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‘Outdaughtered’ Season 2: A Hazel Breakthrough And Turkey Day Chaos (VIDEO)

“Outdaughtered” brings more smiles and reasons to shake your head in “A Thanksgiving Miracle” tonight on TLC . Just coming off the family vacation episode, we know what to expect when the Busby holiday table is set for 20 people. After watching the whole clan eat meals in restaurants, you realized that even the closest of family members can be exasperated. Updated with a recap posted below!

Danielle’s brothers-in-law have a couple of kids of their own, but have experienced nothing like the meltdown scene in the restaurant when they mistakenly believed one of the quints was choking. Then again, Thanksgiving dinner will be served at home, not a commercial establishment where the kids must stay in their seats. That doesn’t take into account meal prep and cooking. Check out the video preview clip below for a look at the Busbys saying once again, “What were we thinking?”  SNEAK PEEK of season finale: More bad news for Hazel? Quints take NYC!

The quint who has been singled out more than the others on this season of “Outdaughtered” is Hazel. Her middle name is Grace, but Adam and Danielle use the nickname Hazel Basil on occasion, which is endearing. She made it through serious surgery like a champ and was still not taking more than a couple of steps before returning to a half-crawl.

Tonight, there’s a Hazel breakthrough, which can only mean that the smallest of the quints is walking. It means that she’ll join her sisters at pre-school, which presumably the Busbys paid for despite the fact that she was not attending. The family has its own YouTube channel under the name “It’s a Buzz World”, and the Christmas morning post gives us a good look at Hazel’s skills.

The other continuing story of the season is Mimi’s move from Louisiana to Texas. When we last left Danielle’s mother, she was exhausted from having to sleep in the same room as the babies on vacation, which meant there wasn’t a lot of sleep to be had. She got herself a job and is anxious to get her own apartment. Unfortunately, she has not yet found a buyer for her home and there is that sticky situation of being able to afford rent and furnishings. Will Adam be willing to front her some dough to get some distance from her?


Well, well, well…what’s going on with Mimi? And for that matter, what’s with her daughter and son-in-law? Apartment shopping was tense and Mimi fretted about the rent costs in the posh area around Danielle and Adam’s home. She never gave any specifics about her salary and Danielle spurned Adam’s efforts to go in that direction, fearing it was too intrusive to ask.

At episode’s end Mimi revealed she had left her job, saying it was not for her. Anyone know what the heck she meant? She is back to square one, meaning she’s without work and her home in Louisiana has not sold. Mimi suggested she return, but Danielle wouldn’t hear of it. Thinking someone should take her aside and create a plan.

Hazel’s walking breakthrough was a sight to behold. That little one is dogged and kept trying until one day, she took ten steps, then more than ten before losing her balance. Now, she’s just one of the girls at school. That was certainly something to be thankful for at the holiday table.

After utter chaos prior to Thanksgiving day, the meal went off without any lives lost, so to speak. Loved the holiday meal shopping trip with Uncle Dale and Adam splitting kid duties then swapping with their wives. The quints weren’t as problematic as the older kids who go wild when they are all together. Uncle Dale is the turkey frying master and Adam whipped up desserts from his grandma’s recipes.

Thinking there’s a spinoff show titled something like “Dale and Adam’s Texas Kitchen”. Are you feeling it?

TLC airs new episodes of “Outdaughtered” Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: It’s A Buzz World Facebook page   Video credit: TLC/Discovery Communications, used with permission.


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  1. Danielle is awesome, Adam a whiner, Mimi also has a few problems, my hero is Danielle. Hazel is the sweetest , I hope her eyes are taken care of.

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