Danielle Speaks After Couples Tell All: Exclusive Interview About Mohamed’s Shocking Accusations

The “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After” Tell All is in the books, but if you noticed, Danielle didn’t have a lot to say while her husband Mohamed spilled secrets that embarrassed her and caused her to walk off the TV show set.

In an exclusive interview with TVRuckus, she discussed the couple’s physical intimacy, and whether or not she is moving on from Mohamed. We also spoke with him, on the same exclusive basis and the write up of that interview is available, here.

What did you think of the Tell All special and did you expect to deal with those kinds of accusations? “It was hard because of me and Mohamed not being together and the stuff he said that hurt me. It did not surprise me because a couple of weeks beforehand, he was posting on his private page (Mohamed has both public and private Facebook pages), asking fans what they think about their partner smelling, if they’re lazy and if they snored, what would you do. A lot of people knew that he was talking about me. He never came out and said it, but he was. People sent me the things he said on his private page. He has also said it in the past in messages to people.”

Do you recall when we spoke two years ago, and TVRuckus was contacted by some woman, alleging she had some kind of Facebook and phone relationship with Mohamed? Yes, I do and she’s now contacted me again. This time I believe her. She’s going to help me. I have one of the Western Union receipts where she sent him money.

What about Luisa, did it give you any satisfaction to see what she did to Mohamed? Yes, it did. She called him out. I think she knew something about him and the lady from New York, who might have given him some money. I have corresponded with her, but she didn’t give me money.

The trips he took, did he ever tell you why he went? “The first one he told me he was going to New York for a job interview and that was a lie. He was off with the people he was with in Atlantic City, gambling and having a good old time. The second trip he said he was going to see his friend who came down from Canada and for a job interview. That was another lie because he was posting pictures, having fun. The third trip he told me he was going to Florida, but he was in South Carolina. He started posting pictures, and I figured out where he was. He always told me a lie or that it was a job interview. In reality he was meeting with women. He said the reason he didn’t get jobs was because I was posting things online about him. I always defended him, I don’t know what he was talking about.”

What about that “smell”? “We discussed it in September 2014, because I was questioning why he bought condoms. We never used condoms before and that’s when he brought up he was going to use them because I have a smell, an odor and stuff like that. We had sex three or four times before we got married and only one time after we got married. I had been to a doctor because I had other medical issues going on. They did all the yearly stuff that they do for a woman and it all came back fine. There was no odor. He’s lying, and I want to bring up that, though he likes to talk about my issues at every turn, I don’t want to go this low, but he should be talking about his own self. When he lived with me, he showered maybe three times a week. I bathe every day. I work in the healthcare field. There’s no telling what I get on me at work so I come home and take a bath.”

Why do you think Mohamed said those things to you, if there was nothing medically wrong? “I think he was trying to avoid intimacy with me because I think that’s about the time he started being with other women online. He was giving me enough to satisfy me so I wouldn’t divorce him or kick him out.”

Were you pleased or touched by the support from other members of the cast after Mohamed said those things? “I was very touched, very happy that they were supporting me. I was there alone, I had no support. I went back and forth about not going to be on the show. I didn’t want it to turn into something like in Miami.”

How did you stay as calm as you did on the Tell All? I didn’t want to show people that I acted like I did with him in Miami. There were other couples there and it was their time to tell their stories. It wasn’t just about me and Mohamed.”

Are you moving on, do you still love Mohamed? “I can honestly say I am over him. He has sent me an email about three or four weeks ago. Normally I would have responded to it, but I didn’t respond to it. I have forwarded it to my lawyer. I have broken up pictures I had on the shelves or on my dresser. I broke them up and threw them out. I see him differently, I see him as a compulsive liar, a scammer and a fraud. He was totally different and loving, very affectionate when I saw him in Doha. He totally played me.”

What would you say if you could now, about your intentions when you decided to marry Mohamed? I brought him here to build a life with him and I loved him. There was some stuff I didn’t tell him, like debt I had with my ex, but it never would have affected him. He’d never be responsible for that. When I got to sponsor him for the K-1 visa I was working two jobs. When we got Mohamed his adjustment of status, we got back (from the government) that we needed  a co-sponsor. My son was living with me when I applied and his income was listed too. When Mohamed did the paperwork, he took my son off and it brought my income down. I had to get a co-sponsor, a co-worker.”

Danielle said she wants people to know that Mohamed will say or do anything to stay in this country and that’s why he’s lying about her. I think we can see that these two people have the same recollection about the first part of their love story, but from there, they took separate paths that brought them to this point. Each accuses the other of lying and being at fault, and no one is backing down. The exclusive interview with Mohamed can be found, here.

TLC airs the season four finale of “90 Day Fiance” and the Tell All special, Sunday night November 20 beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: TLC, used with permission 


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8 thoughts on “Danielle Speaks After Couples Tell All: Exclusive Interview About Mohamed’s Shocking Accusations

  1. If anyone watched every episode it doesn’t take a genius to realize Mohammad used her right from the start to the bitter end.. Danielle is just to trusting and nice and those are the kind of people that usually get hurt the most. All I’ve seen Danielle do is defend herself and be put through the ringer because of the twisted poor excuse of a human being loser putz!

  2. She is lying from the start, he did not bring up that she smelled, she did. He was trying to defend himself and the show host cut him off. She is the scammer!

  3. I agree with other posters that Danielle brought up the issue with odor he did not. After she announced it he then spoke to it. If they discussed the problem months before when they were together and he wanted to wear a condom because he didnt know what she had then why is she acting so violated? She made a point to discuss it

  4. I think Danielle is very nieve to constantly believe Mohammed was going to come back. He told her so many times it was over. The viewers could tell he was using her not sure why she didnt see it.

  5. I think Danielle is trying to play like
    a victim. Mohammed didn’t bring up
    her smell first she did. Now she wants to cry and play the victim. I
    think she knows exactly what she is doing.

  6. Danielle is constantly trying to look like a victim. Mohammed did not bring up her nauseating smell, she did! Watching her chase him down in Miami like a slobbering school girl just cemented the fact that this woman is entirely delusional! I really hope she gets the mental help and gynocalogical treatment she needs. This poor man endured sex with her more than once! I think that there deserves a green card!

  7. He doesn’t deserve anything but deported. He is a user ,funny the other one dumped after she paid for everything. They both acted like victims in very wrong way. He used her for a green card.

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