Erica in her Lompoc, California home on "My 600 Lb. Life"

‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Erica’s Story: Family’s Disgust Forces Her To Travel Alone (VIDEO)

Preview Tanisha’s story: Buried obese mom at 50, is she headed that way too?

“My 600 Lb. Life” covers the story of Erica Wall, who says about herself, “How did I get to this point where I am like a sideshow to people?” as she sits in a wheelchair going through an airport. (RECAP of episode posted below) She weighs 661 lbs. and she’s not even sure if she’ll fit in the plane, even though she’s had to buy all three seats in one aisle. In the sneak peek video clip posted below, you get a bird’s-eye view of that ordeal.

This is Erica’s last chance to turn things around, and her desperation made her ignore medical advice that the flight to Houston to see Dr. Nowzaradan could take her life. She’s flying alone because her family reached its breaking point. At the age of 16, she had a stomach stapling procedure, but after five years her growing size blew through the staples.

Regular viewers of “My 600 Lb. Life” know that each patient is told that the surgery is not a magic cure. It doesn’t change cravings and a lifetime of habits. Many patients have suffered childhood trauma of the physical/sexual kind or abandonment. While the early seasons of the show, with episodes in a one-hour format, rarely featured trips to a therapist, it is a regular stop on the recovery train now. Some patients resent it, while others find it helpful.

Erica’s story includes a verbally abusive and critical father who forced her to have the surgery. She also went into a tailspin, putting on the final 200 lbs. after her mother died. Erica’s size prevented her from getting close enough to mom’s hospital bed to bid her a proper goodbye.

Will she be a compliant patient for Dr. Nowzaradan? That’s always the question, and if she took the trip to Texas alone, will he treat her without some support at an apartment nearby? Stay tuned…


After initial refusals to help her, Erica’s sister and brother came through with some assistance at the most crucial times. Her niece Jesse was the only one kind enough not to berate her, but then again, she did enable her by doing her aunt’s grocery shopping. There was a lot of love between the two, without the 40+ years of sibling-hood.

Was it unrealistic to ask either sibling to leave their lives and livelihoods for six months to stay in Houston with her? Yes, these weren’t folks with lots of spare cash and the ability to interrupt a job that would be waiting for them when they return. They had families to support, rent or mortgages to pay, etc.

That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have been kinder at some point, particularly after the flight to Houston and the check-in at the hotel room. Look, was Erica ornery and whiny? Yes, she was and we don’t have the kind of history with her, watching their sister get to the point where she’d be dead soon without drastic intervention. That makes it difficult to predict our level of tolerance. It’s family stuff and it can get nasty.

To be fair, as well, her siblings were probably in the dark about her teen years and the gang rape, and had no way of understanding how some people can cope, and others can’t. A big moment for Erica was when she admitted her abject fear of the process, including the operation, and what it would take for her to go it alone.

You have to admit that her time in Houston without her siblings was brutal. She had a nursing assistant to help with the most difficult of chores, including providing food, but that loneliness just plays into doubts and old habits. It took Erica months to get to the point where she understood that denial of her favorite things was her only path to health, but she got there.

The damage to her stomach from her procedure and resulting undoing of the stomach stapling was extensive and Dr. Now was lucky enough to be able to get through the scar tissue and the staples left in her body. Think about that for a moment. Difficult to imagine what kind of havoc that created in her body, not even mentioning the pain. Nonetheless, Dr. Now gave her a chance at life and she ultimately took it,

For someone who barely begin to lose anything for months after her initial visit, the fact that Erica was almost 200 lbs. lighter in one year was nothing short of a miracle. Here’s hoping she keeps it up and finds some peace in her lie.

“My 600 Lb. Life” airs new two-hour episodes Wednesday nights beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT.   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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60 thoughts on “‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Erica’s Story: Family’s Disgust Forces Her To Travel Alone (VIDEO)

  1. Erica I’m watching your story and crying I really wish there was something I could do to help you. Just know that I am praying for your success.

  2. Hi Erica,

    I hope you listen to the nutritionist and journal. I really like your narration and feel you’d be a very good writer. Very truthful and observant. I only hope the best for you.

