‘Edge of Alaska’ Season Two Preview: Neil’s Backer Arrives, Jeremy Forms Unlikely Alliance (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” returns Sunday night October 23rd for its highly anticipated season two, taking a unique look at one of America’s last frontier towns. It’s McCarthy, Alaska population 42, which has a big fight on its hands. One resident sees the opportunity to make it into a tourist attraction, changing it forever.

Resident and businessman Neil Darish’s plans are about to destroy the purposeful escape from modern society. Living free and independently for those that chose McCarthy, will never leave room for opening the Motherlode copper mine to tourism, and this season they’ll be introduced to what’s called the “dangerous and hidden force” behind the changes. In the video clip posted below, watch as Neil gets the screws put to him by the financier behind the project. Tim Mischel returns! EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of next show. 

The potential for an outsider to dictate the town’s way of life galvanizes the residents. Farmsteader Jeremy Keller has always opposed Neil’s plans to profit and modernize and with the arrival of Darish’s backer, Jeremy and his family will face the greatest turning point of their lives. In the season one finale, he learned that Neil failed to inform him and the other residents about adding a luxury 100-room hotel to the project.

After his attempt failed to block machinery from reaching the site, Jeremy realized there were only six residents of the town, including himself, that took the opportunity to object in that way. Will others be moved to join the movement when they meet Neil’s financial backer? The money guy is unhappy about cost overruns and delays on the project that Darish believes when complete, will be the biggest tourist attraction in Alaska.

“Edge of Alaska” is produced by Twofour America, where Bernie Schaeffer, Roger Roddy, Melanie Leach and Andrew Mackenzie are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Mitchell Rosenbaum is executive producer and Lisbeth Lozano is coordinating producer.

Discovery airs season 2 premiere of ‘”Edge of Alaska” Sunday night October 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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