Rodie Sanchez and Aubrey St. Angelo on "Killing Fields"

‘Killing Fields’ Season 2 Recap: Tension-Filled Takedown of Tommy Francise, Finally!

Updated with season finale preview: Will catching Francise really change anything for Rodie? 

“Killing Fields” reached new heights in its latest episode “The Takedown”, providing viewers with a roller coaster ride of emotions right along with Rodie Sanchez, Aubrey St. Angelo and the Sheriff’s Office team. We got to watch the sausage being made, so to speak, on what it takes to get a warrant, locate and then wait to nab a suspect. It was real and may just make watching scripted cop shows less enjoyable.

The entire episode was slow-paced until the last few minutes when officers from both Texas and Louisiana surrounded Tommy Francise’s tractor-trailer, with him in the cab. As the old R&B song goes, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide any longer. Rodie Sanchez said it was the best moment he’s had in more than a couple of decades and we savored it right along with him.

In scenes of next week’s show, “Killing Fields” takes the Francise case forward with an arrest, Tommy in a prison jumpsuit, but still threatening everyone in sight. The DA’s office was able to obtain an arrest warrant, thanks to the painstaking work of St. Angelo and others to build the case point by point.

We knew that Aubrey St. Angelo was intense, but he demonstrated how controlled and calculating he can be despite the passion that fills him. We got to watch him convince the DA that there was a strong case against Tommy Francise. He was like a lawyer at a closing argument, with the jury being the DA.

With the ability to ping Francise’s phone they tracked him with GPS software as he went about his work as a truck driver. He was located in Texas and the team waited for hours until his route began to head back towards Louisiana. But it was not a smooth trip and the tension built.

Ronnie Hebert feared that someone might have tipped off Tommy, because he didn’t follow the typical pattern of a long-distance trucker. There were too many stops and for long periods of time, including on what looked like his trip back home. St. Angelo was sent to Texas to see if the phone had been left behind or if the truck with Tommy in it was truly at some stop along the road, no more than 90 minutes from home.

Not only was he there, he was sleeping in his cab. With help from local Texas authorities the truck was surrounded with police dogs, high-powered rifles and enough man power to make Tommy Francise realize there was no use in resisting arrest.

“Killing Fields” airs on Discovery Channel, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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3 thoughts on “‘Killing Fields’ Season 2 Recap: Tension-Filled Takedown of Tommy Francise, Finally!

  1. Love this riveting show. I may have missed something but could the body in the barrel be George Barrett since DNA on the tooth was not Cochise?

  2. I am not sure , I believe that Georges’ body was never in question. However I think the holes drilled into the barrel, placement and type of barrel all match with Francise’s story way too much. Just because it isn’t Coshise doesn’t mean it is not another victim of Francise. Use that DNA test find out who it is and see if it is in fact another person with a connection to him. Whoever it is deserves justice, and the family deserves closure.

  3. I’m mesmerized. I have a new appreciation for detectives everywhere!
    I’d love to meet the people of this department “socially” one day. It would be an honor.

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