EXCLUSIVE: Mohamed Speaks, After Couples Tell All ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’

Mohamed Jbali believes there’s more to say in the wake of the explosive two-part Couples Tell All special after the finale of “90 Day Fiance:Happily Ever After?”. The man felt besieged by people sympathetic to Danielle. Oh yes, and he had an opinion about who would win in a fight between him and Devar!

In an exclusive interview with TVRuckus, Mohamed went into some detail for the follow-up questions we posed. We also spoke on the same exclusive basis with his estranged wife Danielle. That interview is also posted, available, here.

Why the Tell All special wasn’t enough to get his point across: He began with why he feels misunderstood and under attack from people who sympathize with his wife.  “My life is bigger than “90 Day Fiance” or “Happily Ever After”, he told us. “They don’t know what happened between me and Danielle. The show is short on detail. I want to explain to people what exactly happened.”

What caused the rift between you and Danielle? “People I have met created rumors about me. They contact me for their own reasons and not for the right reasons. They use me and then write things about me, trying to make Danielle think and believe these things. I think I made the right decision for me (to marry her) and did my best with her. Danielle did not. She focused on things that weren’t very important in our marriage. She kept focusing on the drama, what other people said and was on her phone 24/7, believing rumors about me. Then the other problems started, like the money problems. We had a normal married life, like any other couple. We went out, we laughed, we played with the kids, but the lies she told me caused problems.”

Didn’t you know that agreeing to be on the show would cause this kind of public scrutiny? ” ‘This is going to be about immigration and someone coming to the United States’, is what she told me about the show. I didn’t want to do it. It’s not the best thing for us. We had so many other things to face, big challenges. Why I did the show was because she has ways to make me do things. She uses her kids, puts her kids in front to make me do something. She told me, ‘They will be so upset if we don’t do the show.'”

Sexual problem timeline: “Danielle had this issue, but not when she came to visit me or the first few weeks in Ohio. Then after that, I don’t remember the exact date, but I started noticing that something is not right. I was polite, the way I talked to her about these issues. ‘We have to talk about something’, I told her. ‘The smell that you have is a physical issue. All  you have to do is go to the doctor and we can have a normal sexual life’. The reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. Instead of taking care of the problem she told me I was a liar. She did go to see a doctor but it was for something else. She is trying to make it look like she went to the doctor for that reason.”

What about those trips without her after their wedding? “These were not related to the health problem that she had. These trips were not with women or about women. There were two women, the first one she was lying to me about a job. She was a manager of a bank and she was gong to hire me and give me a job making a lot of money in New York. Danielle was told that she needed a co-sponsor, because the money she was making was not enough after we got married. I didn’t have any friends to co-sponsor me. I went out to find a sponsor. This woman I went to see, I asked if she could sponsor me and she said she would help me. She said she would train me for that job. The second trip was to see the same woman, and I expected to meet her with her husband and begin training, but she came alone. I wouldn’t go see her again and then she started talking to Danielle. We had an argument, me and Danielle, because she said that this woman was going to help us and give us a lot of money. She told Danielle that she would give her $30,000. I don’t believe that ever happened.”

Did you ever love Danielle? “On the show (Tell All) it was a trick question about if I love Danielle. I did love her and I came here with the thought in my head that she would be my wife and I wanted to be with her.”

Why did Danielle continue to love you even with all your problems and fights? “She cannot live without a man. She has a problem that she will try to prove to some people that she can have a man. Danielle was with another man for 20 years before me. When she started talking to me, she wasn’t honest about that. She was telling me that there’s nothing going on with him, he was just the father of her kids. Now I find out she was still talking to him while we were in our relationship.”

Could he have taken Devar in a fist fight?  Turns out it’s complicated. “The answer has details in it. I was afraid of what might happen. I’m the ‘Muslim Guy’. I represent my family, my culture, my religion, so I couldn’t handle the situation without thinking of those things. I can fight but, but not this way. If it’s verbal (the fight) then I win. If it’s physical he will win.”

Mohamed has learned hard lessons about who to trust and he is alone for the time being. He has asked that people stop trying to contact him under the guise of sending him money or trying to help him. Maybe he’s learned a lesson or two.  The exclusive interview with Danielle is posted. 

Sunday night November 20, TLC airs the finale of “90 Day Fiance” Season 4 and the Tell All special for those couples, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Mohamed Speaks, After Couples Tell All ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’

  1. LOL I wonder what part of that job interview required sleeping with the interviewer, going to clubs in Vegas, casinos in Atlantic City, required purchasing extra boxes of condoms.

  2. He has all these excuses. Perhaps, Danielle had an infection and that is no reason to leave your wife due to a yeast infection. He said she did not have that problem prior and it happened after they married so it was obviously a simple problem. Anyways, of course she was talking to the father of her children, they have kids together. He was constantly cheating her and that blonde girl that took him to Miami obviously slept with him. She should just admit it so his lies can be exposed. Danielle was emotional cause she loved him.

  3. I’m not sure exactly what kind of infection Danielle had but I feel skinny or plus size a woman should take care of herself if my husband told me I had a smell I would b so embarrassed. I feel bad.

  4. I felt really bad for Mohammed. He is obviously very new to the ways of women. He tried with Danielle and the fact that he had actually sex with her proves that. He deserves more than a green card for putting up with her annoying stupidity, grating voice and disgusting odor. Why did the host and other couples ask the sex questions over and over and then get mad at him for answering? With Luisa and Danielle being his introduction to American women I am surprised he wants to remain in this country at all.

  5. I am on the side of Mohammad. What man in their right mind would put up with any woman that lies about everything from the get go. She could even get a checking account let alone work in a bank. She shouldn’t have used her kids to make him stay either. Those kids should have been with their father if she was so hell bent on getting a husband. She shamelessly used her kids. She is so immature and needy… I felt sorry when she neglected her kids to chase his ass down… He was trying to get as far away as possible. Sleeping with her had to be horrible! I hope he has gotten his divorce and moved on and forgets that chapter in his life!

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