Aubrey St. Angelo, Rodie Sanchez in "Killing Fields"

‘Killing Fields’ Recap: Exes Nail Tommy Francise, Arrest Warrant Ready

Update: recap of season 2 finale. It didn’t go down as expected with Francise

Hope came to the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office at the conclusion of the episode “Scene of the Crime”, when it presented more information to the District Attorney about Tommy Francise. After hard work and maximum effort, Rodie Sanchez, Ronnie Hebert, Aubrey St. Angelo and the rest of the team, had two people on the record willing to step up and help nail Tommy.

Both of the women previously interviewed about the death of Cochise, Melina and Arlene, who lived with Francise back in the day, somehow had more pertinent information to share. Melina resisted coming in again, but Ronnie Hebert put the fear of God in her if she didn’t. Arlene was willing to sit down for questions again.

This time the detectives wanted statements about what they knew or heard from Tommy about the death of George Barrett. They struck gold when both women said that Francise admitted the killing to them. Melina actually picked up Tommy the night of the murder from the Lion’s Club in town and heard him describe, in detail, how he did it.

Specific details that only the murderer would know, like the fact that he unscrewed the light bulb in the bedroom light fixture before he shot Barrett, were important. Arlene also heard from Tommy’s own mouth that he pulled the trigger on Barrett. She went one step further and provided the most important statement to date. She heard Francise say that George Barrett helped him dispose of Cochise’s body in that barrel.

Bingo! The DA had enough to issue a warrant for Tommy’s arrest. Here’s a question for you. Why didn’t he kill either or both of these women? Did he really believe he could threaten them enough to silence them for that many years? Stay tuned, because next week they corner Francise with guns drawn.

“Killing Fields” airs new episodes on Discovery, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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