’90 Day Fiance’ Season 4: Nicole’s a Barista Making Less Than $25,000, Mom Won’t Vouch For Azan

“90 Day Fiance” Season 4 produced its first wedding in back-to-back episodes last night, and with all that’s been going on, you have to lift your glass and say good luck to Pedro and Chantel. Her family came through, attended the ceremony, but mom had to check the language of the prenuptial.

When she saw that it contained the correct language about inheritances, she was satisfied. Do her parents have that much money to leave their daughter that they’d be concerned about that? Hypothetically, if they live for decades, by the time they pass and leave money to Chantel, if she’s still married to Pedro, is there any issue left?  Preview season finale & Couples Tell All: who got married, who didn’t? 

Narkyia and Lowo went off the rails and man, oh man, his Nigerian pal put the proverbial foot in his mouth, mentioning that Lowo was still thinking about returning to his ex, in the early days of him hanging with Narkyia online. Narkyia’s issue seems to be that she thought she’d uncovered all his lies, and each time she thinks it’s all over, it’s not.  Thoughts?

For a fourth marriage, Matt sure got all dolled up in a tux and Alla looked beautiful. With her sister arriving from Russia, she was a puddle of happiness, but there’s that nasty Patrick to deal with. How long is this going to take to deal with for Matt and why was he allowed to attend? Next week is the season finale and the Couples Tell All special, so stay tuned.

Anfisa and Jorge were a pathetic sight, but one thing is clear. After being led around by his nose, coming when she called, leaving his own apartment when she would throw him out, he did stay away, and it was she that wanted the sit down meeting to hash it all out.

Could it be that Anfisa is truthful when she says she loves Jorge?  Did the fact that he got her to the airport, and was ready to put her on a plane, allegedly, do the trick? Then again, she had no luggage when they got into the car, so who knows where they really went.

Even when she’s happy and in a talkative mood she is a woman of few words. When she’s pissed, there are eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, huffing and puffing and not much else. Did you see her diss the producers and camera crews, just turning her back on them and yelling at Jorge to speed away in the car? Yikes.

Our favorite moment was when she admitted she can be difficult, and said she would try to be better. It was one little crumb but it made Jorge light up like a Christmas tree. He admitted that he thinks she’s the only one he’ll ever get to marry him, so “It’s now or never”, as he said. He asked her to be patient with his career trajectory, but didn’t you wonder if she’d agree to the inexpensive ring and the less than grand designer bags until then?

Nicole met her match at home with Mom, as she had to carry the segments all by herself. Azan wasn’t taking her calls and she was getting impatient and angry. Then Mom piled on, telling her she wouldn’t co-sponsor Azan for the K-1 visa. Her daughter makes less than $25,000 a year, which is the minimum salary to qualify as a sponsor.

Some folks don’t know that the government’s interest is in keeping the immigrant from going on assistance, thus a sponsor has to show that he or she can support the person until they get a work permit. Let’s try to get this straight: she claims she lives on her own with her daughter on less than $25,000 a year. Weren’t you under the impression she lives with her mom?

All the young woman’s immaturity was on display, including that meeting with an immigration attorney, who didn’t know what she was getting for a client. The attorney costs and visa fees are more than half of what Nicole earns a year, and if her mom insists that her daughter get another job, it will take years for Azan to get to the U.S. In sneak peek scenes of next week, we hear him hesitate to agree to wait for her.

One last thing about all this – Nicole has chosen to ignore all the signs that a marriage to Azan might be a disaster, but we haven’t heard his point of view. Is he still interested? ”

TLC will air the season finale and Couples Tell All for “90 Day Fiance” Season 4, Sunday night November 20, 2016. Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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  1. Chantel and her family should check into legal aspects regarding a pre-nup to protect an inheritance. If that is the sole reason for their high level of anxiety to keep “their vast fortune” free from Pedro’s hands. In my state of California, if you leave your estate to your children (and not their spouses), it belongs to them. They just need to keep the funds separate from joint (married) accounts. I would assume anyone with decent funds should know that or at least any decent attorney would have told them that.

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