  3. I’m so sorry you have to go through this alone and your sister nor brother does not support you. Family is suppose to have your back no matter what and the way she talks and looks at you is very hurtful. Good luck Erica you deserve the best God bless you

    • I wish the best for Erica. But anyone who has a family member that is always looking for the easy route. The quick fix. The “loose 500lbs, washboard abs, do it by sitting around and eating sweets all day” pill. Kid gloves come off. I’m sure her sister treated her quite differently 5-6 years ago. The same way the weight did not happen overnight is the same way her siblings lack of empathy towards her did not happen overnight.
      The brother in law however, was out of line. And the sister was wrong for allowing him to speak to her family that way.

      • thats not any excuse for her sister and brother to treat her like they got no problems of their own,her sister needs to find herself a damn weight loss doc as well,i have never seen a bigger,more cold hearted bitch as her sister,she isnt shit neither,and this whole damn reply is what happens when morons are given a damn place to comment!!!!!!! her sister and brother can frankly split hell wide open,but i would tell them all to kiss my happy ass if i was erica and tell them to stay gone!!!!!!

  4. I cannot believe how cold and holier than thou your sister and brother-in-law are. So mean and cruel. Just remember that we reap is what we sow. One day these people will face a difficult situation and find themselves all alone, needing compassion and find none.

  5. I hope you are doing well I have to say I wanted to climb into my tv and punch your snooty mass sister in her mouth and rearrange her attitude your doing great keep up the good work I’m so proud of you

  6. I wish Erica well, but her selfishness and lack of ownership of any of her own actions is frustrating to watch. She wants her brother to move from his entire life for a minimum of 6 months on the hope that she’ll finally get serious about Dr. Now’s orders? This after mocking the nutritionist and vowing to replace all the tossed-out food with more bad food options? Selfish, denial, entitled. I am not crying for her – my jaw is still clenched. Hope she makes it. But more than that, I hope she eventually “gets” it.

    • You are a cold unfeeling bitch. Her food addiction is a disease. Look it up you horrible human being. Maybe even a person like you will get it.

      • This was a difficult episode to watch. I could never really tell who to root for. Erica asking her brother to uproot his life for 6 months was a really huge favor. He was of course entirely in his rights to refuse. I would have to refuse if I were in his position too. But he could have said it much more delicately. His aggressive and sarcastic response raised the temperature of that whole conversation needlessly.

        Erica’s sister was mean too. But it seemed less like aimless cruelty and more like utter frustration that she couldn’t or wouldn’t even try to hold back. She had no patience.

        But then in that regard, Erica was no better. Prime example: her interaction with the nutritionist. The nutritionist was what all her family should have been: patient and supportive while giving sound advice. But Erica was rude to her too.

        I wish Erica the best. I hope she loses weight and gets her life back on track. But I strongly doubt she will. In every weight loss attempt (not just for the super obese on this show) you hit walls and it gets harder, but you have to be dedicated enough to power through that. Erica doesn’t seem like she has the capability. She might get down to the 400s but she’s probably gonna give up after that.

      • I DO get it. But I wouldn’t allow her to bully or guilt me into letting her get her way. Dr. Now said it … non-compliant. No sincere willingness to change. I’m glad her family didn’t cave. She is clearly a taker with no regard for their needs or their right to help her without sacrificing everything. She manipulated you, too. I was happy to see progress and wish her the best. But it isn’t all about her because some bad things happened to her.

        • This was a reply to Christina for her rabid attack lol. It didn’t post to the right place in the thread, sorry. Hopefully this one will show where I meant for it to.

    • i suppose she probably thinks the same way about you PATRICE!! she may have been able to handle her doing this to herself had she had FAMILY that said something more than (bitch bitch bitch) karma will handle the bro and sis and their “holier than thou” attitudes,i would have sent her stupid sister down the road years ago,right after i finished busting her fat lip,to hell with you

    • I suppose it didn’t help that she asked her brother to leave his family and living for 6 months while she literally had her mouth full of food. They’d seen her fail so many times before, so I understood the frustration and doubt. Her sister WAS mean, and probably should have had someone else go to help her with the move, rather than even participate in the show.

      She said “Erica is mentally ill”, so I wonder if there was way more behind this story than they told us in the show. I was glad to see her making progress, but her life was sad. I hope she manages to get back out there and make some friends, join a support group..something to widen her circle.

