James K on "My 600 Lb. Life"

Outrage After James K Story on ‘My 600 Lb. Life’, Dr. Now Went Nuts!

Update: Story of  Tracey, legs like James, but that weigh more than rest of her

Some fans of “My 600 Lb. Life” are calling out the show for not providing an ending to the story of James K that they could understand. Perhaps TLC wants to hype a follow-up episode, but the lack of closure after two hours of maddening behavior by the patient and his girlfriend Lisa rubbed people the wrong way.

This man took all that anyone offered, and gave back nothing. He took his own daughter out of school to make her the co-enabler with Lisa. Bayley, the daughter was the only one on camera who tried to tell the truth and looked depressed that her parents wouldn’t listen. For that alone you had to dislike James. There were plenty of other reasons, like listening to him vow to live and comply with whatever the doctor ordered, then refuse to do it. He didn’t fail, he sabotaged himself, along with Lisa’s assistance.

He got every break, like Dr. Now agreeing to video chat with him rather than make the trip to Houston. It was a first for “My 600 Lb. Life”. Without an expensive ambulance ride with medical professionals at his side, he wouldn’t survive. No fundraising effort proved successful, despite a local news story on James’ plight. When your own community won’t help, it should wake you up, but it never did because James got yet another break.

His dad, who had a mini-stroke in front of his son’s bed, refinanced his home so that his son could get to Houston. When he got there he didn’t make the most of his chances to survive or get better. Lisa went along, and seemed like she was under his spell. As Dr. Now pointed out, how could she fear him when he couldn’t move anything but his upper body? James came off as a guy who talked the talk, but couldn’t back it up with action. Lisa would cave anytime he insisted and sometimes without that.

If James was given one iota of a chance to cheat and overeat he took it. He justified it like all the other patients do, but we’ve never seen someone this size and with a body so grotesque that you had to look away when his legs were on camera. Speaking of that, did we really need to see his entire lower body, with only a blurring of a camera shot to hide his genitals? It makes you wonder if the production crew wanted James to look as ghastly as possible.

We have never seen Dr. Nowzaradan scream and try to shame a patient as he did with James and Lisa. Despite calling them liars on multiple occasions, they never fought back, other than to protest that they had followed the diet plan most of the time. Instead, the couple looked dumbfounded that James, who blew up to almost 850 lbs. while under a doctor’s care, could gain rather than lose.

How about that Chinese food run Lisa made when James whined about not wanting fish again? Weary of chicken and fish, which presumably he ate in larger quantities than prescribed, he begged for Chinese food and sure enough, Lisa complied.

By that time the couple had more bad luck befall them. Their only car was impounded and they didn’t have the resources to get it released for weeks. According to Lisa, there were no healthy food choices sold at places near enough to the apartment in Houston for her to make the trip by foot. This was also after the first of many loud and emotional verbal beat-downs by Dr. Now.

The very difficult to watch episode of “My 600 Lb. Life” ended with James still promising the camera crew that he would be able to buckle down, exercise and eat right. That was after the only glimmer of hope and triumph in the episode, when it took three people to get James into a sitting position. Over his screams of fear and pain he got there, then felt proud of himself because it had been three years since he wasn’t flat on his back in a bed.

James K had a miserable and sad childhood. He never really knew his alcoholic mother, and then felt shunted aside by living with his grandmother. Once his father remarried he felt marginalized because he had so many step-siblings. His solace was food and he was like other patients on “My 600 Lb. Life”. Other than that he was one of a kind. The only comparison is the case of Penny, except even she managed to work her own program and lose some weight, despite being obnoxious to all around her.

Tell us your thoughts about James and Lisa, including your speculation about how he is now.

Image credit: TLC, used with permission.




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111 thoughts on “Outrage After James K Story on ‘My 600 Lb. Life’, Dr. Now Went Nuts!

  1. Perhaps he’s dead and not a drain on health care services any longer. Sorry if this sounds tough, but no sympathy whatsoever for him or his girlfriend. It’s his dad and daughter I feel sorry for.

    • I agree! Both of them need to be reported to CYS! Forcing their daughter to quit school to take care of him? Smh. So she’ll learn that being on welfare/disability is ok? Ridiculous! I literally wanted to go through the t.v. and punch Lisa in the face.

      • Couldn’t agree more! Both of you are so right. Who the hell takes a kid out of school to take care of an obese father? The one thing I will add is the whole episode is really all about his ADDICTION to food. He needs to be treated for addiction. He couldn’t even give a reason to why he does these things even when he knows he’s literally dying from it. Dr. Now should have immediately put him in therapy at the very least. He needed to get to the very source of his eating and deal with it head on. Therapy for them all! I hope I can find something positive about his recovery, I hope he didn’t die by his own hand.

    • You said it. But the screaming in pain was so over the top. Here is a man child who will never grow up nor accept any responsibility. Much like others that appear on the program but to the utmost degree. It is impossible to believe that a woman could actually have laid down with him in the past. Anyone else ever notice that all the enablers have their own weight issues?

