Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman of "Fast N' Loud" on Discovery

‘Fast N’ Loud’ Season Premiere: EXCLUSIVE Look at ’55 Chevy For Sale..Sweet! (VIDEO)

“Fast N’ Loud” returns to Discovery with all new episodes, Monday January 16, soon after the news broke that Aaron Kaufman would be leaving the show. Richard Rawlings and Aaron have stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the Gas Monkey Garage for dozens of episodes, and there’s more to go. The network is promoting it by saying, “It’s the season that changes everything.” So, let’s get started!

In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the season premiere, Rawlings and Kaufman meet Mike Amader from Northern California who has a sweet, yellow ’55 Chevy. You’ve heard the clichés about people selling used cars and claiming that a little old lady owned it and drove it sparingly, well this puts the truth in those stories. He’s looking to sell and those who know Richard and Aaron know they are champing at the bit to get this to the garage.

Amader tells the guys that he bought it in 1981 from his pal’s grandmother, who bought it new back in the day. It’s a Chevy Two-Ten series, two-door hardtop. Amader made a few changes like converting it from an automatic transmission to four on the floor, and the best part of that story is that the transmission came from a ’67 Corvette. Rawlings turned the key and heard the thing roar, while Aaron opened the hood.

What do the guys think they’ll have to do to get top dollar for it, if they sell? They like the original two-tone taupe and white paint they saw in a photo Amader showed them and the seats and wheels are begging for some change. The most fun of all for the Gas Money twosome is getting in the thing and taking it for a spin. But, it all comes down to price, as is usually the case. They’re looking to buy low, keep remodeling costs down and flip it for a handsome profit.

Tune in to see how that goes, on “Fast N’ Loud” Monday night January 16 at 9 p.m.  Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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