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‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Season 6: Does Atz Lee Know Jane Vowed To Stay At The Homestead?

Update: Atz Kilcher’s got Daddy issues, new memoir announced.

“Alaska: The Last Frontier” Season 6 continued last night on Discovery with the episode titled, “Killer Repairs” and much time was spent watching Otto Kilcher, his son Eivin and wife Charlotte working to get things done prior to his scheduled hernia operation. We’re thinking that the producers tried to make us crazy by interspersing scenes of them on the homestead with Otto alone on-camera repeating something similar to this: “Gotta’ get this all done before my operation”. Okay, okay, we get it; the Alaskan spring and summer are short, things must be done to survive the winter and Otto’s going to lose time. Do we need to be beaten over the head with it? All respect to Otto who explained what life is like as a homesteader in the best way possible.

Things break down and though the fix may seem impossible, survival of the homestead can be at stake.The hay meadow was a mess, and needed to be revived. There was plenty of manure but the spreader had to be dug out of years worth of dirt and frozen land. When that was solved, Otto needed bolts to secure it, but there were none to be had, so why not make them? Yeah, that’s what life’s like. Kudos to the Kilchers who show up the rest of us. We inhabit a world were things are accessible and less difficult.

We got the first sighting of  Shane and his wife on “Alaska: The Last Frontier” season six, and Bonnie made an appearance too. Eve was absent, with Eivin working alongside his father, so besides Otto’s race against time, the focus was on Jane showing up at the new cabin site and the tension between her and Atz Lee.

For a while, Jane put aside her resentment about being left alone at the homestead while her husband and his father Atz participate in Atz Lee’s rehabilitation. She sees no need for a new home so distant from the homestead, but is powerless to stop what is now a train speeding down the tracks.

Atz Lee was happy to see her, and she said the same, although having to deal with Atz’s drill sergeant routine wasn’t fun. Jane said she’d take that, plus being worked into exhaustion just to spend time with her hubby. When she got tired and a bit cranky, she began to fool around in a way that Atz Lee didn’t expect and sent him into a PTSD episode. Jane tossed a rock towards him and it hit his hand, making him look like she’d shot him.

Gotta’ hand it to Atz Lee, who announces when he’s in the midst of an episode, and yet Jane wasn’t as caring as she might have been. She apologized, but in the voice-over Jane expressed some frustration about it. So much work was done while she was there, which she participated in to the extent she could, that the floor of the cabin was finished and ready to walk on. Jane’s dreading her husband’s desire to move there and vowed on camera to resist. What are the odds she is successful?

Discovery airs new episodes of “Alaska: The Last Frontier” season 6, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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38 thoughts on “‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Season 6: Does Atz Lee Know Jane Vowed To Stay At The Homestead?

  1. Ätz Lee is an egotist. With him it’s “my way or the highway”. Won’t be surprised if Jane issues an ultimatum. I really admire the way she has tried to adapt to the Kilcher way of life. Ätz Lee needs a wake up call that marriage is not all about him. I thought he would realize this after his accident and convelecence

    • I think the cabin is more of a test for Atz Lee to challenge himself to see if he can get back to his previous life. To overcome his injuries and PTSD, he is using his dream of building a cabin by himself in the wilderness following in his grandfather’s footsteps. He is an alpha male. I get it. But after he has accomplished it, does he really have to drag his family away from their home to live his dream? Why not use it for short stays for hunting, and then return to his home. Otherwise I see them going their separate ways. That would be sad for us fans to see.

    • So glad I’m not the only one who feels atz lee is selfish. There is plenty of work to be done with his family on the homestead. He could still prove his worth, by contributions to his own family. Keep the cabin for everyone to use when they go hunting. Ego, not your friend atz lee, you’re family is. Smartn up or you just might be alone.

