Joe Morton as Eli Pope with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on "Scandal"

TGIT Recap: Japril’s Back on ‘Grey’s’ and Papa Pope Is Someone’s Bitch on ‘Scandal’

Well, well, well. Catherine Avery did the impossible on the “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, “Who Is He (And What Is He to You)? She moved April and Jackson back into a bed together, and it looks like it’s not just about the sex.

While on “Scandal”, the man known as Command is no longer in charge. In “Extinction”, Papa Pope became the hunted and someone’s bitch for the first time in the six seasons of the show.


While he was ousted as Command by combined efforts of Fitz, Jake and Olivia in the previous season, Eli Pope found a way to become indispensable again. He was available for solo efforts to get things done, either at the request of someone or because he felt like it. What we learned last night, was that he killed Frankie Vargas, framed Cyrus and used Jennifer Fields to do it. But, it was not because he wanted Olivia to get into the Oval as Mellie Grant’s chief of staff or top adviser.

Oh no, he was doing the bidding of some evil people who have a larger purpose in mind. They need Mellie in the White House for a reason we have yet to learn. It’s a wilder version of the similar story of Andrew, Fitz’s second Vice President, who plotted to have Olivia kidnapped and ultimately killed to get Fitz to do his bidding.

The story took its time getting there, but at the conclusion of the episode, Eli was threatened by the group with losing his daughter Olivia unless he continued to cooperate. He believed that he’d made a deal to stop Vargas from winning the election or taking the oath in exchange for the group releasing Sandra, the woman who turned out to be the real love of Eli’s life.

They are true science nerds, the two of them, but Eli broke her heart as he progressed in the B-613 life. Maya was the better choice for him, I guess. Perhaps we’ll get into the history of how that marriage came to be, now that we know Eli’s got a heart.

He broke his own heart to try to get out from under the obligation to the group. When they didn’t live up to the deal after Vargas’ death, demanding an ongoing relationship, Eli killed Sandra in front of the group to demonstrate he wouldn’t be made into someone’s bitch. That’s when they threatened Olivia and Papa Pope realized he was no longer Command or in command. Were those tears we saw in that man’s eyes? Yes they were.

The nice twist on this story is that Eli rigged voting machines in one California county. It would have thrown the election to Mellie since California was the deciding piece in the electoral college win for Vargas. But, Olivia had Huck undo it after another father-daughter argument. She wanted to once again, try to undo the psychic damage to her ego about using Defiance, Ohio to win Fitz the presidency. Eli knew he’d be dead if he couldn’t deliver the Vargas victory and was forced to kill him.


In a departure, from multiple stories going on in and outside the hospital, we got a one-off about a patient who needed a throat transplant. It took place at one of the specialized clinic/hospitals with the Avery name on the front door. Instead of Catherine going with Jackson to take care of the case, it was April who got on board the private jet.

Catherine made it happen, ostensibly because she wanted grandma-granddaughter special time. She had a feeling she could make magic happen. She figured it might take a few days away, with Jackson and April staying at the same hotel and collaborating on an extraordinary procedure that would rewrite the medical journals. Ultimately she was right, but the two fought it at every turn until one magical night.

That was when Jackson and his ex-wife bonded over his anguish at finding his long-lost father. Jackson was emotionally devastated by the lack of love or remorse from the man who left very early in his life. The life of privilege as an Avery was too much for him and he disliked that his wife Catherine took to it like a duck to water. It took April to get Jackson to face the man and identify himself as his son.

When that occurred, Jackson left without being able to say what he wanted, stunned at the inability of his dad to do anything but glow about how happy he was to have escaped the Avery life with its responsibilities. Without April insisting that the trip would have been wasted without getting it all off his chest, Jackson couldn’t have done it. His father was surprised when Jackson told him he’d never see him again. Narcissism personified.

The extraordinary throat procedure was almost icing on the cake for the couple who reminded themselves why they fell in love. Jackson’s love for daughter Harriet came out in multiple ways as he spoke with the parents of the patient who feared the throat procedure. He also realized, thanks to April, that he is nothing like his father, who bailed on the family when it got tough for him. Jackson not only didn’t bail on his daughter after the marriage broke up, he continued to take care of April as well.

Will it last once the couple returns to Seattle and they have to face the Dr. Minnick vs. Dr. Webber problem again? Who knows, but for a moment we were all happy again.

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