James, 46 from Paducah, Kentucky gets his chance to save his life with Dr. Nowzaradan on "My 600 Lb. Life"

EXCLUSIVE Update On James K Of “My 600 Lb. Life”, He Is Alive, Moving and On a Diet

Update: Where Are They Now? updates on whining Pauline & mama’s boy Joe

The story of James on the latest “My 600 Lb. Life” caused an uproar after it aired, and viewers are still chiming in on what they saw. Some of what irked them was the lack of follow-up on James and his girlfriend Lisa after Dr. Nowzaradan sent them home to fend for themselves.

TVRuckus reached out to TLC to ask if the network had a follow-up episode planned. The answer was no, not at this time, but there has been tremendous interest in whether or not the man was still alive, nevermind well.

Now we have news, thanks to the physical therapist featured in the final scenes of James’ episode on “My 600 Lb. Life”. In an exclusive interview with him, we learned that James has lost weight and is in better physical condition than he was when we last saw him on TV.

Rudi Pijnnaken President of Physical Therapy International and the therapist treating James, told us that the scene of James being taken to a seated position for the first time in years was the product of multiple visits to his apartment. Pijnnaken said he treated James’ “mindset”, not just his body. He also worked with Lisa so that the two of them understood what was necessary to get James well.

While he is not a psychologist or therapist, which he stressed to us, he has had success with other patients by working them through the “mindset” necessary to help themselves heal. He has YouTube videos of two patients he has helped in this way. A link to those is posted is below.

In the case of James and Lisa, it took 11 treatments for them to “…understand that if they didn’t follow the diet or exercise nothing I could do would help them,” Pijnnaken said to us. As of this writing, James can sit up with his right leg dangling off the bed, without screams of pain.

James is on a diet of between 600-800 calories-a-day and the physical therapist told us that it appears to him that James weighs less than when we last saw him on the show. Pijnnaken told us that James and Lisa got little to no guidance on how to follow the doctor’s plan. As posted earlier today in another commentary on TVRuckus, we opined that the couple had no idea how to shop for or prepare healthy food. It’s not uncommon for people who have eaten themselves into a state close to death to know little to nothing about nutrition.

Here’s one thing of note, besides the fact that James and Lisa are on the right path at the moment, James wants us to know that he regrets his behavior on camera, is attempting to heal the relationship with his daughter Bayley and has set a goal to walk as soon as he is physically able. If Pijnnaken is to be believed, that could come quicker than we think.

Here is the link to the YouTube videos of Mr. Pijnnaken and here is the link to Physical Therapy International’s website.

Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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47 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Update On James K Of “My 600 Lb. Life”, He Is Alive, Moving and On a Diet

  1. “….Pijnnaken told us that James and Lisa got little to no guidance on how to follow the doctor’s plan….”

    That is BS, and it’s the exact excuse James and Lisa kept using to get around the fact that James was making ZERO changes to his eating habits.

    When I saw the breakfast Lisa served James, I was floored. The first serving (in the bowl) had 4 biscuits, 6 sausage patties, and 6 fried eggs, all covered in at least a CUP of milk gravy. His daughter then brings him 2 more biscuits and more sausage and eggs (I didn’t see the amount, but there was a LOT of both) with easily 1 1/2 to 2 cups of gravy. Watching him shovel it in his mouth made me unbelievably nauseated.

    The worst thing of all though, are his legs and feet. The weeping boils were almost too much for me to stomach.

    The person I feel sorry for is his dad – he refinanced his home in order to pay the $10,000+ it cost to have an ambulance take him to Houston and James completely wasted it

  2. I totally agree with the Duchess. It was about time Dr. Now finally got mad and had enough of the lame excuses and lies. If they can come up with the money to order Chinese delivery, they can afford a cab or Uber to get healthy foods. His Dad’s sacrifice and Bayley’s halted schooling should have been enough motivation. Lisa should be ashamed of herself – her child should come first. But it’s all about James. His 10,000 calories meals and delusions make me sick.

  3. Lisa needs to put James in a nursing home (let the State take care of him) and then get a life for her and Bayley, unfortunately it is probably his disability checks that keeps her there.

    Once James realizes no one will be there for him I bet his tune changes. Why do so many on this show berate and order their care givers around? When James told Dr Now to “hold on there” I was so happy to see Dr come back and said “You’re telling me to hold on”? I wonder, do Lisa and Bayley sit in that hospital room all day when he was in there? Lisa, take care of your child!

