Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor on "The Royals"

‘The Royals’ Preview: Does Boone Have Dirt On Robert, As Jasper Returns?

Update: Season Finale shocker. Top 5 list of Robert’s transgressions. 

It’s time for the Privy Council on the next episode of “The Royals” and the two sides of the royal family are about to make their case for who should be the British monarch. You’ve got King Cyrus on one side, with the blackmailed Mr. Westcott for help. On the other side is the rest of the royal family, that doesn’t have an ally like Westcott behind it. Don’t count out Helena, who never ceases to amaze with sleight of hand maneuvers.

Let’s face it, she was the one who came up with the story of the twins’ illegitimacy, taking the throne from her younger son Liam. She was willing to take heat from the public for having borne children not fathered by King Simon. Fans of “The Royals” know she’s capable of anything, and although she’s been more kind to Liam and Eleanor, as well as Cyrus, there’s that wild streak in her.

Since Robert’s return, he has shown himself to be as politically savvy as his mother, sometimes with a cruel streak. He too has softened a bit, but it’s difficult to trust. When are we ever going to get the truth about his time on that island? He lied in his first speech to the public, about getting the attention of the first vessel he spied from his island home. With the reemergence of Boone, the man who shot down Robert’s plane, we’re sure to discover what else he’s hiding. He admitted there’s more.

Speaking of Boone, he’s the key, or at least Jasper thinks he is, to making his way back to Princess Eleanor’s bed. They come face to face in this week’s show, and Eleanor doesn’t spare his feelings. The princess has been able to show more vulnerability this season, admitting her sadness and loneliness and when they meet she doesn’t try to feign disinterest or deny her pain.

Again, we ask why Jasper couldn’t have gone to Mr. Hill about the journalist’s threats, thereby avoiding hurting the princess; why the lone wolf act? His fix for all this was to give the writer an alternative scoop to keep her from exposing Eleanor and Jasper’s love affair. Mr. Hill could have assisted in tracking down Boone, making Jasper’s actions reckless. Why would Eleanor trust him, yet again? Stay tuned…

“The Royals” airs on E! Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: E!, used with permission

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