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Unseen Footage Of Atz Lee’s Recovery on ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’

Discovery has a present for fans of “Alaska: The Last Frontier”, even though it is no longer the gift giving season. The network has amassed scenes from previously aired shows and added unseen footage for some very special hour-long shows. The enhanced episodes begin tonight, Sunday January 22 at 10 p.m., immediately following the latest new show from the current season. In that new episode, we get a good look at how Eivin is finally able to take time to do things for his immediate family. There is an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of that, here.

The first enhanced episode titled “Atz Lee, One Year After The Fall” gives us unfiltered, one-on-one camera time with Atz Lee Kilcher, as he speaks for the first time about the accident and his recovery. That is combined with scenes of how the family pulled together to help the son of Atz Sr. along with a look at how Atz Lee’s wife Jane prepped their living space for her husband’s arrival and recovery.

Fans of the show know that this season has seen Atz Lee make tremendous strides towards regaining his strength, both physical and emotional. Most of season six has followed the cabin build, which Atz Lee uses as a measuring stick for his recovery. Jane has been consistent in expressing her displeasure at the thought of leaving their home and the family that live around them on the homestead.

Throughout his recovery Atz Lee has been helped as well as encouraged by his father Atz Sr. while Jane has demonstrated resistance of the verbal kind to any suggestion that she would move into the new cabin once it’s complete. The trip from the homestead to the new place is 30 miles, but when you have no paved roads and forced to use a four-wheeler for the trip, it can be a difficult and long journey. The homestead is Jane’s home, with her extended family around her. The season is ready to wrap up, and here’s hoping we get the ultimate showdown we are anticipating.

Discovery will air “Atz Lee: One Year After the Fall”, at 10 p.m. ET/PT Sunday January 22nd. Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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    • Check the discovery website’s section on the show or their “full episodes” section. You might find it there.

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