  2. Atz lee is a selfish prideful jerk. He obviously thinks he is married to himself since that’s all he cares about. Jane stuck by him when he was stupid enough to fall off a cliff but now it’s still all about him. Kick him to the curb Jane. Everyone else is working at the homestead you already have. Where are you Atz? Oh yea taking care of you. And stop blaming your selfishness on your ptsd. You were the same before you fell. All about you. Boo boo

  3. I’m just now getting caught up on season 6 and I have to say, what the heck is up w Atz Lee? Everyone else in the family is working in terrible and unsafe conditions to repair the damage caused by the earthquake and he decides he has to get out of town and go on work on “his”new homestead!? Nice way to be part of a family unit let alone a marriage. I think his homestead may be his excuse to run away from his own life. Jane is not perfect but I am in her corner on this.

  4. Why are they building a second place for Atz Lee instead of helping Shane get his first house done.
    Inconceivable, especially when he and wife not well.
    Where are their priorities?

  5. Dear Jane,
    In 5 years or so, when Atz Lee’s new cabin is all finished, and he’s back to 100% health, and you and maybe the kids have gotten settled in, and you’ve established a routine, and things are finally seeming “normal”; guess what Atz Lee will be doing? He’ll be taking off once again even further into the wilderness to find “his” dream spot.

  6. I am sick of hearing about Atz Lees injury and ptsd. He was a stupid prick for going hiking in the dark. Surely he knew better, having lived in Alaska all his life. Now poor Jane’s having her life turned upside down to suit that selfish ass. Let him go and live in the cabin on his own. It might do him some good to realise you can manage without him. What a selfish, egotistical swine he’s become.

  7. I love this show and enjoy this family so much. However, I find myself frustrated and disgusted by how incredibly selfish Atz Lee is being. It’s one thing to spend some time enjoying personal pursuits but clearly his pursuits aren’t shared by his wife and I can’t imagine his children are looking to move there either (but that’s just a guess).

    Given the “family helping family” position the show takes, I too am amazed that helping Shane get a home isn’t more important than Atz Lee indulging his dream at the expense of prepping for the winter to come (e.g. fishing, hunting, repairs of the family’s actual home, fixing roads, earthquake damage etc.). I do realize we’re not seeing everything that is happening, but what the show is showing leaves me feeling like Atz Lee is all about Atz Lee. It seems that there are plenty of repairs and maintenance right at home to help with with his “therapy”.

    Every time I see scenes about him building is remote new cabin I find myself disgusted at his selfishness. Just hope it doesn’t cost him a good woman. How about a little focus for all she took on in caring for him and the homestead after his accident rather than just more, ‘me, me me’?

  8. I agree with everyone else here! Atz Lee is such a baby! PTSD is a real thing… but he’s milking it for all he can get. He is so self absorbed. Jane is a trooper. She’s my favorite because she is always pushing herself to try and do new things and more work. She really doesn’t need him. He better watch himself or he will be alone. And, I don’t think he can do it alone. He needs too much taking care of.

  9. Atz lee was taught to be a egotist by the best, his father and uncle. Hope Jane moves back to anchorage and fines a nice guy and real man.

  10. atz lee needs to be disinherited by his family. everyone is right. he is a selfish egotist. how come everyone helps him out, and yet he bails on everyone else.
    GET A CLUE A.L. no one buys the ptsd stuff. especially when HE talks about it so much. I have known people suffering from ptsd, and have NEVER heard them refer to it themselves.
    Stop filming him so much…. it makes me turn the channel from a show i thoroughly enjoy because of him, and his tactics!!

  11. Jane needs to ditch this inconsiderate loser.She is the best person on this show.Otto is a bad tempered idiot who will end up killing someone with his stupid ideas.He keeps repeating how someone could be killed .If he values his family so much,why does he constantly make demands that could risk their lives.Charlotte has to keep telling him how wonderful he is.He is an egotistical lunatic.
    It is always life or death to fill their freezers.Yet they have easy access to a grocery store in Homer.These people are multi millionaires.Why did it take Otto 25 years with Charlotte to get an indoor toilet?Speaking of which,do these people ever bathe or wash their hair?Does Atz Lee ever comb his hair?His haircut looks like an animal chewed it off.I am finished with this idiotic program.I started to watch this season but it is clearly a waste of my time.