  2. By the end of the show I had no sympathy for him at all. He acted like a spoiled baby throughout the entire show. His girlfriend seriously didn’t help. Here’s how it is- Don’t give in to him- what’s he going to do? Yell and scream and pitch a fit? Big deal, go for a walk and clear you head while he does his miserable thing. I too, feel for his daughter and father, not him, not the girlfriend. What a waste. And how gross was it to see his legs all the time? My god man, that’s enough to make someone want to change!

      • This man is a disgrace to humanity . I have no sympathy for him what so ever . I laughed when they were looking for donations to get him to Texas are you kidding he would not get a dime from me and I hope nobody else would give him a dime he is going to die in the bed . That poor daughter what she has to go through that is not a thing for a child to see she should walk away without any guilt and don’t look back . And please someone tell me what that girlfriend season something like that he is an animal .

  3. I believe Lisa may be financially dependent on James income. So she is stuck. This is her job, working for James. She eats what he eats. When he ate fish she and her daughter ate fish too.

    As for James, he needs to see a picture of himself. How can you gain 100lb and not know it.

  4. Finish the story already tell us what happened. James was unreal and he made every excuse in the book. Lisa I think is a victim she has no income and is stuck. but I would walk away when he demands food. he is bed ridden and cannot do a thing for him self. His Father and Daughter deserve better.

  5. I watch all the episodes and have never seen the doctor this mad. I don’t blame him. He gave James every chance. Heart failure didn’t even scare him. But what really upset me was his dad took out a mortgage to get him to Houston. He couldn’t even honor his father by trying. His girlfriend enables him and is now stuck in a bad situation. It is not easy for any of them that take this route and they have their backslides but I found myself having little sympathy for him.

  6. I was very disappointed in last nights episode with James. Why didn’t they keep him in the hospital longer until he lost enough weight. And James how dare he put his daughter and father through all of that. I wanted closure what happened to James ? He seemed delusional very sad, but TLC where is he now?

    • In Dr. Now’s experience, patients who can’t control their eating on their own even for a short while before surgery- won’t lose the weight after surgery. This guy had zero self control and his girlfriend was the worst enabler I have ever seen. I would not be surprised if he is dead now.

  7. This guy really really pissed me off- Is he dead yet? I hate saying that but what he did to his daughter- kept her out of school so she could wipe his a$$ and putting his father in debt so that they could transport his fat a$$ to Houston..Seeing his father having a stroke and still he shoved food into his sickening carcass..”My leg, My leg” as these men twisted their balls trying to lift him- I was wishing they would have dropped him..

  8. I never write in or comment to TV shows…TLC…after 2 hours…this ending was wrong.

    Not every story has a good ending. I was hoping James would avail himself of the help he was given. If congestive heart failure wasn’t enough…I can’t see it happening.
    I feel for Lisa. She is trapped. She needs a respite from James. He’s manipulated her long enough. I think the only way she will be free..sadly, is if James passes away.
    Dr Now…you rock! It was refreshing to hear you say what we have all been thinking…
    Bayley..stay strong and take care of your health & happiness. You have a life to live too!!!

    I think this family can benefit from prayers.
    Enough said….

  9. I to felt like I had been duped after watching this episode for 2 hours and the most James does is sit up in the bed with an army helping him do that. It’s really sad and he is really selfish to just say the hell with it and eat like that and become an invalid and depend on his girlfriend and daughter to wipe his but. I know it has to smell horrible in there. His legs look like they are rotting and he even said it himself. Lord I hope this man finally lost weight . Update please TLC!!!!

  10. I feel that Lisa and people like her should be held criminally responsible! A charge of attempted murder or aiding and abetting murder I don’t feel would be out of line. This woman has total control over what James eats and her allowing him to eat enough to gain 158 lbs in 2 months is just inhuman! He needs to be civily committed to a nursing home where he can be completely controlled and placed on a proper diet and a restraining order needs to be placed against Lisa. This seems harsh, but it is the only way James will ever have any chance at success!

    • Ummm James need to be looked in a dungeon by himself so he doesn’t have access to food for 2 months. Each day he will be given a small amount of food that 1 person will deliver to him. But I honestly think that is too nice. He doesn’t want to lose weight. If you left him without food..I think he would literally start himself, his sheets, the pillows. #truth

  11. I am watching the episode now (must be a re-run). I just saw where he uses smokeless tobacco too! His girlfriend must bring him that too. I usually have sympathy for the people on this show, both because I feel for their physical and emotional plights and because it does take courage to allow yourself to be filmed in this condition and for a show like this. But I have the feeling that he expected this show, and everyone else, to just fix things for him, all the while giving them orders on how to fix his massive disgusting plates of food that he can’t even sit up to eat. I say just let him rot in that bed, but I’m in total agreement that someone should rescue the daughter and father from him. Let him see what it’s like to be really alone, because if anyone ever deserved it, he does.

  12. Good grief, James! I can’t believe you can and do use people and resources and then blame the universe for your problems. Someone should put you in front of a tv and just run show after show of people in desperate straits not of their own making. You shame yourself and your loved ones. Bayley and Dad, get out and away from James. I would like to label him but it would not phase him in the least. It’s probably too late for Lisa.

