a bad course. The bad news for Emilia, is that unlike what she thought, he wasn’t baptized Catholic. His mother set them straight, on his Congregational faith, making Emilia’s fear of being unable to be married in a Greek Church, very real. Then a bit of good news: Ryan decided to try to make her happy by agreeing to convert, or at least get close to it.

It began an about-face that ended with him seeking out a counseling session. No sarcasm, or bad jokes for Ryan Serhant. He broke down on camera and we learned that he was a very emotional young boy who was teased about it, and learned to squelch it. Add that to the need for steadiness and avoiding the up and down emotions of the real estate business and he landed in a place where he kept things on the surface, even with the love of his life.

He’s great at grand gestures, but the day-to-day eludes him and he admitted it. He took Emilia to the spot where they first set eyes on each other and with a lovely bouquet of roses, proposed again, without the need of shutting down Times Square to do it.

The light moments of the episode, and there were some, came when we met Kevin Lee, wedding planer to the stars and the mega-rich. When Ryan heard that his fee and wedding costs would be a cool $1 million, his face looked like someone just gutted him with a knife. They had no choice at that point since they were too close to the date without a dress, invitations, even a venue. Lee was flabbergasted and it’s clear that the time crunch added to his fee.

Another fun scene was at the 90th birthday party when Ryan realized his grandmother had an admirer in the romantic way. The difference between the subdued family gathering and what it’s like when Ryan parties with Emilia’s family was noted, and now that he’s gotten a bit of therapy, here’s hoping he truly enjoys the noise and chaos ahead in Greece.

Part 3 of “Ryan’s Wedding airs next Thursday night October 6 on Bravo TV. Image credit: NBCUniversal/Bravo TV, used with permission¬†

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