    I was rooting for James, but the best thing he could do is marry Lisa so at least she could get benefits after his death… harsh??? Yep, but

  4. It’s ridiculous for anyone to blame Dr. Now for not reaching them about nutrition and how to eat! If u noticed in the show, James had an expensive iPhone resting on his belly! I’m quite sure they know how to Google. Plus she fixed fish and vegables…He just didn’t want it and she gave in. The be I feel the most sorry for is Bayley!! Her mother took her out of school to take care of her father who put himself in that condition!! That is a shame!! Shame on both of these parents for doing that to their daughter!! She was a kid! She deserved better!!!

  5. If James had seen the show, Dr Now, suggests a no carb high protein diet, with vegetables, and nonfat Yogurt as 2 foods to eat. Besides, it was mentioned, that he e-mailed them what foods not to eat and what foods to. Common sense would also dictate staying away from sweets, and a lot of sugar.

  6. What a ridiculous update! This physical therapist is obviously looking for fame. James is a grown man and it’s about time him and Lisa took some responsibility. You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out which foods can help you and which foods hurt you. Dr. Now did everything humanly possible to help this man Who obviously doesn’t want to do any work to help himself but expects a magic potion to make himself thin. To have the opportunities that he was given to save his life and to just take it all for granted and throw it away is really sad . I can’t even imagine how hard it must be when you’re that size but when you are on deaths door you give it your best try. I am overweight myself and know the struggle, it just makes me so mad that they were given the opportunity to get the help and just wasted it.

  7. I’m sick of hearing how these people (not just James and Lisa) don’t know anything about nutrition. Since when does knowledge of nutrition require a master’s degree?

    Women’s magazines are crammed with healthy eating articles. Doctor’s offices always have pamphlets on nutrition. How can anyone NOT know that fast food is bad and that boiled potatoes are better than French fries, and grilled fish is better than a cheeseburger? Duhh, a person with a brick for a brain knows this.

    How does anyone NOT know that fruits, raisins, salad, yogurt, steamed vegetables, and nuts, a few hardboiled eggs, tuna salad, all make healthier snacks than cookies, chips, ice cream, brownies, pie, donuts, candy bars, etc.? Duhhh.

    That Lisa is incredibly stupid. I’m gathering that if she doesn’t feed James what he wants, he yells and berates her, and this scares the dickens out of her even though he can’t jump out of bed and beat her.

    But I’m betting her past husband and father used to beat her…after they berated her, and it’s a conditioned feeling of fear when JAMES berates her.

    But she should be smart enough to move past this and realize, “Hey, James can’t physically hurt me. I’ll just let him scream.” And I doubt she’s much older than him, as some viewers have suggested. She takes such terrible care of her OWN body and never exercises, this makes her look years older. While James is SO full of fat, his face has no wrinkles, but he’s 46. Poor Bayley.

  8. It seems like his wife wants to keep him dependent on her, and enjoys her role as a martyr. She is extremely overweight herself, as is the daughter, so I don’t see any hope for any of them. The daughter should be removed from the home, and if any of the family had any sense they would make sure she was taken out of the “servitude” James and Lisa have her in before she is as big as her parents. It looks like they have no life besides eating. BTW, what was in that nasty fish tank?

  9. This does not ring true, that they were not educated on nutrition. Look at the times he spent in the hospital eating an 800 calorie diet. He lost the weight, that should have been the best education they could get. They were full of excuses. Do Now tried his best to help them.

    • Dorothy Wilhelm

      Thank you for posting factual, but not hyperbolic language so many are using to describe this situation. First, you are correct that he had an education while eating in the hospital. That he did not continue on, demonstrates a lack of motivation at best, and an unwillingness to comply at worse. Second, people need to exercise caution when castigating another caught in this situation. It is called empathy folks; not sympathy, so please spare me the comments that I am taking the James or Lisa’s side here. But when we call people names or allege that “the child should be taken out of the home,” what happens to the daughter who reads these comments? Think before you post. Save for the grace of God we all could be going through the experience of James!

