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‘The Royals’ Season 3 Recap: Why Did Jasper Have To Crush Eleanor To Find Boone?

Season three of “The Royals” is flying by and with the realization there are only a few more shows left, we have to hope for the return of Jasper before Princess Eleanor stops caring. In the episode “In the Same Figure, Like the King That’s Dead” he reappeared and we learned what the heck he’s been up to.  Preview of latest: Does Boone have more dirt? 

Remember Boone, the man who claimed he’d shot down Prince Robert’s plane? Jasper seems to have found him and for some reason he agreed to do Jasper a solid. He’d been able to keep his secret but would now tell all to journalist Harper Day in exchange for killing the story of Eleanor and Jasper’s romance. What’s in it for Boone and did anyone else catch that tidbit at the end when he told Jasper there was more to the tale? Hmm…

Robert’s giving Kathryn everything she could ever want, including a public appearance where he agreed to be photographed with her. Then he threw a bone to Liam, and he’s rapidly changing from someone who didn’t give Liam his due, to someone who has sympathy for little brother. He agreed to step aside and allow Sparrow (“Don’t call me that!”) to be the person the family puts up to fight Cyrus for the throne, only if Liam could convince Mummy dearest. She nixed the idea, while expressing love and admiration for her younger son.

Meanwhile, Mummy is fighting with the Lord Chamberlain who put in a request to resign after the queen’s secret romantic tryst in Paris with Mr. Jack Parker. Resignation request was denied, and the queen wants Spencer to be her friend when she needs one and her lover when that’s what she’s itching for. Mr. Parker is all about romance and grand gestures, which Helena is lapping up.

Liam’s reward for having to stuff his feelings back inside him was being called out by Willow. She got blindsided by the truth, that Kathryn and Liam were an item prior to Robert’s return and she lashed out. She’d been pining away for Liam, thinking he was available, just not ready for a relationship, only to be in the position she dreaded. Liam wasn’t the sweetest about it, denying he ever agreed to keep her in mind, but that’s typical isn’t it? He’d better watch his back, because Willow’s a fave of dear old Mummy and the creator of #KingLiam.

Cyrus’ buffoonery of the week was believing in a charlatan’s ability to halt the spread of cancer. A wild animal was required but all the palace toadies could find was a fox, and a house broken one at that. It not only bit Cyrus, but he heard from Mr. Hill that the background check on the shaman/charlatan was one he didn’t want to hear. That resulted in us getting the sad and honest Cyrus. He threatened to kill himself if he lost the Privy Council vote. To assure himself of victory he had a tunnel meeting with Mr. Westcott to remind him of what’s at stake for both of them.

Finally, Jasper was back at the palace after a drink with Prince Liam. He didn’t get specific with Liam about the plan to win back Eleanor, but Liam lit a fire under his butt with the news of Prince Sebastian’s constant presence around Her Highness. She had a fabulous day with Sebastian, during which she ditched her new bodyguard Rosie, in the rite of passage for all her security team members. He did everything to impress and please her, but at the end of the day, she kept to her mantra, “This is not a date”, and it appears she means it, at least for now. Attention Jasper: get going!

Here are some questions that might be off-the-wall, but we’re throwing them out there. 

  • Could there be a connection between Jack Parker and Prince Sebastian, you know the vast fortunes they have, wooing both ladies at the palace and just showing up for that auction?
  • Is there a message from the writers about the fox, you know, how it just showed up next to Eleanor, who didn’t scream and call for Rosie?
  • Why the heck did Jasper think he had to leave and keep it all a secret, breaking Eleanor’s heart again? What did he fear if he had the help of the palace security team and Eleanor to stand beside him?
  • Why does Jasper seem to trust Harper Day won’t print the story of him and Eleanor even if she breaks the Boone story? While he’s got the goods on her drug mule days, she didn’t seem too worried about it leaking.
  • Could it that Robert knew what his mother would say and his offer to step aside was insincere, or are we being too suspicious?

“The Royals” airs Sundays on E! at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: E! used with permission 

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