  7. I am sorry that you are going through this….your sister is very unkind and rude to you….I hope you can do this without her help

  8. I think after weight loss, her family and her should sit down and address all the toxicity in the family. Her sister took after her father, and her brother took after her mum. If you don’t wanna help someone, then don’t! Don’t offer to help only to leave someone halfway miss Sister!! I think Erica used to be mum’s favorite, and miss Sister resents her for that, although I think mum may have enabled Erica’s disordered eating by feeling sorry for her and enabling her eating. Well Dr. Nowzaradan doesn’t do coddling!

  9. Erica, I am watching your story and I am so proud of you and your willingness to share your sorrows and journey. My heart hurts for you because you are trying soo hard to make major improvements and you are being mistreated and judged the entire time by your family (excluding your niece). I wish I could be there to help you through this! I have few words to describe your sister “Cold, Heartless B***h”. She still does not comprehend that you are in need of compassion and a shoulder to lean on. I wish you the best of luck on this lifestyle change and will be sending prayers from Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

  10. I am watching this episode as I write this…I am absolutely DISGUSTED by how her family treats her! The names, being nasty and just down right vile infuriates me! I feel her pain because I went through some similar things with my family…my nickname at one point was “Freight Train”… is not helpful in someone’s journey to making a change! I went from 315lbs to my smallest at 147lbs….if I can do it you can to sweetheart, to be successful you have to have love and faith in yourself first! You can do this, when you are successful you can show all those nay sayers exactly what you are made of and show them just how wrong they are! Good luck beautiful, I wish I could be there to cheer you on the way you deserve…you got this

  11. I am appalled at how Erica’s sister treats her. Erica may have gotten herself to the weight she is at, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to treat another human being the way her sister treats her. I could never imagine treating anyone, let alone my sister, the way that she does. She is a horrible, hateful person!!!

  12. Erica, thanks for sharing your life. I had to look up online to see if others were as disgusted with your sister (& BIL?) as I am. Her sarcasm and snide comments to you are MEAN and condescending. You need someone who is supportive and positive by your side! Use your therapist! Work through the emotions, you deserve a great life. Stick with it … keep going, you showed up your doing great! Remember you a not a victim but in the drivers seat and the surgery is not a magic bullet, you still have to do the work. Hold yourself accountable, learn and do what the Dr. tells you to, and nothing will stop you from your new life.

  13. Ericka please tell me that your siblings know about what happened to you when you were 16? Because if they are treating you this horrific and they are privy then Hell is gonna be a hot place for them! A human being who is literally so effing deficient of empathy and compassion makes me sick to my stomach. You need support so so badly. Please know I an supporting you from afar. You can do this! You got this! Don’t let that wench of a sister affect you and keep seeing your therapist. (((((Hugs)))))

  14. Self esteem, depression, and abuse seemed to have gotten her to this point. Continued abuse by her family members will sabotage her chances for success. She needs to separate from them. Reach out to a church, find a community group with similar interests, social services, there’s got to be better options than her current family dynamic. I don’t know how much of this is ‘created’ for TV ratings, but it is odd that therapy was not prescribed from the beginning. Even the nutritionist was not supportive in her approach. Best of luck.

  15. Why is everyone blaming Ericas brother? He’s supposed to quit his job & go take care of a sister that makes snarky remarks about the neutritionist & that she will just buy more food. She is using emotional blackmail. I wish her well but fear she will never accomplish her goal until she stops blaming everyone else for what only she can control?

  16. Erica, I pray that you find some peace. I can barely contain myself regarding your awful condescending hideous bitch sister. You do not deserve to be abused for your illness. You do not deserve to be tortured by everyone in addition to being tortured by yourself. I want to hug you and let you know people out there are not all like those evil people who you have been beating you down. May I suggest an online support group? Bariatric Pal has a lot of people who are full of information and care about each other. Good luck!!!

  17. Erica I wish you luck on your weight loss. I wish you had more family support. It really upsets me the way your sister treats you.

  18. Erica- sister brother in law are total jerks! They need to not be near sad no suport from her family. Every negative chance molly does it. Molly can lose some weight herself. Best wishes for erica!

