’90 Day Fiance’ Season 4 Finale And Tell All: Anfisa’s T&A, Azan Joins From Morocco (VIDEO)

Well, it’s that time again as another season of “90 Day Fiance” is coming to a close. On Sunday night November 20, strap in for three full hours on TLC. There’s a one-hour finale and a two-hour Couples Tell All special, and it all begins at 8 p.m. ET/PT.  Updated: Exclusive Interviews with Mohamed and Danielle after their own Tell All. They’ve got lots more to say! 

Since we’ve only seen one wedding thus far, let’s go through the prospects for the couples other than newlyweds Pedro and Chantal. We last left Anfisa and Jorge in the car, all dressed in white, driving to their civil ceremony, when an argument ensued because of Jorge’s lack of planning, yet another bumbling mistake by the groom-to-be. From the sneak peek below, of the Couples Tell All, it’s clear they got hitched, but she seems to have gotten more outrageous now that she’s Mrs. Jorge! Check out the language she uses.

Matt and Alla reached the part of the ceremony where that pain in the neck Patrick had to decide if he would ruin their day and object to their marriage. Raise your hand if you’re over it already. It looks like no matter what he said, the couple got married. Narkyia is still debating if she wants to marry Lowo and Nicole is not happy about Azan’s reaction to her news about needing a co-sponsor for the visa. It means that it could take a year or two before he can come to the U.S. and he doesn’t jump for joy.

This season 4 of “90 Day Fiance” was unusual because of the prospect that at least two of the couples won’t get married before it’s concluded. It’s a first for the show, but let’s get used to that, because coming down the pike from TLC is a third show in the genre. There will be more pre-visa relationships like Nicole/Azan and Narkyia/Lowo. It’s a nice change of pace, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, in the sneak peek below of the Couples Tell All, there’s one walkout (Anfisa) and for the first time, there’s a mom on the panel (Nicole’s) and a fiance on the video screen from North Africa (Azan). What else do you need to know? It’s all about to go down. Enjoy!

TLC airs its three-hour block of “90 Day Fiance” Season 4 finale and Couples Tell All, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission.


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