Prince Robert and Prince Liam prior to charity boxing match on "The Royals"

‘The Royals’ Season 3 Recap: Could Jasper Lose Eleanor To Prince Sebastian?

“The Royals” presented “The Counterfeit Presentment of Two Brothers”, which makes you wonder if Robert was right about the boxing match being rigged. Was it “counterfeit” because King Cyrus had introduced the combatants and advised those ringside to up their bets, because he was picking Sparrow/Liam to win? Or did Liam really draw blood from his brother’s mouth, shutting it up for just a moment?

Liam was in a rage about being booted from his line in the royal succession, losing Kathryn, although we’re not convinced she won’t pick him in the end, and having to step aside as head of the charity devoted to war vets. Robert didn’t even give Liam a nod for creating it when he was on stage at the charity event, although he credited his sister for designing the physical space.

The auction bidding was fascinating, because time with one of the royals went to the winners. Were these selections supposedly random, you know, like someone picking the winner while blindfolded? Didn’t seem like that to us. King Cyrus pulled strings and got one of his harlots to button-hole an MP, Mr. Westcott to ask him to split the cost of a ticket. Using her wiles, she got him to exhibit his Dom/Sub fetish and Cyrus used it it right away. Westcott now knows he’ll be exposed if he doesn’t choose candidates for the Privy Council who favor him to remain king.

Isn’t it convenient that Kathryn was picked for Robert? Yeah, like we said, random drawings these weren’t. He got her down to the wine cellar after having people take photos of them. In this way, he told Kathryn, they would be seen together under these “chance” circumstances as an introduction to them as a couple. Lots of sweet kissing, but Kathryn’s still giving Liam those longing looks, particular after the boxing match.

Eleanor and this mysterious Prince Sebastian Idrisi  – exactly what royal line does he come from? – connected on an emotional level, exchanging sad stories about breakups and being out of the line of success in their respective families. Yet they met by accident, supposedly, as he wanted her to take a photo of him away from the charity event crowd, with Eleanor’s stilettos on top of his chest. What? Eleanor admitted she has major trust issues, so let’s hope she has Mr. Hill investigate him.

Later, when Sebastian just by chance… was chosen as the winner to spend time with the princess, he was less odd. He was kind, understanding and pretty darn cute, if you ask us. Eleanor’s sadness about Jasper’s hurtful disappearance runs deep. She kept checking with Mr. Hill to see if Jasper resurfaced.

Now that Sebastian has given Eleanor an invitation to call, even if it is just to talk about her sadness, Jasper better get his act together if he doesn’t want to lose her forever. Oh, and he’s been replaced as her bodyguard, by a rough and tumble woman who Liam knows on a casual basis from his time at the pubs. She took down someone ready to bother the princess and won Eleanor’s thanks, then the job.

Here’s an interesting tidbit and one that didn’t get much screen time. That reporter, Harper Day got her face time with Eleanor, but squandered it, asking nothing but intrusive and rude questions about the princess’ love life. What’s the story with that? Was her deal with Jasper that she wouldn’t print the mud if he split the jurisdiction? If so, does she really think she’ll get anything from Eleanor?

The queen had to endure, then turnaround and be happy about sitting for tea with Mr. Jack Parker, who was the winner of the raffle. Turns out she loved the attention and enjoyed some flirting, sending Spencer Hoenisberg into a bit of a jealous snit. It didn’t help that Parker asked Spencer to fetch him some tea. But, Helena was busy before that, tasking Willow to put together a list of suitable women for Robert to date. It was with an eye towards the hope of a wife if and when he takes the throne. Think Kathryn will go down well with the queen?

In the end it was King Cyrus who ended up comforting Liam after Robert humiliated him in the locker room post-fight. Robert bloodied and bullied him, then walked away with his prize of Kathryn. Cyrus correctly saw the look on Liam’s face and told him that he understood his pain. Living in the shadow of the dashing older brother who gets what he wants based on being the first-born son of a king, just plain sucks. Oh yes, and it doesn’t get easier.

Does anyone think that there might be a bit of an alliance between Cyrus and Liam to make Robert falter on the path to perfection and the throne?

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