  19. I am so sorry for how your evil, witchy sister treats you! She’s FAT herself. Who is she to judge you?! You’re brother could be nicer also. I’m so sorry for you. I am an emotional eater also. I’m 100 lbs over what I should weigh. I’m cheering for you! Please, kick your sister to the curb and go out there and get you a brand new life. Hugs and prayers.

  20. Her family is being HONEST…they are NOT ASSHOLES or “mean” they expect MORE from Erica and are OBVIOUSLY SICK AND TIRED of taking care of her…I mean good god I get that horrible things happen and everyone deals with it differently some end up repeating the very thing that hurt them, others drink and or do copious amounts of drugs…and what I’d the one thing that happens when it gets out of control…..the family and friends CUT THEM OFF UNLESS THEY GET HELP….are those family members being “MEAN”?? NO they are not!! And this woman (Erica) is unbelievable…seriously…I think the main problem with her is her low IQ alone with her lack of responsibility…HOW THE HELL DOES SHE PAY FOR ANY OF THIS….WHO THE HELL HAS BEEN PAYING ALL HER BILLS AND BUYING HER WHEEL BARROW FULLS OF FRICKIN MCDONALDS????? THERE ARE MILITARY VETS, ELDERLY PPL, CHILDREN AND SO MANY OTHER PPL ON THIS PLANET THAT DESERVE THAT KIND OF FINANCIAL HELP AND GET NOTHING!! ERICA HAD SOME SHIT HAPPEN AND THAT’S A SHAME BUT SHE DID THIS TO HERSELF…HOW THE HELL WAS SHE ABLE TO JUST LAY THERE STUFFING FOOD IN HER FACE UNTIL SHE BECAME WHAT SHE IS?? *MAKES ME EMBARRASSED AND SICK TO MY STOMACH TO THINK ABOUT SOMEONE FROM A POVERTY STRICKEN THIRD WORLD COUNTRY SEEING THIS SHOW!! IT’S DISGUSTING THAT THERE ARE PPL STARVING AND IN THIS COUNTRY NOT ONLY ARE THERE PPL THIS RIDICULOUS BUT WE EVEN MAKE A GOD DAMN SHOW ABOUT IT…AND THE WORST IF ALL IS THE PPL WHO FEEL SORRY FOR THIS WOMAN…..WOW!!* I’ll end this with saying even the dang bible says GLUTTONY is a DEADLY SIN!! 😂 🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • Well said! I totally agree! At some point a person has to take responsibility for their own actions and quit whining and wanting people to feel sorry for you. I mean she whined after the nutritionist threw out the food she liked. That person did that to ultimately help her and she didn’t see it for what it was. People like Erika don’t really get a whole lot of sympathy from me that’s for sure. It’s like with any addict, family has to do the Tough Love thing at some point and quit enabling. The niece was an enabler by buying all the junk Erika wanted. Shit happens in life. When I was 16 years old my boyfriend forced me to perform oral sex on a guy he knew and also when I was younger (forget what age) I was gang raped as well. You can’t let or allow past hurts to define your future but a person has to have high enough self-esteem to want that. She should’ve taken a hard look in the mirror a long time ago and loved herself enough to put her foot down and stop her eating behavior.

      • I couldn’t agree with you & Brigitte enough !! Erica was the first person on this show that I had absolutely zero compassion & sympathy for. Nobody knows the family history, but I have a feeling there’s a reason why Molly treated her so badly. And did anyone here who is going on & on about how much they feel sorry for her remember Dr. Now telling her she has an absolutely lack of personal responsibility & Molly said “Ding, Ding, Ding” like he hit the nail right on the head. He said the first time he met her that she was motivated by the thought of change but didn’t want to do the work. That was clear from the very beginning when they told her the kind of foods she’d have to eat from now on, she was rude, sarcastic & surly whenever anyone told her she wouldn’t be allowed to binge on her favorite foods anymore. Also, did anyone catch her saying, right before her niece Jessie went to the store for her, that she was the only person who helped her & that she had to rely on what she brought her back for the rest of the week. Then when Jessie came back & was putting the food away Erica said she had enough food “to feed a family of four for three months”. The people commenting here seemed to have missed these crucial scenes . Personally, I think she had no right at all to expect her siblings to leave their jobs (who knows if they would have lost them) to uproot their lives (both of them clearly had children) & come to Houston to hold her hand for six month at the very least? I’m sorry, but her rude behavior, her monotone narration & sarcastic comments (to her brother, your boat, your sister’s life?) did not illicit one shred of sympathy from me.

