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‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Recap: Josh ‘s Proposal, Madison’s Treachery (VIDEO)

It is rare when Josh Flagg appears nervous, nevermind admits he is, but it was about to be the moment of truth last night on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”. In the episode “Co-List From Hell”, Josh sat with his parents in Paris, talking about his upcoming proposal to boyfriend Bobby.  Season finale: Top 5 moments. Chime in!

As a way to show sympathy and support, Flagg’s mother and dad told their proposal story and the secret behind what was thought to be a valuable ring to seal the deal. It involved Edith, which was appropriate since her presence was missed. It made everyone chuckle and they toasted to Edith.

In the video clip posted below, you can see Bobby realize that the flash mob dance was arranged for him. His eyes got moist, and he kissed Josh. You knew then that Flagg had nothing to be nervous about.

Josh Flagg said that his love for Bobby changed his habits of a lifetime. He never wanted to consider someone else as he went about his day, whether it was tied to his work schedule or otherwise. In other words, he grew up. Nice work, Josh.

This season of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” has been blessedly light on the vicious verbal assaults thrown by the agents at each other. Altman vs. Flagg took a back seat, Altman vs. Madison was non-existent. Altman vs. the Brits was nowhere to be found. Notice a pattern there?  Josh’s wedding to Heather had his head spinning.

But, as a treat for all of us who relish a good realtor feud “Co-List From Hell” contained a breakout performance by James Harris as he shed his good guy persona for good. His battle with Madison Hildebrand was a classic for the show, because it demonstrated that with enough provocation, anyone can become unhinged.

Hildebrand was at his haughty best, which set off James and David to no end. Parnes still kept that veneer of civility when dealing with Madison’s treachery during that Malibu home marketing event. Harris couldn’t contain himself, and in a bit of luck, the Brits’ boss showed up and joined his agents in hissing Madison for his unethical behavior.

Who’s to say what was at the heart of Madison’s disgust and decision to undercut his co-listers. If you ask us, he was hurting the client/seller who ended up cutting ties with all three of the agents when their listing expired without a sale. And for what exactly? The stated reason was receiving only three days’ notice about the Lamborghini sponsored open house.

Perhaps it was in the editing, but we saw Parnes receive the thumbs-up call from the brand manager, then immediately alert Madison. He got prissy about it, as if he should have been in on the idea from the beginning. In fact, he told the Brits to make it their mission to get a buyer in the limited time left under the agreement, and heard them speak about brand tie-in possibilities.

Whether or not he should have gotten more notice, he had nothing to do to prep the home for the event, since Lamborghini did it all. It also should not have given rise to his decision to train his own agents to direct people to a listing he had elsewhere in the neighborhood as they toured the home that was co-listed.

So, as asked last week, are you Team Madison or Team Brit?

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” airs Thursday nights on Bravo TV, at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: Bravo TV, used permission.


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