  13. This man had no respect even for his father, who put up his house to help his son. After all everyone did he couldn’t even try to lose weight. He just threw fits like a baby and his so called girl friend what did she get out of the relationship! Nothing but cleaning up after him and feeding him. That’s not a life for either of them.

  14. I watch this show a lot. I couldn’t feel for James. He annoyed me and I wanted to just smack some sense into him and his girlfriend. Very sad but hopeless

  15. Lisa needs to leave. He is going to die and his daughter will love but always resent him. Continues to make me think of my own attitudes about food and excuses.

  16. This is completely disgusting! James is a total ass and a pansy. I feel sorry Lisa and his daughter. I thought the Dr. was hard on her and granted she is the one that feeds him, but she isn’t the reason he got as he did. That’s not her fault that’s his! And placing blame on her isn’t right. I hate saying this but that man gets zero bit of sympathy from me, and I think he’d be better off dead as well. I think everybody just needs a final break from his unappreciative ass.

  17. This is the worst show I I have ever seen after 2,hours we were left with left with nothing at least send him back home because he is never going to do anything there. Lisa said she felt stuck that isn’t love

  18. James K is without a doubt the most infuriating person I’ve ever had to watch. I’m quite sure he’s dead by now. What I don’t understand is why they don’t send them directly to a therapist to get to the core of what the problems are. That should always be the first step in recovery to any addiction. He is selfish just like any other addict. And if he lost the weight tomorrow he would turn his back and walk away from Lisa in the beat of a heart.

  19. You people are so cold heart Yeah the guy did wrong but he obviously had mental issues with his eating habits. I want to find him and hang out with him and help him lose weight I’ll sit with him everyday and feed him right and start my weight loss journey with him which I am 308lbs 6ft and need to lose weight myself plz put me in contact with this man let me help him on his journey and mine.

  20. I’ve never yelled at a tv program so much in my entire life. Whatsa matter with you Lisa??? I can see she was an abused wife in her previous relationship by her need to cater to James’ every whim to avoid his anger. I wish them well.

  21. Hoping James and Lisa would realize the need for him to loose weight the heart scare and even his father stork didn’t wake them up!!!! I pray for his dad
    and daughter to be able to get through with the outcome of James’s life if he don’t change his selfish
    spoiled attitude we all know the outcome….hope the show will give an update soon.

  22. The one thing that stood out to me was why didn’t the doctor put him in the hospital for a month at the beginning like he has with other patients? But from James behavior I don’t think it would have made any difference. I also believe he doesn’t want to go home to see his Dad and the disappointment his Dad would feel knowing that he failed. As for Lisa, she doesn’t have any where to go. Took her forever to leave her husband and she’s probably never worked and she seems to be so beaten down and food probably makes her feel good too, so consequently she didn’t have the motivation to tell James no. The show pays for the actual surgery, the rest is up to them. That’s another reason they begged the doctor to not give up on them. Now they are in debt to his Dad with nothing to show for it. I don’t see him succeeding but maybe the paid surgery will be the incentive.

  23. I agree with all of the other comments here. James really ticked me off. I was appalled that his daughter was taken out of school to help take care of his fat a$$. What kind of parents do that?? I also found myself saying “oh shut the F up you baby” every time he whined about his legs. I had no sympathy for this guy at all. As far as the girlfriend goes, both her and James would be better off if she did leave because then she couldnt bring him food and maybe he will start losing weight. This entire episode was hard to watch. I gasp out loud when they said he was over 800 lbs when he went in for a weigh in…in TWO months?? He gained over 100 lbs? How the heck does that happen?? I dont typically wish death on anyone but if he is in the exact same spot he was during filming, everyone involved would be better off if that happened…including James.

  24. PLEASE TLC..finish this story !!!!! I spent 2 hours watching and I felt duped just like being sucked into those stupid “looking for big foot” TV shows, it was a miserable “ending” …if you can call it that. Might not watch this show again..

  25. I also thought his comments on not going to his appointments etc was pathetic. He said I can’t be leaving my family now! What difference would he make? He’s a hindrance and they are probably happy when he’s away. I hated he made her sleep on the floor!!! What a pathetic excuse for a boyfriend. The least he could do is give her a break once in a while.

  26. Reading all of the posts that are so filled with hatred is so concerning .
    This man is sick, depressed or has some reason why he cares about nothing. That does not give him a reason to east himself to death or for his girlfriend to enable him how she is.
    People do not care about NOTHING, the way he does without him having some sort of psychological problem. This was one of the upsetting shows I have seen, because I think we all know he is going to give up like always. One thing is for sure,you have a lot of us happy people that are barely co-exhisting. The Dr., was absolutely right to do what he did! This man wants a quick fix, unfortunately, it does not exist. If he has the surgery, he will most definitely be in the same situation if given a few short years. This man need a very rude awakening and who knows if that will really draw some sort of reaction from him. Very sad.

  27. James, if you are alive, you are a selfish scumbag! Just think, a piano crate wouldn’t even bury your ass. Poor people in devastated areas could feast off that body for a decade if it wasn’t so grossly infected & dirty; they couldn’t even feed it to the wild animals because they’d croke! You must get your rocks off having your daughter clean your perverted disgusting body. Sick Fook’, that’s all you are.