        • she didnt expect them to do it for her,she should have had the right to be able to ASK for help from them and them tell her no in a completely different manner than what they did!! fuck a boat when it comes to a sisters life,geez please dont have kiddies or anything cuz if they turn out with a weight issue theyre onviously screwed if youre mom,,now what MOUTH???

          • Lynn,

            It wasn’t that her brother cared about his boat as some kind of toy he had, he makes his living with the boat. It’s because the boat feeds and clothes his family that he reacted by saying no, it wasn’t possible.

            Just wanted to throw that out there in case you were thinking he ditched his sister to go water skiing or something.

            = 0

    • dont be jealous briggette,dr. now might take you on to,and if the show disgusts you TURN THE GOD DAMN CHANNEL!! you watch it sitting and eating the fridge probably so your low IQ didnt get you shit neither doll, and bitching because you cant stand the amount of people supporting this woman,or any other person just goes to show that ignorance and being a dumbass will be a plague long after all of us are gone,kindness and love girl,you need to journal to,because obviously if youre sitting through clinched teeth in your home watching t.v. and all you can find to do is bitch on it and get that stirred up in emotion,,a journal is a better place to vent than to post horseshit like you did above,,IDIOT!!!!

  21. Erica, I am watching your show for the 2nd time. You defintely have my respect and love. God loves us unconditionally, he expects the same out of all of us! So you also have my prayers. I will say this, your sister is very mean, low on the personality level. She needs a mirror, SHE IS DEFINTELY IN THE OVERWEIGHT CATEGORY!! UNBELIEVABLE! KEEP talking to your counselor and be honest with her and yourself. Talk to God, he is ALWAYS there!! He loves you when no one else does!

  22. Erica, I am watching your show for the 2nd time. You defintely have my respect and love. God loves us unconditionally, he expects the same out of all of us! So you also have my prayers. I will say this, your sister is very mean, low on the personality level. She needs a mirror, SHE IS DEFINTELY IN THE OVERWEIGHT CATEGORY!! UNBELIEVABLE! KE
    EP talking to your counselor and be honest with her and yourself. Talk to God, he is ALWAYS there!! He loves you when no one else does!

  23. No matter what, you simply don’t treat anyone like that. But for the grace of God, there go I. Her entire family were some judgemental, impatient, sarcastic, heartless, cold jackasses!! The beauty of it all is that they won’t even see it coming, for you truly reap what you sew. Erica press on, wether you know it or not, you don’t need anyone’s approval to live, and realize YOU MATTER, even if those that are suppose to love you don’t seem to thin so. Also Erica, what happened to you was cruel, but they keep winning as long as you keep reliving the horrible past. Please give yourself permission to heal and move on. Please do not spend your life mourning something you CAN’T CHANGE!! God’s speed, God’s grace.

  24. First of all who let themselves get that big and who pays for all of that who pays for her shelter and her clothes and the abundance of food that she eats somebody has to be paying for that and it’s not fair to those who work their butts off for people like that because they can’t get up and work themselves that’s not fair at all on the other hand I feel terrible for her because her family support system is freaking ridiculous I’ve never met or a scene excuse me somebody treat their siblings as bad as her sister and her sister’s husband that was a freaking joke. her sister is a freaking bitch with no empathy. I feel terrible for Erica not having anybody except for her knees that’s halfway decent to her I would cut them out of her life she doesn’t need that hatred. I do understand that asking her brother and sister to uproot their lives to Texas to be with her was asking a lot nobody can do that but they could have been nicer about it. I hope the Erica gets the help that she needs psychologically and that she keeps losing weight and that she’s not calling and ordering food as soon as the nutritionist cleans out her fridge best luck to you Erica and may your sister and her husband rott in hell.

  25. So much hate for the family online! They are only doing what they were taught by the father (he deserves everyone’s wrath). Erica needs their support & demonizing them online is not helpful.