  10. Listen just stop giving him what he wants period. If you care then you say no and just turn your back and out your ear plugs in. When you care about someone you do what you know you have to for their benefits. What is he going to do if you give him what the doctor said to give him?? Yell scream who cares your doing what’s best for him. Give him the food he is to get with the doctors plan and that it or he’s going to die. Let him tell…Ok then leave and take a walk. And don’t feel guilty you have a life too. And if he don’t get better and loose weight then you have no life. Don’t you want to enjoy your life??? We only live once. Don’t lose your life feeding someone who needs to get real with life. I hope some of my words have helped you. Be strong do what you know is best. I told my husband tonight if it was me and him I would say here is your salad and I will see you at dinner with another because I love him and wouldn’t want him that way. Its ok if he tells at you he’s going to because he’s like a child he has gotten his way for so long. It’s time for you to say NO!!


  12. I have, through no fault of my own, been diabetic since the age of 2 (Type I). What I saw in James and Lisa were the same things I see thousands of other diabetics do when their doctor asks why their health is not improving. They are doing everything the doctor said but it isn’t working for them or the scale is wrong, or no one will help them, blah blah blah.

    James needs to wake up and act like a man and not a spoiled child. You gained weight because you ate a load of garbage and didn’t move enough to burn any calories. Lisa needs to let him rant. If he doesn’t want to eat the healthy food she cooks let him go without a meal. It’s what you do when you have a child that won’t eat.

    I don’t believe Dr. Now did not give them any nutritional education. That’s another excuse. It’s time to take responsibility for your own actions…this applies to James and Lisa.

  13. How much guidance do you need. Download a calorie counting app. Read labels. Don’t buy the food he was told not to eat. His dad financed his home to help them and all he could do was make ecuses. Sorry no sympathy for them.

      • Yes they did and you wonder why no one donated any money. They probably knew James and how lazy he was and thought I’m not donating. His dad financed his house to get an ambulance to take him to Texas. What a waste. James is very selfish. One of the worst things about this whole deal is the taxpayers are paying for all this food he shoves in his mouth day after day

        • Wow! You really assume you know what took place and the reasons why they did not get the required amount of money, don’t you? Straw man argument, much? Come on! You have got to be better than this. Second, one could very easily argue the sole reason people did not give the requisite donations was due to a lack of empathy, care, or concern for another human being, as well as the pervasive selfish culture we live in. James is certainly guilty of this same selfishness when not thinking of others while over-eating, but seriously; how many addicts do you know that think or reflect heavily on how their actions affect those around them? Few if any!

    • Jennifer…did you notice when Lisa set up the Go Fund Me page she asked for $15,000? Now her daughter Courtney Parks has set one up for James asking for $50,000!!!

  14. I don’t believe James says. If you’ve watched previous shows Dr Now gives patients nutritionist and every resource possible to succeed. I don’t know why they didn’t show the nutritionist visiting James maybe he had a nastier attitude than Pauline did. James failed at every thing Dr Now gave him to do. His GF and him are both delusional and were rude to everyone they met. I think this article is trying to make us forget about the episode because after watching it they realize how horrible they looked on TV.

  15. Watching the show made me absolutely Furious. what a selfish man he is… I can’t believe she slept on the floor in a sheet.. just to make sure the selfish ass was breathing. It made me so mad that every time he asked for food she got him what he wanted and then some. if it was me I would have given him the diet food and then gone outside or into my room with a pair of earplugs what on Earth is he going to do …he’s not mobile and cannot I come after her. The poor daughter look like she was about to burst into tears. she needs to stop taking care of that big whiny lump and look after her daughter who obviously has the beginning of a weight problem herself. I had to stop myself from turning this off because they both really upset me. He nearly died from heart failure and still he went home and celebrated by stuffing himself with Chinese food. Listen I’m not saying that I’m any skinny person myself I am about 30 to 40 pounds overweight I need to lose for health reasons because as you get older it wears and tears on your body….

    I wish him the best but do not hold up much hope for him…. I had to laugh when he was so eager to get to the hospital to be weighed ma so that he could prove that he lost the weight….

