Jane Kilcher, wife of Atz Lee, on "Alaska: The Last Frontier" on Discovery

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ Season Finale: Time Has Come For Jane’s Big Decision (VIDEO)

“Alaska the Last Frontier” says farewell to the season tonight on Discovery, in “Decision Time”. Gee, makes you wonder what that refers to. Puhleeze, it’s been building all season and we’re promised an answer in the season finale. Will she or won’t she? After the season finale, stay tuned for “Otto’s Boneyard”, which Discovery is throwing out there as an extra added attraction. Previous seen footage as well as new scenes are included.  (Check out Jane’s decision, here.)

In addition to learning if Jane and Atz Lee will share his cabin for the winter, as always, there’s plenty going on elsewhere at the homestead. Last week we watched Eivin and a bunch of friends constructing something long needed for the Kilcher way of life. A fishing boat that is family friendly and isn’t fully exposed to the elements.

In the sneak peek of the season finale posted below, watch his family enjoy the fruits of Eivin’s labor. Here’s something they might have forgotten, a place to keep the baby while the adults are trying to reel in and get a fish in a net! Eivin and Eve’s spirits weren’t dampened; the joy of the first family fishing trip trumped all.

Charlotte and Otto appear in the season finale of “Alaska the Last Frontier” as they manage the cattle roundup. In previews of the finale we heard what it’s like when the two quarrel. Atz Sr. may be the worst stickler for doing things a certain way, while not sparing the constructive criticism, but Otto can dish it out too. He’s much more of an alarmist, and of course a motormouth. A few episodes ago when doing a job alongside August, Otto got told to shut the “f” up. The young man was fed up with the constant nagging, yelling and predictions of doom, while trying to concentrate on a difficult maneuver.

Last but not least are Shane and Kelli, who we watched get only so far with their cabin build this season. Something more important is always lurking for the couple and tonight in the network summary for the finale, they are said to be bracing for “unexpected news about her health”. Fingers crossed that the results are positive for Kelli.

“Alaska the Last Frontier” is aired Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT  on Discovery. Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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