‘DCC: Making The Team Season 11 Finale: Will Kelsey and Amy A Survive Final Cuts?

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” presents its season 11 finale tonight on CMT and the official word from the network is “Squad announcement feels bittersweet as some favorites go home.” Despite the bloodbath of last week, there are still too many cheerleader candidates for the number of slots left on the team. UPDATE after Finale, posted below.

There are at least five ladies on the bubble coming into the final week of training camp; everyone knows that the hammer is poised to come down. Bubble People include Amy, Kyndall, Kelsey and Emily, with Yuko on the list because she’s missed practice time to deal with visa issues in Japan.

Kelli and Judy discussed Yuko’s situation and it appears that making the final 36 is not within her reach this season. But then again, we’ve seen odder decisions in the past. Amy A and Kelsey’s names keep coming up when the photos are moved around on the wall, and if it were up to Miss Kitty, Kelli would have already “…pulled off the Band-Aid” on those wounds.

Yet, Amy continues to be praised for being “noticed in a positive way” when she’s dancing and then there’s Kelli’s opinion that Kelsey is too beautiful to let go. Two episodes ago, Amy was called into the office with Miss Kitty still there. She and Allie were being considered for elimination for two very different reasons.

Allie’s body was called “square”, without that small waist to balance out the other measurements and Kitty’s opinion of Amy was ” I don’t see her in a DCC uniform, she’s not a finished product”. They were tested for poise as they were asked a couple of questions, to see if that could set them apart. There was no difference in how they held themselves and sounded when responding, but there was one very big issue that differentiated Amy from Allie.

When ladies are cut from during training camp on “DCC: Making the Team”, and show promise if they work harder, Kelli and Judy suggest they come back the next season for auditions to show off what they learned in their year away. Amy’s done that four times and she’s about fixed everything she can. When she and Allie were asked if they would return Amy began to spill a tear or two, because it’s like Groundhog Day for her.

So, we are left in a quandary about who the “favorites” are that will get shown the door tonight on the finale. Who is your candidate for elimination tonight?


We did not have to wait long for the grand prize of learning who would be cut to get the team to the magic number Kelli and Judy wanted. It turned out that it was not 36, which had been the goal for the entire season. Within minutes, Amy was in the office and given the bad news.

You had to wonder why, when Yuko had only one rehearsal on the field after returning from Japan, and the clip from that was of her being unable to hit the white line with her toe as demanded by the entrance choreography. Kellie named the four being considered for elimination.

“We have concerns about Kelsey, Kyndall, Amy and Yuko,” she said, adding, “We’re going to bring some girls into the office before rehearsal, because we have some business to take care of.”

Then the hammer came down on Amy. While the rest of the episode, after Amy and then Kyndall were cut, was a great look at what happens after the team is set and the performances begin, it left us hanging with specifics about how the two ladies were chosen, over the others. We got the particulars about Amy’s deficiencies, but no comparison to the others and why her inadequacies were considered fatal over mistakes by ladies on the bubble along with her.

Kelli told her, “We have some concerns about flexibility, kinda’ shows up in your kicks and jump splits and we have concerns about some of the sequence in memory in the dances. I don’t think you’re game ready and we’re simply out of time. It kills me to have to come to this.”

Amy was a champ, took it gracefully and of course cried, asking them not to give up on her, expressing how gut wrenching it is to be there until the final moment, only to be sent home. Ultimately she realized that no matter how much she worked she might never reach her dream and be the embodiment of what Kelli and Judy look for.

Kelli delivered a summary of what has to be said to make someone understand why they didn’t make it. “You’ve shown us a lot. You do have those moments, but 38 other girls do as well and some are stronger and that’s just the reality.” When faced with the fact that she still came up short against others who were able to perform better, the bitter truth sank in.

Then it was one last practice of the entrance choreography to settle a dispute over the second cut. Judy and Kelli couldn’t agree. Kyndall was called out for her feet positioning and Heather was told that she was doing some kind of “marching thing”, rather than a dance move. They noted that Yuko looked good.

Five ladies were picked to do a dance choreography piece. Kelsey came out strong, then Heather looked better, Kelsey lost track of her feet on one move, Jessica held her own. Kyndall kept making mistakes and was guilty of losing energy when it came to being on the field rather than in the dance studio. When push came to shove it was Kyndall who had the most egregious errors.