  12. Jane, get over yourself. It’s nothing but whining all the time. It’s Alaska, it’s tough….but geez….nothing but complaining. Could you show a little optimism, be positive once in a while?

  13. Love the show, agree with most if not all the comments about Atz lee and his Dad is just enabling him… and what about his son Shane and wife who still needs their home finished!! After the storm, he’s playing around and everyone else is making the homestead livable again. Please keep Jane!!! Love her go get em attitude… my favorite is Ivan and Eve with their children… bothers me too that Atz Lee and Janes kids aren’t even included on the Christmas and Thanksgiving specials! Where are they!!

  14. My wife and I have loved to watch the show for all these seasons. But now I am sick of seeing Jane roll those spoiled eyes and whine about everything. I Don’t know what her personal issues are , but quite frankly my dear, she makes me sick at my stomach . She is lazy and wants to make everything about herself. Yes , I agree that she has been through a lot with his recovery, but she is not the only one that has ever had to face and deal with a recovering spouse. She needs to get with the program or get off the show.

  15. The last few episodes are hard on me, I
    hate listening to Atz Lee’s rasping self indulgent voice. I may have to shove this show away…

  16. So Atz Lee must be over the moon. He got an entire show all about himself, his accident and his PTSD. Atz Lee, can we now stop hearing about your PTSD every five minutes? Jane, you roll your eyes and gripe about it, then go off on all of us when we get frustrated at him just like you do. Make up your mind.

  17. You’d think Atz Lee was the only survivor of a plane crash… the way he’s over-reacting about his fall/injuries/disability? Jane needs to stick to her guns on NOT ‘moving to the remote cabin’… and if he still insists on going then let him go be alone. >> This could just be more Discovery channel drama… we’ll see!

  18. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, Atz Lee shame on you. Your brother Shane and his wife have many more problems that you do. Atz shame on you for coddling to Atz Lee’s every whim. I am so proud of Eve’s husband build that wonderful boat for his family, always doing something to make life easier for her and the kids, KUDOS. Let’s get back to reality and cut the DRAMA. Do they ever go to church? Or any religion?

  19. Atz Lee is a narcissistic, egotistical, selfish “boy.” Takes after his Dad and Uncle.
    Jane and Charlotte you deserve someone who will treat you like queens!
    Ivan is so soft spoken, loving and considerate. It’s hard to believe he is related to this family! His lovely wife Eve is the same. They are true examples of what family mean. I think they could easily have their own show!

  20. Pleeeease. Enough negative comments have been voiced about Atz Lee, and yet, YOU, Discovery ch. keep putting episodes of ‘him’ on the air. WE the people and fans of The Last Frontier” have spoken!!!
    We be sick of him already…. Hey jane? Lose the negative, smile more.
    and Otto?? Cool your jets, you use to be nicer, and you have soured. Stop and smell the roses. {Charlotte being the first rose.}
    At least Atz is trying to grow out of his abusive, sexist, bossy ways. hehehe.. The rest of the clan rocks.

  21. I’m so sick of Jane bragging about what a good hunter she is – then watching her freeze when it’s time to shoot, or flat out refusing to take the shot. Then when she finally did, she stood there and watch Cody butcher the deer. She is such a prissy city girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left Atz Lee for Cody – and I wouldn’t be sad either.

    Quit filming Jerky Jane.

  22. Atz Lee is a selfish jerk….pretty stupid too…..look at the way he goes about planning (right) and doing things…
    He doen’t think anything about his wife…..she’s goi’ leave him soon…

  23. What really ticks me off about this show, i that Atz Lees precious cabin go up as priority. While Shane and his wife still have not had much help from the rest of the family, and Kelli has MS. Also Jane dump his butt, he left you!!

  24. Jane,

    I enjoyed viewing the videos from just before Christmas on your Facebook site. I’m delighted to know that your marriage is sound and that everything appears to be good.

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