Atz Lee Kilcher on "Alaska: The Last Frontier"

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’: Jane Says ‘Hell No’, Will Atz Lee Spend Winter Alone ?

Updated: Atz Kilcher just announced his memoir and he spares no one.

“Alaska the Last Frontier” concluded its season with the finale that promised to give us Jane’s answer to husband Atz Lee’s inquiry about her willingness to move to his new cabin. The heavy artillery was brought in to complete the dwelling, including windows and the stove for warmth, then there was that awkward moment.

That would be when Atz Sr., Bonnie and Jane listened to Atz Lee re-tell the story of how the cabin idea was hatched and the pride he has in the end product. It was all leading up to him popping the question. He had been talking about it throughout the episode, and admitted that he was trying to make everything as enticing as it could be, hoping Jane would give in.

Atz Lee knew she leaned towards staying on the homestead, but began to think that he could chip away at that position bit by bit. How about a cute little twosome in front of the stove as the first fire was lit in the cabin? Atz Lee’s attempts at getting cozy got him nowhere with Jane who wouldn’t fall for it.

He had another method up his sleeve, which included an invitation for the entire Kilcher clan to pull up stakes and move nearby, making it essentially the new homestead. Did you notice that Atz used that moment to say to Bonnie, “Hey, it’s getting dark. I guess we better head out,”? It was Jane’s time to speak or act.

In her one-on-on camera time Jane was blunt and we realized that she hadn’t softened her position. “Hell no, do you know who I am? You’ve known me for thirty years, are you kidding me?” With Atz Lee she was not as blunt.

Jane’s no dummy. She knows that it meant everything to him to feel whole again and Atz Lee admitted, although he came up short of apologizing, that his absences from the homestead were a hardship for his wife. An “I’m sorry” would have gone a long way, but not far enough.

Jane was itching to follow Atz and Bonnie on her four-wheeler to beat the darkness on that 30 miles stretch of unpaved road. As Atz Lee rubbed mud on his face, told his dad that he had everything he needed to stay the night, if not longer, Jane used his appearance as a way to get the heck out of Dodge. “It’s hard to leave you when you’re looking this good,” she said as she gathered her gloves and walked toward her vehicle. Atz Lee said, “You know the trails now, too,” to which Jane replied, “You know how much I hate it,” which presumably meant the trek to the cabin, not the cabin itself.

It was what she said in her final one-on-one camera shot that sounded a bit ominous. “He really needs to come home or I guess I’ll live it up without him…and I will.” Atz Lee said it was depressing to watch her go. Here’s a suggestion, go with her.  Thoughts?

Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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18 thoughts on “‘Alaska the Last Frontier’: Jane Says ‘Hell No’, Will Atz Lee Spend Winter Alone ?

  1. His cabin was never more than a man cave/hunting cabin. It’s only 12’x16’outside dimensions including the log walls. Hardly a place to move the wife and kids into. It was never intended to be a new homestead, get real!

  2. He needs to get his rearend back to the homestead and man up and take care of his family. Why would she want to move in this tiny outhouse. Its hard enough living in Alaska without him making it impossible for her. They are not spring chickens and he wants her to move in this chickencoop size cabin and start over ?? Grow up sonny.

    • My husband and I really enjoy the show. Jane is being neglected by Atzlee. That cabin is not a home. It’s a small tiny thing and I don’t blame Jane. I wouldn’t move my home in this crazy tiny so called place. I think he is not in love with her anymore. He’s using excuses not to be a normal husband. Jane let him live in it. It could be just a getaway family hunt lodge. And stop showing the cow mess in pastures. Children and people have to drink milk and don’t wanna see that muddy mess. Keep the show moving. Let Shane fall in love with someone else. Bye Atzlee. Jane gonna fall for some good looking hulk.

  3. His comments throughout the season as he worked on his cabin, which is not even on Kilcher land, by the way, sounded like he had every intention of Jane moving up there with him.Maybe this project was his idea of dealing with his PTSD, but coming home and hunting for and providing for his family would have been much more beneficial to proving he still had what it takes to survive and live in the wilderness of Alaska. That cabin is not even big enough for one person to reside in, let alone the whole family.And while he has been off proving himself, he has left Hand alone to secure food and prepare their homestead for the harsh winter ahead. I lost a lot of respect for him this season. Yes, he survived a major, life altering event…but did he thrive afterwards?? My answer is no.

  4. Jane stick to your guns.there is no way I would move out there seems that accident really messed with ATX Lee’s thinking.

  5. I agree with the others. THAT IS NOT A HOMESTEAD! It’s even smaller than the hunting cabin.
    He needs to go home & be the husband & man of the house! Jane has carried heavy responsibilities long enough!

  6. This obsession of Atz Lee’s is so outlandish that I’m beginning to wonder if he suffered some kind of head injury from his fall. Short of that, his behavior reveals a severe moral shortcoming in his character.

  7. All set up to replace the other cabin that the bear destroyed. It’s on a friends land. Apparently there is more game in this area. This will keep us all on edge until next season so we’ll tune in.

  8. I’m with Jane on this one. That cabin is great for a get-away, but not a home. Have the kids had any input on this? How do they feel about leaving friends and school? Jane has worked hard getting ready for winter and she will have a support system in the rest of the family. Too bad Atz has become so self-absorbed that he can’t take responsibility for his family. Jane is a good woman and she loves Atz, so hope they can work this out.

  9. I think atz has a kid mentality. He’s running from his responsibilities to take care of his wife. She’s carryin all the responsibilities for the family. He’s self centered. It’s all about him. Wrong atz! Get your ass home and take care of your family. Or I see Jane finding a real man to truly take loving care of her unconditionally. She needs to move on with her life with out atz.

  10. Love the show but hate the dynamic between those two. He’s got a screw loose from the fall (maybe before) and she’s not in love with him, clearly.

    Next year I’d be very surprised if they are still together.

  11. Do you think that this all for ratings? Look at it. Atz Lee is being a butt head while on the other side they’re showing Eivin as the Best Father of the Year. It’s like good cop/bad cop.
    If it’s not this, I believe he bumped his head a bit to hard going down the cliff. Say some prayers for all of them.

  12. One more time, everything about the show is scripted. It’s a soap opera made to look like real life. When Atz Lee had his accident, the producers took lemons and made lemonade, creating this farce about a one room cabin in the middle of nowhere, and the burning question of what would Jane do? He ain’t going to live there. Jane isn’t going to divorce him. And his kid and her kid from different marriages, won’t ever figure into the plot. I don’t think they even live with them.

    So next season, look for new plot lines. Will August flunk out of college? Will Shane ever build his house, or will they just disappear? Will his wife tell Eivin she’s not a baby machine?

    Stay tuned folks…that’s what the producers want.

  13. Atz lee – what kind of not-right-craziness has taken over your mind? I’ve heard you say things like you can’t provide for your family and maybe you should have never moved to the woods. I feel like you’ve given up on and want to get away from your family and life. Please seek professional help.

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