“We feel like you’re kind of stumbling on the field, being “stompy” with your feet.” Kyndall admitted she did it on purpose to stand out and to look confident. It didn’t make any difference and of course Kyndall faced the same elimination situation as last season, when she got cut at the final moment.

So, Heather’s “marching thing” was let pass, Kelsey was allowed to stay and make the team despite her mistake and Yuko did enough to get the nod to join the team. What did you think of the decisions and how did you enjoy this season in comparison to others?

CMT airs the season finale of “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” Thursday Oct. 13th at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit; CMT, used with permission.

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12 thoughts on “‘DCC: Making The Team Season 11 Finale: Will Kelsey and Amy A Survive Final Cuts?

  1. The football team is made up of a large number of black men. Why don’t the cheerleaders reflect the makeup of the football team? Amy A was amazing, poised, and talented. She made a few mistakes and her kick would have easily gotten better as she performed. But there were others who had worse problems. Amy A was beautiful, nice and personable and many of the experts you invited on the show picked her as one of their favorites. She was one of the ladies who always stood out. There is no way that all 38 ladies were better than her. Why would Kelsey be selected over Amy A? I thunk cutting her before she had a chance to complete the day was unfair. I think they should reconsider and let her cheer this year. This was a terrible decision!

  2. I have watched all seasons of this show and I’m personally in a cut-throat business but I refuse to watch another episode after Amy A was cut.

  3. Amy A has been a wonderful story for the DCC tryouts after 5 times and worked very hard to improve and achieve her dream. She should have at least been given a chance to be an alternate and work with the team. She was dedicated and a beautiful soul inside and outside. You give a person (Yuko) a spot when she didn’t even have her US Visa and missed practices. That’s messed up! And an injury to another cheerleader would have opened up a spot for Amy A. “DCC: Making the Team Season 11” just broke Amy A’s heart and mine.💔 I will boycott the next season based upon the political process and unfairness of choosing the team. In my opinion, the decision to cut Amy A. had no definitive merit and was unjustified. Keep your head looking up Amy A. God has a wonderful plan for your life.

  4. I don’t care what race she was. Amy A. was adorable and would’ve been amazing to watch. She brought both bright eyes and that girl-next-door warm smile every time. It was pretty gut-wrenching to see her get cut. I wish they hadn’t shown her lose it, that ruined the rest of the episode for me as I couldn’t fully enjoy the spirit of the win for the rest of them.

  5. I felt the same way about Yuko! I like her but heck they did not know she was going to get her visa. ANY should have made it and I am GLAD Kendall did not! I cried withAmy when she was cut and then the dang music they chose GRRRRRR I was upset when they cut Vivian Ralena in past seasons – I think Vivian was just too sexy for them truthfully – they cannot handle sultry! But there was NO EXCUSE FOR AMY and it ticked me off!!!!! Ruined the season for me -and I thought this had been the best season yet until that happened. DOES ANYONE KNOW HER LAST NAME – or where I can get some pics of her tat show her hair from the back? I WANT HER HAIRCUT!!!!!

  6. I believe in my heart it’s not based on what you do-it’s based off did you kiss Kelli & Judy ass- them old Bitches need to get the pink slip- look at Kelli FCC pictures she looks like a slut- not attractive and you can see that she slept her way to the top- as for as Judy her pictures will make you vomit she looks like a homeless 12 year old- how did her daughter Cassie make it- she didn’t have the dcc look she was extremely ugly-a horse mouth couldn’t kick nor dance but she was giving the chance- Amy & Vivian were 1000 times better then her-I think Kelli & Judy both were envy

    • There is no way Kelli and Judy are jealous of any of these girls, particularly Amy and Vivian who we not even attractive. They see truly beautiful girls every day.

  7. Picking the girls to become a dcc is FAKE and full of crap it’s based on your longs legs and blonde hair, if you’re not a white girl your chance to be picked is so slim, if you’re picked it’s because they had a quoter for the black girls other words if it a white then you ain’t really right for the team

  8. Wow, Amy A site has a lot of family and friends on here, possibly even herself who are altogether way too glowing about how good she was. Truth was she sucked, was not DCC material and was not attractive in any way. She was just an average everyday girl who was only brought in for the drama of the show.

  9. Season 11 was some dullshite. Ijs….. If you are NOT WHITE YOU WILL NOT BE A DCC…. THAT JUST HOW IT IS IN COUNTRY TOWN!!!!

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