Janelle, Meri, Kody, Robyn and Christine Brown on "Sister Wives"

‘Sister Wives’ Newlywed Game: Brown Family’s Most Awkward, Funniest Moments

“Sister Wives” gave us one hour of game playing with “The Newlyweds vs. The Browns”. It brought out some truths that were awkward, yet great TV and we learned how the wives feel about Kody’s hair routine.

The set up was great. Mariah and Aspyn co-hosted, set the rules, asked the questions and tallied the score. On the hot seat were couples, Maddie and Caleb, Tony and Mykelti, along with Kody and his four wives. It got wildly complicated and confusing, at least for this viewer, when Kody had to answer questions for each of his wives. You had to give in and just go with the flow, enjoying the spectacle.

Maddie and Caleb were truly in sync, while Tony and Mykelti seemed to have mind-melded. They answered correctly, until the tie-breaker at the end. Kody has an incredible memory of small moments shared with each wife. Meri had poignant memories of better times with Kody and Christine jumped the gun on answers, admitting her bad habit. Let’s get to the list; feel free to weigh in on your own personal favorites.

Most Awkward/Surprising Moments :

Christine constantly yakking about her daughter and future son-in law being so in tune. She couldn’t fathom it.

Meri and Kody admitting her pet name for him was “Lover”, which of course hasn’t been used in a LONG time

Learning that Mykelti is not 100% opposed to a plural marriage!

Kody telling Christine, “Your mystery turns me on.”  EWWWWW

Best/Funniest Moments:

Caleb and Maddie answering “Practice Making Babies” while Kody gulped in answer to question about what her man wants to do when they are alone.

Mykelti saying “hair” was Tony’s best feature, and Tony saying “butt” when it was his turn to answer about Mykelti.

Janelle being unable to recall location of her first kiss with Kody. “Oh, I remember the car”, she said when Kody told her they were outside standing next to a vehicle.

Kody learning that his five-minute hair routine is more like 20, in the view of his wives. From his “look” it’s difficult to think he even owns a comb.

“Sister Wives” airs on TLC, Sundays beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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