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‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’ Recap: Can Abby Trust Coach Mike Brady To Get Divorced?

“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” reached the penultimate episode of season 3 and delivered closure to only one of the ladies we follow weekly. In “Rule No. 218: There’s No Crying in Baseball”, Delia got an apology from Albert, as well as an end to their professional war in the same office. The rest of the girlfriends were either left in limbo or digging themselves further into trouble. If some or all of that gets wrapped up in the season finale, it’s going to be one heck of a busy episode. And, why is it only a seven-episode season?

Delia was able to wrap up her narcissistic celeb’s divorce, racking up huge fees and pleasing the client. Albert appreciated that, and let her know that the personal war he fought with her at the office was done. Albert wasn’t done eating crow, however; he revealed that he and his wife were divorcing and that he’d learned a lesson or two from it all. His apology was specific and on point, which is nice for a change. Delia heaved a sigh of relief and realized that it was time to turn the page. What is on the next page for Delia?

“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” has a nasty habit of pulling stories out of rotation despite them being cliffhangers. We didn’t see Frumpkis at all, which means there were no scenes of him recovering. We barely got a mention of the situation which looked dire when the previous episode ended. What we did get from Jo was some self-reflection, once again provided by her teen daughter Zooey. The girl was bullying Abby’s daughter Lilly over a boy who didn’t choose her, which was way out of character.

It turns out that she took her mother’s idea of standing up for herself to greater lengths than she should, then pointed the finger at Jo for teaching her the way to be. She called out her mom for her techniques of dealing with things, which are typically over-the-top and scorched earth, even if she herself wasn’t left standing at the end. Zooey is in full anxiety mode over never being good enough, both at school and with boys. Will Jo devote herself to calming the waters or is she completely incapable of that?

Barbara got a rude awakening when She/She pulled pay raise due to belt tightening at the corporate level. The magazine’s parent company is under siege and cost cutting was necessary. Barbara pretty much spent the raise on her new kitchen stove. Here’s hoping we get to Malcolm-Jamal Warner again to have a discussion about all that. Barbara didn’t hold back her anger with her boss at the magazine and walked the heck out. Not only had not fought for her income to remain the same, he took credit for her great idea to maximize profit from their website, when the idea was presented to management. Anyone else think she’ll be called back when the corporate officers learn she’s gone? They loved, loved, loved her idea and were ready to roll it out across all their content properties.

Phoebe showed a side of herself to JD that made him uncomfortable, and probably a bit insecure about why she was sticking with him. Her sucking up to Gemma hit new heights and after she insulted JD’s new painting, anticipating that Gemma wouldn’t like it, she was forced to change her tune. Gemma loved it and contrary to Phoebe’s claims to JD, he shouldn’t stick to his signature style. JD asked for her to give him an opinion as his wife, not as someone looking to make a buck off Gemma. Phoebe was incapable of it, calling him “naive”. JD left Phoebe standing alone as he went up to bed, having expressed his dislike for the way this was all going. He changed his mind the next morning getting with the program that all things related to Gemma are good for their careers. All of sudden, Phoebe felt the ground shift and wondered if her innocent and sweet husband was changing. Ya’ think?

Abby McCarthy went from bedding the coach to freezing him out, to getting ready to bed him again. She was shamed into calling a halt to the romance when she learned from a fellow baseball mom that Mike Brady was still residing in the same home as his wife as they went through their divorce. Then to add insult to injury, the wife showed up for the final game of the season and Abby dithered her way through conversation, before realizing that she had more in common with her than just sharing a bed with Mike. For a moment, and they are rare these days, she put herself in someone else’s position and recalled that she was the divorce “expert”. Her marriage dissolution was a nightmare and she saw that all in Brady’s soon-to-be ex.

She stood firm with Mike, who explained why he didn’t rush to tell Abby about the living arrangement. He frankly didn’t know if it was strictly a booty call thing or more. As the episode ended Mike told her he got his own place and the two mended fences. He had been stunned at the way she shut him out after learning the truth. She was uncharacteristically harsh, at least for his taste. As the final scene came to a close, they made plans to pick up where they left off. Are we to assume Mike will really go through with the divorce? Why does it feel like less than a slam dunk?

“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” will air its season finale, Wednesday night February 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT ┬áImage credit: Bravo TV, used with permission

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