  28. You James do not deserve such a loyal and loving daughter and father. You are a coward. Your words mean nothing. No wonder healthcare is so expensive…..oh wait……you don’t have to pay for it you fat f***! Dr. Now….YOU ROCK! Lisa….get your head out of James’ ass and get a life!

  29. As I was watching the show, getting sick looking at his sores, how much he ate, how much she fed him, and how he acted like it wasn’t his fault. The show really highlighted the way that food controls you.
    Do you think therapy(mental) would help?
    And that girlfriend should have called the family and just left, he would have lost weight fast that way.
    And did you notice how they made the statement that they was receiving couples therapy! Now that’s what they need?(not)
    And the poor Dad refinancing his house and James never once thought of that as he was gaining that 158(another average size person) lbs!

  30. This guy is why I do not believe in single-payer healthcare, unless selfish, idiotic parasites like this fat sack of garbage are DENIED coverage until they do the work to be healthy. His insurance company was right to deny him transport unless he worked to become healthier. The crowdfund site went unfunded. No surprise there–he’s a user and his girlfriend, while sad, is spineless. How I wish his daughter would just move away and get on with her life.

  31. I believe that james has a strong addiction to food,like any other addictive traits.yes his wife is enabling james,however james has a strong addictive personally, and would find someone else to supply his over eating habits.gastric bypass surgery is not necessary, and food addiction is a psychological trait.you have to be committed to a life long healthy food choices.the Dr. is right james has to make the commitment to change,life or death!
    unfortunately there is no known cure for addictive traits and eating disorders!

  32. We have no right to judge anyone. True enough there are serious issues with the biggest one being Baylee being taken out of school to care for her dad.
    I didn’t see any counseling for anyone which I believe that all of them could benefit.
    Prayers to Baylee, James’s father, Lisa and James. , I wish you all strength to be successful.

  33. Well now that Trump cut 3 Billion in benefits to the Vets, Disabled and Paraplegic. YOU ARE NOW going to LOSE WEIGHT. …James

    • James is cry baby and uses everyone he comes in contact with. If his girlfriend stays because she is financially dependent on him (which is insane) she could still leave him and file for state assistance. Feel bad for his daughter and dad. You are right Leonard about the tax cuts and I am glad! I pay $2000.00 month for insurance on just my husband, myself and my 22 year old and there is nothing wrong with us except my husband has high blood pressure. And the reason I pay so much is so the government can take it and use it for people like James. It pisses me off! Great job Obama great job!

      • We pay high premiums because the insurance companies and big pharm have driven the healthcare market costs. It will only get worse with Trumpcare. As a 62y/o low income “working poor”, my premiums will rise 750%! I can’t pay $17,300k per yr if I make $26k. If I made $150k+ my premiums would decrease. Not being bipartisan, just revealing facts.
        But this all doesn’t affect James. He will continue to receive disability and food stamps. There’s no answer if he’s unwilling/unable to lose weight.

  34. Dr. Now did the right thing and he gave James every opportunity. However, I really don’t understand why everyone is so angry about this episode. Super morbidly obese people have an addiction to food and they will manipulate others to get it. He’s letting the food win and will not change as long as he uses excuses. It is sad what he’s put his daughter through but I don’t think anyone would choose to live like that. I also can’t believe he gained so much and wonder if the lymphedema, CHF, and immobility caused water retention and is partially to blame…James and Lisa I wish I could help…seriously email me if you want dietary counseling and advice on how to break this cycle.

  35. Lisa is NOT a victim just like her marriage before she enables men to use her. If he hasn’t worked in 18 years…She isn’t in it for the money although I hope she has a huge life insurance policy on him, pun intended.
    James is a narcissistic jerk, probably “was” as his true mission in life is (was) to keep gambling with it until something happens (death) or something worse than heart failure, to get pity and more food. I’m amazed at how much they lie to each other and Dr. Now. Lay off the doctor for putting it to them straight. Look at how annoyed and angry we the viewers are…imagine being his doctor who doesn’t want him to die and can do nothing as the couple’s behavior is the main problem.
    Poor daughter and dad.

  36. This show wih James was annoying. I want an ending. I bet he is dead. That leg was DISGUSTING. I hated TLC for roping me into watching this with no distinctive ending.

  37. The dude soiled himself without a care in the world. No heads up for those who had to clean him; Shameless. Makes girlfriend sleep on floor bc he’s afraid she won’t here him if the poor woman can actually rest and break her mental exhaustion. She’s not off the hook with me though. She fears him; obviously he’s her financial supporter. But as long as they are together there will be enablement and there will be no resolution. Should have arranged at in-home therapist because no amount of physical therapy or special treatment of any kind will cure what ails this family.

  38. All I kept saying to myself while watching this grotesque pathetic man was some one give him a gun so he can blow his brains out , this useless piece of shit , should be ashamed of his disgusting self !