    They will see the program & see how evil it makes them look. If they have any brains, they’ll make changes.

    If not, they’re all pretty much doomed to unhappy lives because whether they are too ashamed to admit it or not, they ARE in this together with Erica & she DOES need them to succeed.

  26. I’m watching you tonight and I am so sorry for your family’s treatment of you. Reminds me of my own. All that emotional pain will still be there. Even after your weight is in check. I know this very well myself. Please know that there are caring people who are praying for you and I personally have a lot of respect for you.

  27. Erica…I just watched the show..I was so angry at that bitch Molly..I had to write to you…Molly is FAT…She is ugly inside and out…That said..You may be 600 PD’s .But u r still very beautiful and gentle..There is a hell for people like Molly…God bless u..

  28. Her family was hideous. If they can’t help her, fine, but the way they talked to her. They are a nest of meanies, except for the niece. This family is toxic.

  29. Erica’s sister is one of the most emotionally bankrupt, insensitive, cruel, and heartless people I have ever come across! She kept telling Erica, “You did this to yourself!” For the love of God, really! May she rot in hell and I hope that Erica has a successful. happy, healthy, life and throws that evil bitch of a sister to the curb. Shame on her.

  30. All I have to say…. Did anyone notice the creepy beard on Erica’s brother. Totally scuzzy and reminds me of…. Perhaps the stench of the beard attracts fish to it that he is trying to catch. Go Erica Go. I am praying for you. One day at a time.

  31. Oh my goodness. Erica’s sister Molly is disgusting. Even at 600 plus pounds, Erica is prettier than ugly Molly. Molly, look in the mirror. You too are fat. You are ugly because your personality is ugly. Can’t imagine having a sister like you. Do you think you look good? Do you think you look healthy?

  32. Erica, I’m so sorry you’re basically going through this alone. I’m really sorry your sister is such a mean person too, I cannot believe how asinine Molly is treating you. She is a disgusting human being! I hope you get through this and I’m still watching. I wish I could be some sort of support! <3 My heart goes out to you!

  33. OH. Im watching this now and I have to be honest. Yes, Im frustrated with Erica, however I understand her frustration and depression. Now….. Her sister. Girl, you better be glad Im NOT there. Id let you know Ive never in my life heard such nastiness out of a mouth towards a sibling, or anyone else. You are the meanest, most un-compassionate and nasty person, probably, in the history of ever. Yes, your sister is impossible to handle and frustrating. But your bitterness and the fact that EVERYTHING out of your mouth is mean, is unforgivable and unnecessary. You repulse me.

  34. You people need to get a grip. Erica is a lazy, self entitled, manipulative slob. She is obese because of shoveling food and sitting on her rear. Her sister and brother didn’t do it she did. I imagine her brother and sister were fed up with her whining and manipulation. What person can just leave their responsibilities to spend approximately a year with someone who wants to lose weight but wants them to do it for her. Both siblings had families to care for. She talked about eating the entire time. She’s so lazy it is ridiculous. Erica sister a always ready for someone else to do everything for her.
    She’s absolutely disgusting. Erica, Nicole, and James should live together.those three are just wasting space. Nicole should not even have those children. The entire family ranted, raved and screamed profanities constantly. How they are allowed to keep those children is beyond me. They are all worthless POSs.

  35. Erica is messed up in the head and a whiny selfish bitch, and Molly is a mean bitch. I wouldn’t give up my life either to help Erica if I was her family, she had surgery before and kept eating. She’s ridiculous to think everyone should drop their lives and cater to her because she can’t stop stuffing her face, BUT her sister could tell her that in a nicer way. What she said to her brother about it being his livelihood or her life was out of line and showed she didn’t care about his life or his family’s well being, just herself.

  36. So after watching the show, I can see that her family does love her, and yes what she was asking for was totally unreasonable for her family to just up and move their whole lives for her. It sounds like they way they talk to each other is actually out of love, but I’m sure her family is just completely feed up with her. I get a feeling she has always been a complainer and very needy. Her family is is just over it with her, she wants everything handed to her and if everything isn’t exactly how she wants it she then she demands people to give in the her or she yellls and throws a tantrum. People get tired of it no matter how much they love her.

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