Kim Kimble still attends to her celeb clients on LA Hair

‘LA Hair’: Shady Gocha and Nadja a Team? SMH! (Preview Video)

“L.A. Hair” never ceases to amaze, when you think about all the projects Kim Kimble has going; now there’s her new success with the Kimble product line sold via HSN. Last week we watched her pitch the company, and the big news that she got the green light.

In the next episode, titled “McCray Cray Like Wo…”, the salon tug-of-war between Giorgio and Jay has Kim fed up to say the last. She’s given them two chances to make nice and apologize to each other as if they mean it. It’s hurting both of them at the salon, but if you ask us, Kim would pick Giorgio to stay if it came to a choice. She bumped Jay down to an assistant based on her work quality and Giorgio got chosen for the trip to HSN.

Meanwhile, Gocha is back creeping around. After a blessed week without a sighting, she’s back to convince Nadja to help. “L.A. Hair” is always juicy when Gocha is on the screen . She wants back in the Kim Kimble circle so much she’s been willing to embarrass herself to do it. Remember her gift of a wig at the champagne and wig bar opening? Yeah, that was ugly. But Gocha is nothing if not persistent and this week she and Nadja team up for something that can’t end well..can it?

Tiger’s been showing his talents off recently, winning last week’s wig contest judged by Jonathan Antin and Kim. This week he’s throwing shade at McCray, to get picked for Kim’s styling session with recording artist Mya. Hey, it worked for Girgio, right? Stay tuned…

“L.A. Hair” airs on WE tv, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission¬†

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