  39. What a sick, selfish and deplorable excuse for a man-or should I say whining crybaby! I never thought that I could say this, but he is better off suffering a fatal heart attack. Lisa could get back to having a life and his daughter should be in school and growing up with friends like most teenagers – not at home wiping her father’s disgusting shit covered ass and urine soaked bedsheets. James has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. What thanks does he give his father for remortgaging his house to help him, when a 71 year-old man should be enjoying his golden years. Making his girlfriend sleep on the floor so that she’ll be ready to clean his stinking fat ass. At this point, James does NOT deserve another chance. He should just go home and eat himself to death!

  40. One thing I have never understood is why in the hell doesn’t Dr Now INSIST that they seek counselling during the time they are required to lose the pre-op weight? They wouldn’t resist as much as most of them do when he suggests it post-op because they are desperate for the surgery. It would be a good way to insure that they have gained some insight and coping skills to help them succeed and maybe not backslide so much in the beginning. Regardless of if they have any serious abuse/loss issues they ALL face the extreme mental challenge of breaking up with food but still having to live with it.

  41. First, do NOT suck me into a two hour episode and then just leave me wondering what these two idiot did next. I really hate that woman, she gave him 10,000 Cal a day every day and lied about it. He is pathetic but she is STUPID. To top it all off she took her child out of school permenently to care for that pathetic blob of fat guaranteeing she too will have a miserable life. Truthfully the entire episode left me furious.

  42. What are the statistics on morbid obesity & trailer dwellers?! Poor upbringing, depression, over compensation for childhood trauma, instant gratification? They’re fat because they’re depressed & they’re depressed because they’re fat. It’s unfortunate yet more common than people think. I enjoy the success stories, but what happened to this family after the show? I can’t believe I’m commenting on this! Lol.

  43. This show depicts the life of these people for ONE YEAR / 12 MONTHS. Haven’t any of you ever watched this show ? So in the simplest of terms it showed James ‘ story for one year, hence no happy or sad ending. Other than that, yes he was a vile and disgusting human being,

  44. James and his wife are both very mentally-ill. It would not surprise me if his failure to lose any weight was sub-consciously directed at getting back at his dad (who gave him a ton of money to get to Texas) whom he blames for marrying poorly in James’ childhood and making his life so much worse. Time to grow up man! Lisa left an abusive relationship to the first man that showed her a modicum of kindness, but got no therapy. She just ended up going from one abusive relationship to another. She’s living scared- so she enables because she still fears an abusive reaction. Unfortunately, Dr. Now blowing up at her in the beginning probably had the opposite of the intended effect-she shut down and went into ‘auto-mode’ and quit listening to him. To Baylee, RUN GIRL!!! Get the hell out at your first chance,! If you have to gnaw your own arm off, get out of that trap (because James will just eat it anyway).

  45. I think she keeps feeding him because secretly she wants him to die, since that is the only way she can be free. His daughter is putting on weight too because she is eating the same crap he is, I feel sorry for her and the way she has to live with him.I wonder where his son is, you never hear anything about him, probably just disgusted with the whole situation, it’s just so depressing.

  46. I think Lisa is trying to kill him. They lived a lie for 12 years having an affair. She wants him bedbound so she can live how she wants to with freedom to probably have an affair.

  47. James is a selfish bastard who does not care about ANYONE but Himself. What about his daughter? Get her back to school and show her she can have a LIFE for herself, she deserves at least that. And TLC, PLEASE, tell us what happened to whiner and most of all his daughter and father.

  48. Can someone at TLC please call CPS regarding this poor girl?? I am tempted to call myself if anyone knows their last name. I have never been so angry about any prior episode that I have watched. She needs a life. Her father is a disgrace and her mother is just as bad.

    • You can get him last name if you Google the story.

      Remember that the local news did a story on him trying to raise money.

      CPS should be called.

  49. Wow! What a depressing excuse for an existence. I hope TLC never documents such a hopeless case again because this man made me never want to watch this show again. And never eat again.

  50. I am not mad at James, he is like a crack addict but with food, his girlfriend I am sure is in this for partly the money. Dr. Now has to stop somewhere, I do wish they could keep him on a diet so he could get a life for him and his family. I could not imagine cleaning up after somebody like this. I pray he can have the willpower or else be taken out of everyones misery. Sorry but if it happens RIP. God Bless

  51. James should be ashamed of himself. Taking his daughter out of school and then taking his father’s money and literally eat it away. I have no sympathy for this man. He is pathetic and doesn’t deserve anymore help from anyone. Lisa is a disgrace. Even before Dr. Now said it I was thinking don’t feed him 6 eggs, 5 sausage patties, biscuits and gravy for breakfast; if he yells at you walk out of the house… he can’t follow you. No sympathy for any of them but the daughter.

  52. Lisa needs to find a way to get away from him and the daughter never should have been in that situation. It was heartbreaking to see a teenager having to absorb her fathers tragedy. If there are follow up episodes they should focus on saving the mother and daughter.

  53. He did this to himself, he continues to do this to himself and, as such, he deserves no sympathy. He uses his weight as an excuse to avoid being productive, to avoid having to do anything except feed his face, allow others to wait on him hand and foot and be as obnoxious and cruel as possible.

