Season 3 poster "Alone" on HISTORY.

Ready for ‘Alone’ Season 3 Premiere? Welcome to Patagonia, Argentina (SNEAK PEEK)

Seven men and three women compete on season 3 of “Alone”, premiering on History Channel, Thursday night December 8. Switching up the scenery from Canada to below the Equator lands the ten intrepid survivalists in a cold and isolated region of Patagonia, Argentina.

It’s the same set up, with the last person standing winning a $500,000 prize. No production company cameras, no teams and no gimmicks, as the network says. If the contestants thought they could divine a way to get through it and win by watching the first two seasons, they were in for a rude awakening. There is something new tacked on for good measure: one lucky viewer can win a prize at season’s end. Check out the video posted below for details.

Different creatures, many of them predators present themselves along with the weather that can be punishing as well as unpredictable. Finding new ways to get past the conditions, find food, water and shelter puts strain on the ten players.

What ramps up the pressure even more is that none of them are aware when others tap out, and the drive to continue sometimes upends the reality of being unable to do so. The network’s promo materials contains information about multiple urgent medical evacuations throughout the season.

In the long-form video posted below, care of Survival on Purpose, learn a technique to survive by creating a sustainable fire and take note that there is a viewer prize lurking this season. Check out the details below!

The season 3 premiere of “Alone” airs on HISTORY, Thursday night December 8 at 9 p.m. Image/video credits: HISTORY and Survival on Purpose.

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