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TGIT Tonight: ‘Grey’s’ is Back So Are ‘Scandal’ and ‘The Catch’ (SNEAK PEEK)

It’s TGIT once again tonight on ABC and Shonda Rhimes is in session! While we know that HTGAWM is gone for the season, a strong contender is returning. Beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT, turn off the phone and check out “Grey’s Anatomy”, then “Scandal” followed by the season premiere of “The Catch”.

It’s been a little hit-and-miss in the last few weeks as far as which of the Shondaland shows would be airing, but we’re good for the rest of this season. Tonight on Greys, guess who comes back to work? Yes, it’s the surrender, sort of, by Meredith Grey who ends her time at home after Bailey lifted the suspension. Not that they see eye-to-eye on what’s occurred with Dr. Weber’s demotion, but some middle ground was reached.

What’s Mer interested in? Dr. Riggs. Who does she deny she’s interested in? Dr. Riggs. Check out the preview clip below of besties Alex and Mer discussing it. Well, not so much discuss as jab at each other. Who still thinks that the couple-that-isn’t should just come clean to Maggie and see how that goes?

“Scandal” resets after Cyrus Beene’s release from prison. It’s all a bit of a muddle thus far in the season, but tonight we’re back to exploring Jake and Vanessa’s relationship, or lack of one. There’s a big reveal about Sen. Vargas’s assassination too. Wait, didn’t we learn that Tom the former Secret Service agent went all in on that for love of Cyrus?

Moving to the final leg of TGIT evening, it’s back to work for “The Catch”. Is it possible for the show to recreate the very hot, smoking stuff from the inaugural season of the show? From the video clip posted below it looks like they’re trying very hard.

Get the red wine and popcorn and enjoy!

Image/video credit: ABC, used with permission


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