    His excessive weight makes him the center of attention, giving him what he felt he didn’t receive as a child. He’s manipulating those around him, making them feel guilty and blaming everyone else for his problems. The best course of action would be to remove him from that house and hospitalize him, if for no other reason than to allow his family to have some semblance of a normal life.

  54. Good thing he does not live with me because I grant you that that slob would NEVER see any food for 6 months! He could cheerfully live off his fat very well and survive nicely for 180 days and never miss a beat! Those legs will end up being amputated probably,and he will be in a nursing home for the remainder of his life. I can not fathom gaining 180 lbs in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!! That is 3 lbs a day! WHERE do these people get the money to spend on all the food??????? Good Grief! It MUST run them a small fortune a day, never mind a week or a month!!!!!!!!!! WHO can afford that??????????? Lisa and the daughter should just walk out,physically walk out! There is no law against that. He is a consenting adult who has enough savvy to make his own choices,he is not mentally impaired . Like I said, he would starve to death in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d be damned if I would go thru what Lisa does!

  55. I felt sorry for his father and daughter. That’s it. His father refinanced his home, to give him a chance, which he blew, over and over.

    His poor barely-teenaged daughter is having to wipe down his nasty oozing legs, clean up human waste, and see her dad’s nards on a daily basis, all because he is too stubborn to put the food. His breakfast would have fed my entire family of 4.

    His girlfriend should be ashamed of herself. What’s he going to do, get up, walk to the kitchen, and get himself a snack? She’s enabling him, thereby dooming that poor girl to a life of indentured servitude, up until her father dies. Disgusting. He’s a selfish man.

  56. This patient needs mental health medical care and surgery tohrlp him. The doctor can only do so much. I hope this filters gets the help they need and I hope they can overcome this horrible painful life they are living. Please do not now or fault the patient he is I’ll in many ways. It is great to have compassion for the daughter but do not cancel that compassion with shaming of the parents.

    • I disagree with just giving him the surgery. He needs to learn how to eat correctly first. I’ve noticed that the majority of the people on this show just think that Dr. N is just going to remove half of their stomachs and it’s going to magically make them lose a ton of weight. It doesn’t work that way. I think in James’ case he’s just too lazy. Plus, weighing in at over 800 lbs makes him inoperable and he will most certainly die under anesthesia due to the fact that he suffers from congestive heart failure. I honestly don’t see him making a change for the better and if he isn’t already dead, his days are definitely numbered.

  57. This episode made me absolutely sick. All I did was wine and scream and yell the entire show and make excuses. I’ve never seen such a selfish human being in my life. They need to take the daughter away from them. Taking her out of school so she could clean her father up is absolutely disgusting. These people are nothing but white trash and if the show keeps going with people like this I’m going to quit watching it. Both James and Lisa are too pathetic human beings that are made for each other. Totally disgraceful

  58. This is Rudi Pijnnaken, PT, CEO of Physical Therapy International, his physical therapist. I came into their lives mid January 2017. Both James and Lisa are suffering from addictions and their lives became unmanageable. It took 11 treatments to change his and her mindset. Eleven difficult treatments to get him up, a major milestone in his rehab program. James and Lisa want to change, they didn’t know how and God forgives our sins for what we know and for what we didn’t know. Knowing a lot about addictions, I understand. They are good people, they are working very hard to comply with the doctor and the program. James has worked very hard with upper body strengthening and he is doing much better then what you saw at the end of the show. He will be walking in a few months and he will repair relationships that have suffered. Anyone who judges James should look at themselves. Have gratitude you didn’t end up like James and Lisa, praise them for their willingness to change. Not easy to leave everything behind. I love them both.

    • If he doesnt want to be judged he shouldnt be on TV. End of story. What they did to the daughter alone deserves serious JUDGMENT. Making excuses for him and the girlfriend doesnt do him any good. It’s wonderful that you say he is improving but I dont think sitting up is really that big of a deal and unless he has lost some serious weight, he isnt going to be walking any time soon. I’m a big fan of this show and have watched just about every episode cheering these people on and James was one of the worst I have seen on this show.

    • Please hear this Mr., he did not gain that weight overnight. When someone is trying to help another, you show some thankfulness, not eat more. Your post means nothing to me. HE chose to get big, HE chose to act nasty, HE chose to put this out in the public. It takes little effort to say “thank you”, and mean it. He could not have done one thing if his girlfriend fed him healthy food. If they are good people, we need an update to see for ourselves. IF you have problems leaving, dont. Have them fix you a bed in the room with him. No one should feel bad about speaking on this situation. This did not happen overnight, he chose to love his bed, his life, himself. If you don’t want opinions, stay out of the life of media.

  59. 1. Lisa should be socking away the $ it takes to feed him everyday.
    2. Get that daughter back in school! God forbid she ends up like either of them.
    3. Lisa needs to get a job. This way she can add to the food stash $ and live off what ever finances she is relying on now.
    4. Invest in noise cancelling head phones to tune him out whenever.
    5. Let him starve and lay in his own filth all day. Pay someone to come in a couple hours a day to clean him and give him his 800 cal. Have them come right before gf and kid gets home.
    6. Maybe daughter can stay with grandpa?
    7. Maybe daughter can get a part time job. The more time away from that (I don’t have enough nasty adjectives) tub of shit, the better.
    8. Try to get help from what ever social sevices available in the area. I don’t think there is an any part of their lives that couldn’t use help!
    9. Mother and daughter use extra time to get physically and mentally healthier. *
    * MOTHER needs to get her shit together for herself but especially for HER DAUGHTER!! I would also hope that someone in the area would find out who these people are and offer some assistance (to mom and kid) be it through some community services.

