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Paul Walker Investigation On ‘Collision Course’ New Season: There’s An Eyewitness (VIDEO)

“Collision Course” returns to REELZ, Saturday night March 18 with the story of how Paul Walker’s life ended one night in Valencia, California. On November 30, 2013 a car crash took the life of the man known for his love of fast cars both on and off the screen.

The show is all about unraveling, “… the speculation surrounding car and airplane crashes involving celebrities relying on footage from the scene, police records, CGI reenactments and interviews with eyewitnesses to provide a detailed look at what put these celebrities on a collision course.”

In the video clip posted below, the narrator says what fans of Walker were thinking immediately following the news reports. “They struggled to comprehend how a man made famous by death-defying speed could die in an ordinary drive around a suburban block with a friend at the wheel.” That friend Roger Rodas was a professional race car driver who had recently purchased the car in question.

“Collision Course” tries take apart the inexplicable sequence of events into chunks of info that can be pieced together. A well-tested driver, in a solid sports car on roads that were familiar to him, died in a fiery crash that stunned the world. The weather was clear on an average November day in Southern California. The REELZ show boasts an eyewitness who came forward after the fact.

What about the vehicle that Walker and a friend sat in that day? In the sneak peek video clip posted at the bottom of this story, listen to Peter Ludwig talk about the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. Called “the best street race car ever built”, Ludwig has owned his for 11 years and according to him it’s still the best.

“Collision Course” Paul Walker airs on REELZ Channel, Saturday night March 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: REELZ, used with permission 

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2 thoughts on “Paul Walker Investigation On ‘Collision Course’ New Season: There’s An Eyewitness (VIDEO)

  1. Paul and roger faked their deaths. As it is noticed that soon the new film of the saga will be released. disgust doing reports of a swindler. How much have they paid you? . Without embarrassment. No one believes in the death of these two scammers. Not a week passed from the fake accident, and everyone realized the scam.

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