  16. You guys are all wrong. Dr. Now didn’t give him what he needs. Also, the bed scale had to be wrong. No way he could gain 150 pounds in that short a time. If he did gain some weight, it was probably muscle weight. Did you see how much iron he was lifting? His arms were hard as a rock, he said so himself. What do you expect him to do when a car breaks down? Come on, give him a break. Dr. Now should have trained James’s body to get used to the new food. It can be done. Also, James is right on when he said that life is meant to be enjoyed. James needs balance, eating what he enjoys and doing what he needs to do. It can totally work. James needs to ‘eat something’ like he said when he first went in. He can’t starve. He just needs to double up on his workouts like he said, then he can eat whatever he wants. Makes total sense. Also, those guys who moved him should have been more gentle. He screamed a lot so they must have been rough. Why else would he whine like that? As for his girlfriend, why didn’t she offer to sleep on the floor right away? She needs to be more giving. And so what if he didn’t tell his kids he was their father. No big deal, they found out eventually. Dr. Now could have at least cut the boils off his legs. What was he thinking? Does James really have to be under 600 to get surgery? He was close enough. Poor guy is now downing in gravy because he was a few pounds off his goal. Also, his girlfriend should have told him he had 2 eggrolls instead of making him ask. He is not psychic and he can’t see his whole plate when he is laying down. What do you want from the guy? He did everything Dr. Now asked and Now stabbed him in the back. Now said James’ behavior was ‘mind-boggling.’ So insulting. What is mind-boggling is that Now did not cure James after all the work he put in. The long van ride alone should have been enough to prove his intentions and made him deserving of a fix from Dr. Now. Why should he have to lose weight first? He was poor when he grew up so he should get an automatic pass from Now instead of the insults. After all, if he could lose weight on his own, then he wouldn’t need Dr. Now. Lastly, Chinese food is healthy because it is fried. James said so. Fried is good. Fried is a good way to lose weight. James probably lost 150 pounds eating fried rice. Again, the scale was probably off.

    Totally kidding, of course. 🙂

    • Finances are complements of the US Government..welfare/food stamps/section 8 housing…and, of course, free Medicaid. Hence, they’re living off the taxpayers.

  17. This one show really made me pissed and sick to my stomach. I’ve never heard of such excuses in my life. James has more reasons to eat and cheat than anyone I’ve ever seen on the show. Put the fork down and pay attention to the Dr and the woman who has put her life on hold for your lame ass excuses to continue to eat. I understand people get and have a eating disorder, but at some point like when you can’t even go to the bathroom alone and people have to put their lives on hold to take care of you because you don’t know when enough is enough, that’s just sick. Stop your temper tantrums and be a man, grow up and take responsibility for what YOU and only you did to yourself.

  18. His girlfriend/wife or whatever she is, is a total enabler. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Dr. Now get as heated as he did with the “feeder” and the “feedee”…rightfully so. During this entire time, you can see his daughter Bayley has gained a bunch of weight too. They say fat can be a family affair. I too struggle with my weight and it does have to do with loneliness and boredom and then of course, too big of portions. I walk and do the total gym twice a week but know it’s not enough. I have disk problems in my neck that makes me limit my exercise or else it flares up and really hurts me. I’m not near big enough for weight loss surgery and I don’t intend to be! The sick relationship between him and Lisa is co dependent in that he controls her and keeps her submissive and her own love of food and her need to be needed is a toxic brew.
    If he ever did lose weight, I bet you anything he would leave her in the dust because his ego and narcissism rules everything he does and is. Case in point, apparently he was having an affair with her while she was married; she got pregnant by him twice and had those kids and he’s right there on film talking about it like it was nothing – why tells us those details?? Why did they never get married…everything this guy has done has been to benefit him and meanwhile his father and daughter are suffering, his friends come and help and he whines and orders everyone around.

  19. Thanks Ashley, glad yo enjoyed the post. 🙂 I should have added something about the mattress:

    Everyone knows that a firm mattress would make ANYONE appear to be 150 pounds too heavy. That’s why no one takes a picture in bed. Apparently only Dr Now does not understand this simple fact.

    lol. I wish James the best actually. I hope to see him again in another show, this time as a winner.

  20. This show is starting to piss me off i spent two hours watching the James k. Story hoping to find out what direction James was going,only to hear him talk about how fired up he was and how depressed Lisa was with her life and then the episode ended , not knowing what happen after all that .
    Come on now TLC you got to let us know were he’s at with his life ,every show has an ending whether good or bad

  21. I’m a fan of the show and love to see people achieve the goal they set out. I’m shocked the doctor doesn’t send these people to counseling first. Treat these people like you would an addict, find the root cause of the urge to over eat. Teach them skills to handle those cravings and where they come from.

    As far as feeling sorry for him I do, but don’t by the excuses of not knowing what to eat, no cards and high protein? If you can read you can figure it out. It theres and question there’s a damn IPhone in his hand 90% of the time. YOU ARE IN HOUSTON TX. They have absolutely every thing there, even gorcery deliverly!!!! How hard do you really have to work and spend on food to consume 10000 calories per day?