  60. I was so pissed watching him… And having his daughter drop out of school.. They should be reported and Lisa was disgusting… I would really like to know if he is alive yet? And if he lost any weight I can’t believe that he could ever walk. After his dad had the stroke that should of been enough for him to want to lose the weight. He was disgusting!!!😠

  61. Lisa and Bayley were the real victims. Lisa is dependent on James’s disability income and I believe she was subconsciously sabotaging his weight loss because if James died, she would receive survivor’s benefits for life. She knows James very well and knows he could never buckle down and sacrifice his food addiction long enough to acheive significant weight loss. She probably doesn’t even realize she’s decided that she’s better off with him dead.

  62. My husband & I just watched this episode… this is such a sad situation. My husband had a great suggestion, if James has such an addiction to food, why not wire his mouth together so he could only drink pureed foods, pureed DIET foods!! At least just long enough to lose down to 600 lbs or less, so he could have the surgery. I agree with other posts here… these folks need therapy. Maybe they could even try hypnotism to control his cravings & addictions?? Please TLC, give us a follow up episode…Thanks!

  63. OMG! There are people with worse life events than him and they get up and move on. He’s a whiny b****.
    They live like pigs. His bed is a cess pool. He’s an ungrateful smart ass . And he had the nerve to want other people’s money.
    Lisa is eating junk too. And she’s also fat.
    She isn’t stuck. Walk out!
    That poor daughter needs a decent life.
    I’m guessing he’s dead.

  64. Pretty sad as I watched the show to see nothing but selfishness by Lisa and James .They both need a reality check if anything I feel bad for the father and the daughter .To spend 10.000 on his son to get help is very heart warming to watch him have a stroke was heartbreaking.

  65. 1) All involved (James, girlfriend and daughter) need intense therapy
    2) I want to know what kind of income do they have? I work everyday, and I could not afford to purchase enough food to be 750+ pounds!
    3) I would save my teenage child and myself and leave his WHINING, MORBILY OBESE ass alone in the apartment.

  66. I don’t feel sorry for James at all. A lot of people have a sad a miserable childhood that are not 850 pounds. They were trying to raise money to pay for his travel expenses so he could go down to Houston, spend months, and gain 150 pounds? It’s Pathetic. I want to have hope and believe in James but he is a total lost cause.

  67. DSS needs to be called on James and Lisa taking their daughter out of school and his father putting up his house for that ungrateful James. It pissed me off watching this man eat and his legs made me sick to my stomach. Dr. Now gave him every opportunity to help himself and James messed it up intently.

  68. I agree with just about everyone above’s comments about how despicable James is towards his father, daughter, girlfriend, Dr. Nowzaradan and seemingly everyone else he comes into contact with. All he did was whine and complain when the rescue workers had to fit his 5 foot girth through a 3 foot door opening. Yes, he has a medical/psychological problem but that only excuses so much until it wears out. He is clearly a user. How unfortunate that TALKING BIG, making EXCUSES and EMPTY PROMISES doesn’t burn 1,000 CALORIES PER MINUTE!

  69. Why is it all of these fat people don’t have jobs before they get fat?? Only one of the people on the show has had a job. So they all must get welfare and food stamps. If they had no choice but to work this would never happen. I don’t care what kind of child hood any of these people have. That’s no excuse. You get over it, push through and drive on. I’m speaking from personal experience. These people are all lazy welfare bums and that’s why they are fat. If you are that fat then you should be kicked off any public assistants. This show pisses me off so bad with all the fat people pissing and moaning about how hard of a life they had and that’s why they are fat.

  70. I don’t usually comment on TV shows but I am disabled from a car accident that wasn’t my fault & after working all my life, all I get a month in food from government assistance is $16. When I saw James’ fat ass on TV & his whining about everything done to him, I literally got sick. Then watching him stuff his fat face & Lisa giving him what he wanted I finally had to turn off the show. I felt so sorry for his father & daughter from all the stress that was put on them from this monster. He doesn’t deserve help because he refuses to help himself.

