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‘The Royals’ Season 3: Robert Finally Beds Kathryn, Oh Yes and Becomes King

Updated with recap of finale and Top Five list of Robert’s transgressions. Did he murder his own father?

“The Royals” gave us a great episode to prepare us for what should be a hellacious season finale. In “O, Farewell, Honest Soldier”, we waited until the stroke of midnight to learn if Robert or Cyrus would wear the crown. We also watched Queen Helena let go of another suitor, Liam throw a hissy fit in front of the Privy Council and Jasper fail in his attempt to regain the trust of Princess Eleanor.

It seemed as if Big Ben’s chimes weren’t going to make a sound when it turned midnight, which meant Cyrus retained the throne. We lived through that moment or two and bells rang out, fireworks were set loose and all knew that Robert had ousted his uncle in the quest for the crown. What did he do to celebrate? He went to Kathryn’s and bedded her. Any of us who hoped for a reconciliation between her and Liam can let go of that now. We all know that once Robert staked out his territory in a physical way, there would be no going back.

Liam’s time came to speak at the meeting of the Privy Council and despite his brother’s pleas to make the case against Cyrus, he chose to pass. Passive-aggressive much? Eleanor made the points expected from Liam, Helena explained that but for the tragic plane downing, Robert would be king right now; then Robert had his kingly moment. As Mr. Westcott told Cyrus when it was all over, “Today we saw a king”, when Robert spoke about England’s majesty and place in the world order.

Speaking of Westcott, he was brazen with Cyrus, who in his grief threatened to expose the MP for his behind-closed-doors nasty activities. He’s got nothing else to live for, and ignoring the pistol in his chambers, he threatened to upend the decision. Meanwhile, Helena was pleased and relieved, but it didn’t get her to chase after Mr. Parker. He invited her to his spread in Wyoming, and she considered it, but thought better of it. She would have had to miss the midnight Big Ben event. All of a sudden, she has a sense of duty and calm about her, as she said, all because Robert returned.

Jasper, as we have said for weeks now, learned the sad lesson about going out on his own to make things happen. Not only did Eleanor refuse to let him explain, she announced that she would be taking Prince Sebastian up on his offer. He’s opening a chain of boutique hotels and asked that she accompany him as his decorator-in-chief.  She wants to be “somebody”. Jasper reminded her she already is, you know, a member of the royal family, but Eleanor has had it with the lies and the disappointments.

We finally learned what the heck Jasper did to get the info on Boone to keep the article about his past out of the news. He took info from Mr. Hill’s computer without asking or considering that it would be a crime. Duh! Hill was accused, and faced down Jasper who took the heat and agreed to surrender himself to the security forces. But….he was saved by Robert, who offered Jasper not only a pardon, but a place on his own security detail, ripping him away from Liam. Why would he do that?

It might have something to do with the fact that Robert suspects Jasper’s got the goods on him, straight from Boone. After midnight, Liam went to Jasper and asked to hear it. The prince had refused to listen before the decision of the Privy Council, but now it was war between the brothers. As Robert told his little brother earlier that day, if you want power, you don’t want to be asked, or let fate decide it. You take power.

Expect a blockbuster of a finale next week on “The Royals”.

“The Royals” will air its season 3 finale, Sunday night February 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on E!   Image credit: E! used with permission

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