Eve, baby Findlay and Eivin Kilcher on "Alaska the Last Frontier"

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ EXCLUSIVE: Eivin Builds While Atz Lee Goes Solo (VIDEO)

“Alaska the Last Frontier” is all new Sunday night January 22 on Discovery. As the season winds down, we get a look at what members of the Kilcher family are up to as the weather changes, bringing winter to the homestead. The episode is titled “Hunting Season”, but there’s much more going on.

In our EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below, Eivin’s got a bunch of friends constructing something long needed for the Kilcher way of life. You know how Eivin grows concerned that he puts the needs of his wife and children behind those of other members of the family? That usually occurs when he’s helping his father, Otto, with some chore or adventure. Watch what he does when given the time to think of Eve and his children.  (Watch one-hour special about Atz Lee’s recovery. Here’s info)

Returning to others in the family, this episode of “Alaska the Last Frontier” features a primer by Atz Sr. on the art of survival when nature seems to be the enemy. He’s got decades of experience and loves to pass along the lessons learned. Already this season he’s pulled a trick or two from his big bag when necessary to help his sons Atz Lee and Shane accomplish tasks that seemed to be dead in the water.

Speaking of Atz Lee, he’s back pushing the boundaries of his own endurance and health to prove a point. His father and he characterize what he’s done at the cabin site as necessary for his recovery, and some of that is true. But, what about when he goes out solo, knowing he’s risking another body blow? In this episode he does it again with a solo hunt to a remote and what Discovery calls a “dangerous” island. What’s the over-under on how many times he’ll say out loud that he might have bitten off more than he can chew?

You may recall last week’s show when he feared falling off the roof as he chose to work on the cabin rather than accompany his wife Jane on a hunt. Protein for the winter is critical to the family’s existence, yet that cabin has become something he puts before most other things. With the season finale fast approaching, will Atz Lee and Jane have the ultimate showdown over where they will live this winter?

Discovery airs new episodes of “Alaska the Last Frontier” Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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