  71. Wow ..all the comments above yall have took the words out of my mouth .What his poor daughter has had to go through with her father her whole entire life ..yeah he rode four wheelers with them i bet that didnt happen much he has always been big sence a young guy ..so i bet she could count on one hand how many activities he has done with her …A father is the first Man a daughter loves and looks up to a provider a protecter he could protect his plate of massive pile highs of food ..lord how mercy how could any body eat that much at one time .and yeah there is a reason why ..he does it BUT WHEN HE HAD PEOPLE ON HIS SIDE AND STILL DIDNT EVEN TRY HIS POOR DADDY COULD LOSS HIS HOME AND HE COULD CARE LESS and DOCTER NOW ..that man is compassionate..and cares about people OR he would not have cussed him like he did .James if ur still Alive U NEED TO WAKE UP AND THINK ABOUT UR DAUGHTER WHY IN HELL WOULD U WANT YOUR DAUGHTER SEE ANY OF YOUR BODY .AND LISA U NEED TO QUIT FEEDING HIM U ARE GETTING SOMETHING OUT OF THIS OR U WOULD NOT BE THERE MAYBE YOU A PILL ADDICTION OR YOU LIVE OFF HIM IDK ..BUT IT IS YOUR FAULT DONT FEED HIM …HE CANT MOVE ANYTHING BUT HIS HANDS DAMN ..WHAT THE HELL IS HE GOING TO DO .FORREAL..ITS A SHAME WAKE THE HELL UP .SORRY EVERYONE ITS JUST A DAMN SHAME .

  72. What made me angry and really shocked about this show impart was the complete level of absolute insanity of James to be in denial about his massive over eating.

    I got made because of the fact that he did not have a ride to Houston and had 4 months to figure it out. If he had lost 150 or 200 pounds ,the 50 a month stayed on his diet,he would’ve shrunk enough to get in the van and sit up.

    Instead his Dad has to get a Mortgage on the house. That’s terrible. He kept telling the doctor the scales was wrong he had to lose weight.

    But I could tell he hadn’t lost any weight by looking too. What he doesn’t realize is this. If you lose the 200 pounds, your legs will get better and he should be able to sit up.

    They don’t realize that, your mobility gets better. The fact that he was still lying in his bed not able to sit up meant he was gaining and not losing how dense can you be?

    He was probably eating 20000 calories a day. They tried to convince us the scales were wrong, that is unbelievable to me.

    I think Child Protective services should step in and take the girl out. She should not be staying home and out of school to take care of her Dad. Its not her responsibility.

    I think Dr now shoudlve yelled at them more. I cant believe he sat there and used as an excuse to not be on the diet” Oh well we cant get to the Doctor to get help so I might as well Over eat”, he just doesn’t get it.

    He should’ve been responsible for himself found his own ride by losing weight. The whole thing about wanting Dr Now to give him the operation and that magically curing him you got that right that’s exactly his mentality.

    He went to Houston expecting the operation and Dr Now to cure him without doing any work OMG! its like he wanted a magical pill to cure him, Dr Now was right to yell at him.

    Hes responsible for changing himself not his girlfriend and not his dr he has to do it himself no one else.

  73. I have been watching this show since the beginning and it always amazes me that the people in this show think they are smarter than the doctor they think they can fool him and make him think they have been following the diet when it’s clear they haven’t but when I saw this man james he is a lost cause he wants to be able to eat what he wants and hope somehow the weight magically falls off but it’s clear to see the only place he might be loosing weight is in the hand that holds his fork he is one of the biggest babies I have ever seen on this show fussing about the ambulance peoplehurting him when they where trying to get him in his house like it’s their fault he cant walk and weighs 800pds it’s sad to say but this man will die in that bed because he don’t want to do betterwhen dr.now weighs him at the very end and finds out he only lost 3 or 4 pds he looks at him like he’s crazy but it’s him thats crazy not the doctor,,,,,,

  74. I agree with everyone’s comments. In addition, I noticed;
    1. At the very start, they didn’t even HEAR Dr. Now, they didn’t at all, focus on getting down to 600lbs. BEFORE going to Texas.
    2. Lisa said to the camera, “with his overeating, he gains 20 – 30lbs. a year”. Honey, he gained 158lbs. in 2 MONTHS!
    3. When Lisa got home (around 11:00 in the evening), James actually TOLD her to take the paper off his burger, and, as she did throughout the show, she said “I’m sorry”. His arms still worked….
    I could go on & on, I’ve watched every episode & James (& Lisa) are, by far the worst people seen on this show. Kudos to Dr. Now, ge did all he could…I teally hope they do a follow-up show, let’s keep hounding TLC, then maybe they’ll do one….

  75. Did everyone notice how they also lied to the news crew?! “They keep him on a diet & he exercises every day”. OMG, unbelievable….I’ll take care of his daughter, she needs a mom who lives in the real world & not in denial on an hourly basis. UPDATE PLEASE!

  76. I have no sympathy for anyone who lets themselves get in this position. They eat better food than some working people, love sitting around doing nothing but thinking about food, and most have internet.
    Not one dime would I give, even if he did not act like a JA toward his family, and the Doctor who tried to help him. His girlfriend is killing him, and may realize so. If she did not give him the food, what in this world could he do? YELLIING is his only exercise, help him out!

  77. This is what addiction looks like. Self-deceit in the face of certain death. I’m not upset at the ending. I’m upset with the disease and the way it possesses every piece of logic within us. Am I surprised that James just couldn’t make the leap to recovery? Not really. He hasn’t hit botttom yet. Neither has Lisa. I hope they do before it’s too late. Do I have compassion for his situation? I do. The feelings of frustration and anger I felt watching the episode are what I hope the episode was intended to bring out. I thought it was an excellent episode.

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