    The guy can do it! He first has to admit he’s allowed his addiction to control his life and he’s powerless against it alone, this is where counseling comes in, his enabling companions need to let him complain and get involved in saving his life. Being dizzy and a headache has never killed anyone and those pains will leave.

    • Hello Jimmy,

      When you say you feel sorry for him but don’t by [sic] the excuses of not knowing what to eat,” you actually are not sorry, but empathic, which I might add is precisely what James needs. Too many people are on one of two polar opposites here regarding this type of complex situation, and complex it is. We have familial factors weighing (no pun intended), we have personality factors effectuating the outcome, and of course as mentioned, the dynamic of addiction.

  22. His girlfriend disgusts me. She is completely codependent and has no self esteem and zero self respect.
    She got pregnant twice by James and then they, together, decided to pass them off as another man’s children. A real man would want to raise his kids. But James was more than happy to let another man pay the bills. I think James said that they were only told a few years ago that he was their real dad.
    I can tell that Lisa was a battered woman. The way she scrapes and bows to this man’s demands tells me that she is afraid of being alone and that she is addicted to feeling needed. She will literally love James to death. They are both using each other as a crutch.
    If they truly cared about one another, they would let each other go. Lisa is being verbally abused and wasting her life and her peace of mind on this guy. James deserves someone that values his life enough to say no.

  23. I have no sympathy for James whatsoever. He is a bully, and thinks everyone should cater to him and his BS attitude. He has been given the tools to improve his condition, and to save his own life. Dr. Now is a wonderful man and an excellent physician. He gave James and his girlfriend several chances to get things under control, and all they come up with is excuse after excuse for their behavior. He will never change, because he is selfish and lazy. He gets no sympathy from me.

  24. I didn’t read all the replies but they do sound negative. I must say that the therapist may indeed be looking for fame. However if hes telling truth, if whatever hes doing is helping James, if he is infact getting better, I wish him luck and hope that he does get better.

    I don’t care if he’s seeking fame if what he’s doing is making it better.

    I do agree with the sentiment that he was wrong to criticize Dr ,Nows not giving him diet and shopping instruction.

    I heard Dr Now very loud and clear, 0 carbs high protien that’s low fat. That means chicken breast Turkey breast and or fish and vegitable and yogurt only nothing else.

    I hear Dr Now say all the time eat Chicken and Fish. As painful as it is, the truth is Ive lost down to 290 mys elf from 342. I do eat 2 whole wheat breads a day 2 fruits no sweets or junk.

    But if you almost a thousand pounds and there’s a rich to save your life, then no your not gonna be able to eat anything but chicken and fish vegitables and yogurt, James and Lisa should’ve figured that out with his situation that he may have to starve a little.

    I mean how dense can you be. To think they tried to trick Dr Now into believing he had lost weight.

    The truth is that if he had lost 200 pounds in the first place before they left he could shrunk his size and gotten into t the van instead of making his Dad pay 10000 bucks it was selfish of him to do that.

    The fact that he said oh well cant find a way out there so I cant get help might as well eat and just threw everything the doctor said to him away, its like a slap in the face,

    No Dr now was not mean to him. I would’ve rejected him if I had been in Dr Nows place.

    But however we feel about the situation, I’ve done terrible stuff to myself to with own food addiction, so I cant point my fingers at James.

    I do wish him luck I hope he gets rid of the weight, maybe we can see him on another tv special on weight it would b interesting to see.

  25. It is a shame the show I watched only lasted one hour. James has more than weight problems. He also has mental problems. Anyone who would rather eat than live is very sick. Anyone who thinks it’s a huge accomplishment to sit up is very sick. Both those–coupled with the fact he is living with one HUGE enabler–makes it next to impossible for him to lose weight. It has been one excuse after another, always with the promise of “I’ll do better.” He, more or less, spit in his father’s face when he refused to do anything to help him, even after his father refinanced his house.

  26. It is a shame the show I watched only lasted one hour. James has more than weight problems. He also has mental problems. Anyone who would rather eat than live is very sick. Anyone who thinks it’s a huge accomplishment to sit up is very sick. Both those–coupled with the fact he is living with one HUGE enabler–makes it next to impossible for him to lose weight. It has been one excuse after another, always with the promise of “I’ll do better.” He, more or less, spit in his father’s face when he refused to do anything to help himself, even after his father refinanced his house.

