Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman on "Fast N' Loud"

‘Fast N’ Loud’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Watch Dean ‘Karnage’ Kearney Burn Up the Garage (VIDEO)

“Fast N’ Loud” is all new tonight on Discovery, so get ready to slide right into another macho Gas Money Garage bet. You’ve got to have the wallet to back this stuff up so it’s unsurprising that the bettors are Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman.

In the episode titled “La Casa Del Camino”, it’s Aaron who lays it down, promising Richard that the Monkeys can finish a build on a 1980 El Camino a week ahead of schedule. If we’ve learned nothing in our adult lives, it’s that stuff happens; it just happens. You have to a possess a large reserve of luck to back up that kind of bet. Will it go Aaron’s way?

One of the best things about watching the Monkeys and “Fast N’ Loud” is getting a glimpse at all the endeavors Rawlings engages in, both personally and professionally. The Gas Monkey Garage is now a proud sponsor of a drift car team. In the EXCLUSIVE video clip posted below, it’s a literal spin-fest. Welcome Dean “Karnage” Kearney, a Formula Drift driver to the premises, although it’s difficult to pick him out on the screen until the smoke clears.

As Rawlings describes it, drifting is “…when you over-steer the car, losing traction on the back wheels, but still getting the car going in the direction you wanted it to go.”¬†With a 1,100 horsepower monster underneath him, spewing flames as rubber burns, Kearney gives Richard and the guys a sample of his skills.

“Drifting is an extreme sport. It’s dangerous, but not crazy dangerous,” says one of the Monkeys, but Richard just wants to see if he can out-burn rubber sitting next to Kearney’s monster machine. What’s that, you think it sounds like a “weiner” contest? So does Rawlings and he taps out. Enjoy!

“Fast N’ Loud” airs on Discovery’s Motor Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT , followed immediately by “Diesel Brothers” ¬† Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission.

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