Randy Fenoli of Kleinfeld's, on "Say Yes to the Dress" introducing the March MadDress choices

‘Say Yes to the Dress’ New Season: Dolphin Maid of Honor Sends Randy Into Orbit (PREVIEW)

Kleinfeld in New York City, home to “Say Yes to the Dress” has seen it all, at least that’s what Randy Fenoli thought. The show has a new season on TLC as well as a new night, Saturdays at 8 p.m.

This week the show welcomes plenty of brides-to-be, including Grammy-nominated rocker Elle King. But it’s bride Lisa that shocks Randy to the point of being speechless. Well, at least for a moment or two, which is rare. Check out the sneak peek below to get the full story. Hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

We’ve seen lots of celeb brides waltz into Kleinfeld on “Say Yes to the Dress”, and each has her own style. If you’ve followed Elle King’s career and her red carpet moments, you know she turns it up for her walk-through at awards shows. Even she feared she wouldn’t be able to fall in love with something that would top them.

We get a different perspective on Ms. King after hearing the romantic way she met and fell in love with her husband Fergie. She wasn’t even close to having a special someone, until her final day in London on a tour. In the lobby of her hotel they met and 12 days later he quit his job to come to America.

Elle’s dress consultant is Shay, who entered the show last season. It wasn’t the easiest of transitions for him and Randy. How does this get solved? Stay tuned for that as well as the annual MarchMadDress bracket challenge. Vote for your favorites each week in March on the show’s Facebook page.

“Say Yes to the Dress” airs new episodes Saturday nights on TLC beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT

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4 thoughts on “‘Say Yes to the Dress’ New Season: Dolphin Maid of Honor Sends Randy Into Orbit (PREVIEW)

  1. The new male consultants don’t do it for me. Where are the old timers? And the prices? And the NY version is lackluster, what language is that, anyway?

  2. I do not care for the new guy on the show. If he is so good with fashion then why doesn’t he know to either buy a bigger jacket or unbotton the one he has? Looked awful. Poor guy.

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