  27. Just watched the episode on TLC and can’t get over what an unbelievable liar he is. He was angry that they weren’t getting people to donate to his GoFundMe so he got the local news involved. The reporter was lied to and said that his girlfriend was keeping him on a diet. Whaaaa? The very next scene he ate TWO heaping plates of steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and other food. HEAPING. The steak was at least 16 ounces.

    Sorry, but if you can’t stop eating over 10,000 calories a day, why should anyone give you a dollar?

    He and Lisa lied their way through the entire episode. Sorry, I don’t feel bad for him.

  28. I just watched the James K story and I was furious. That poor child should never have taken care of her father, she saw way too much of him. He wants to be an invalid, he is like a spoiled child and he came across as entitled. He eats enough to feed a village and throws a hissy fit when he can’t gobble down what he wants. I used to be fat all my life and since then I have lost the weight am a size 2. I would have given anything to have had the opportunity he did. It was hard work and it still is. If it wasn’t no one would be overweight/obese.

    He is so ungrateful and I have no sympathy for him and Lisa should take her daughter and leave his fat, ungrateful ass. Take care of your child she needs it much more than a grown man, who feels sorry for him self because he is obese and uses that to manipulate every situation to get what he wants, when he wants it. James, you are an excuse for a man and your whole life is an excuse. Take responsibility! You say you feel like a burden, that’s because you are. Just remember you had a choice and you chose death.

  29. I agree with most to all statements on here. To me, James didn’t seem to even want the help offered to him. Lisa fed him all of that horrible food-what a miserable existence! And I’m glad that Dr. Now laid into Lisa about James K’s state. I was yelling at the TV set as well. Some people are so freaking selfish when it comes to their lives and I feel that James was being very selfish when it came to the welfare of his daughter Bayley. I was angry at both of them for taking her out of school to take care of James. If it were me, I would question whether or not to take care of him. Honestly I’d let him rot in his own funk.I was rooting for James-I really was-but there comes a time in a person’s life where you have to say enough already and get on with things. And James at times angered the hell out of me. I am hoping he does get better and loses weight but at this point in time I’m not having much sympathy for the family at all.

  30. I just saw this show last night. James is a bully with a death wish. He obviously doesn’t care what he is putting his family through as long as his wants are satisfied. Lisa is a doormat with no self esteem. He can’t even get out of bed,but she’s afraid to anger him? I would walk out the door and let him fend for himself. Of course, it doesn’t look like Lisa has a job or any other support,so if she’s living off him,she’s stuck. What a mess! The daughter is obviously disgusted with the whole situation. She needs to get back in school,graduate and get a job. The sooner she can get herself out of that situation,the more chance she has of saving herself. Run Bayley,run!

  31. Lisa displays so many characteristics of Battered Woman Syndrome. She needs immediate & extensive psychotherapy if she is to have any hope of saving herself.

    She left an abusive marriage full of sick secrets, for an abusive relationship full of sick secrets with her boyfriend James. In the process, she & James have emotionally abused their 2 innocent/helpless young children.

    James appears mentally ill. It’s as if he is a young/petulant child. He takes advantage of Jill’s weaknesses to manipulate her into bending to his selfish & cruel demands. He brazenly lies to the Dr.’s face, & feels no shame about persuading Lisa do the same.

    The vast majority of my sympathy goes to Bailey.

    I feel much sympathy for Lisa & her sad plight.

    It is quite difficult for me to muster-up any sympathy at all for James, beyond the fact that he is an Addict… He seems bound & determined to commit a slow suicide–and to bring down everyone around him in the process.

    Save yourselves, ladies. Run, and never look back.

  32. I was just watching Part 2 of Series My 600 Pound Life and Its so pathetic how delusional James and he’s Girlfriend Lisa are, what does Dr Now have to do for them .I mean are they bloody stupid or just thick as bricks!!!!

    How hard is it for Lisa to stop taking him the wrong food to him. He’s stuck in a bed and cant get out so what is she afraid of.

    I mean Lisa Grow some BACKBONE GIRL and do it for your daughter and stop feeding James to death!!!!!

    If Dr Nows talk to you didn’t get thru then nothing ever will… its very simple Follow the diet that you were given for James and do NOT CHEAT HIS FOODS, you are just killing him.

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