Tony and Mykelti Brown talk to family on "Sister Wives" Season 7

‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Maddie’s Weight Loss, Mykelti Does ‘Art Of The Deal’ With Kody

“Sister Wives” season 7 resumed with another two-hour episode on TLC. In “Embarrassing the Sister Wives”, which referred to racy lingerie gifts at Maddie’s bridal shower, Kody was stunned by Mykelti’s negotiating skills. She came prepared to fight over her desire for an August wedding and had a trick up her sleeve. Check out the video clip posted below of Mykelti and Tony in pre-bridal shower mode.

She and Tony came by to speak with her dad and his wives, and Mykelti already knew she was ready to accept December rather than August. In fact, she had a specific date in December, the 17th, in mind, but she forced her moms and dad to plead with her to be practical to give everyone time after Maddie’s ceremony. Janelle also raised the issue of her siblings being home from school in December and how nice that would be.

Kody returned to his favorite argument about sex driving the decision, which he put crudely before his wives let out a scream for him to stop. Mykelti calmly said she’d push back her wedding from the beautiful weather setting she had in mind, if her father paid for their honeymoon, or at least a great part of it.

Kody was stunned that he hadn’t come prepared for that, and as one of the wives said, “She’s her father’s daughter”, meaning she’s got skills. Has she read Trump’s “Art of the Deal”? Everyone was so relieved about the wedding getting pushed four months that they gladly accepted the extra financial responsibility for the honeymoon.

The bulk of the episode was spent in pre-wedding prep for Maddie, including her bridal shower and the family arriving at the wedding site. Her weight loss was mentioned each time the wedding dress was on camera or discussed.

She claims she’s not following on any kind of diet program and she’s perplexed about it. Janelle believes her daughter’s dropped at least 20 lbs. What’s a bit alarming is that she lost even more between her final fitting the two days prior to the ceremony.

Anyone else wonder what’s going on? Look, no one wants there to be any tragic circumstances, but that kind of weight loss with no apparent reason or extreme dieting might be good to investigate. Maddie’s not complaining of any symptoms of sickness, so it looks like we’re all moving on with life.

There was a great scene between Robyn and Christine in which they discussed how they repaired their relationship. It was testy at the beginning, but they have reached a place where they’re like best girlfriends. Kody is thrilled, naturally, and said that plural marriage was like a “girls party” for the two of them, which helps keep harmony in the family at large.

It was as different as could be from what we saw last week between Meri and Janelle. No need for psychological counseling, which was nice for a change!

“Sister Wives” airs Sunday nights at 8 et/pt on TLC. Image credit: TLC, used with permission¬†

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