Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor, Max Brown as King Robert and Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena in "The Royals" season 3 finale

‘The Royals’ Season 3 Finale: King Robert May Have Killed His Own Father

“The Royals” ended season 3 with a monster of a finale that tied up loose ends as if it were the final scene in The Godfather. The only thing that was missing was a revelation that King Robert had a hand in killing his own father. Too soon to speculate? Nah, it’s never too soon on “The Royals”, because the show revels in that sort of thing.

The coronation was a bore, except for Queen Helena’s strapless white gown with cups overflowing. Cyrus and Liam chose to sit it out, then looked like they were ready to conspire against Robert, except that Cyrus pointed a gun at Liam as his chamber door closed. Come on, Liam is going nowhere, because let’s face it, he’s got to pick up the pieces over at Kathryn’s house.

King Robert proved to be the master manipulator Liam feared and warned about. Since Robert returned, we’ve been pointing out the failure to bring up his reluctance to get off that island, and Liam took care of that. That’s the least of it. So let’s get to his Top Five Moments (listed in reverse order on the finale and what they might mean for season four.

#5 Timing of his return

Unfortunately for Liam, there’s no way to prove Robert stayed put until the time was right, ignoring rescue assistance. Big brother explained that by referencing storms that interfered. That means the new king is suspected of returning just as Liam was about to score it all: the crown and Kathryn. It could also give him cover for having any part in King Simon’s murder.

#4 Firing The Lord Chamberlain

This was bound to happen when Robert walked in on his mum and Spencer embracing after the news of Jack Parker’s death. His mother is peeved, but does Spencer mean that much to her? Perhaps it’s just a power struggle kind of thing between mother and son. We’ve seen Robert’s disdain for his family’s choice of romantic partners. See below.

#3 Setting up Jasper

While stealing Eleanor’s love letter was a dastardly deed, it is not the reason for her breakup with Jasper. He brought that on himself when he chose to go it alone to prevent a scandalous story from hurting the princess. But, there would have been no story were it not for Robert colluding with Jasper’s dad to contact the journalist in the first place.

#2 Revenge on Kathryn

Not only did he call her a whore, he twisted the knife by telling her that she was the ONE, until he saw the kiss with Liam. He romanced and bedded her nonetheless. It’s vile but efficient since it hurts both his brother and Kathryn. Could Liam ever consider her a romantic interest after she chose Robert over him? The side story to this is his decision to put Willow, formal name Wilhemina, at the top of the marriage prospects list. You know she has or had a thing for Liam, putting that brother vs. brother in motion again. Did you notice she was out there on that balcony with a crown on her head as the family, sans Liam and Cyrus, walked out?

#1 Hatred of his father

Okay, here’s where the story will pick up next season and it should be a juicy one. We finally learned why Simon began the push to abolish the monarchy in the first place. He saw his son Robert for who he was, someone who while smart had no heart. His exact words were,

“Your hubris, Robert. It will be your downfall one day. It’s not your fault. You’ve done nothing wrong; it’s just who you are. As much as I love you, and I do love you my son, you will never make a great king.”

Yes, he has hubris in bunches and it was on full display as he manipulated the situations described in #1-4 above. Could he have conspired with Ted Pryce to murder his own father? His mother certainly manipulates with the best of them, and of course so does Cyrus. Who will bring him down, if that’s at all possible?

There’s one other nagging thing in this situation and that is the role of Ted Pryce. Who gave the orders to shoot down the plane? While we’ve been told it was Pryce, could he have known about King Simon’s decision to shut out his son Robert from the throne. We met the family when they got the news about Robert. Since Pryce decided to assassinate Simon, did he already know that Robert was alive? It’s gonna’ be juicy, but the only problem is we have to wait months and months for it to return.

“The Royals” ¬†aired its season 3 finale on E! Sunday night February 19. Image/video credits: E!, used with permission¬†

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1 thought on “‘The Royals’ Season 3 Finale: King Robert May Have Killed His Own Father

  1. I absolutely love this show. It is terribly underrated and could really gain new attention with better marketing. E should capitalize on the amount of time it takes to show season 4- by having a couple weekend binges of all 3 seasons.
    This show is 100% about Jaspenor. Without them- I do not know if they would have survived.
    I hate that it take 8 months for the show to come back.
    I troll Tom Austen on social media- I find him odd in real life. Very little out there about him personally. Its like he is hiding who he is from the World. No romance history online …. he is Kinda like Jasper…

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