Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn on season 6 "Homeland" episode "Sock Puppets"

‘Homeland’: A Sad Video Good-Bye To Astrid, As Quinn Goes Rogue (VIDEO)

Updated with recap of episode 9 “Sock Puppets”. Fake news comes to “Homeland”.

“Homeland” season 6 ups the ante on tension in the episode “Sock Puppets”. Last week we watched a life snuffed out and Peter Quinn was responsible. Tonight he goes dark, using the faculties he has left to seek vengeance for Astrid’s death.

She died at the hands of the mystery man who lives across the street from Carrie, and who was responsible for the New York City bomb stashed in a commercial van driven by Sekou Bah. Astrid had, at the request of Dar Adal, kidnapped Quinn from Bellevue after he was taken into custody by the NYPD.

She delivered Dar’s message that he had one choice and only one. Live his life with a new identity, preferably in the lakefront property where Astrid stashed him, and stop searching for that bad guy. Astrid was asked to live there with him, but not merely as his keeper. She and Quinn were lovers back in the day before Peter discovered Carrie, and Astrid hoped to rekindle what she thought was love between them

Unfortunately, Peter is incapable of speaking with any level of tact in his current condition on this season of “Homeland”. When she put it out there for him, Quinn stung her with “We only f—-d because we were lonely”. Even for a tough cookie like Astrid, those words cut deep. At that time, Peter was not in the mood to trust anyone who was sent by Dar and wrongly believed Astrid was there to hurt him or be his jailer.

She was ignorant of Dar’s treachery, thinking incorrectly that the super spy was still one of the good guys. When the assassin arrived, Quinn’s mistrust led to Astrid’s death, and for a few moments we were led to believe that Peter was killed along with her. Nope, he was able to touch that place in his physical reserve that allowed him to hold his breath underwater long enough for the gunman to leave the lakefront.

Astrid was a stalwart, particularly last season when the action played out in Berlin. She had already given up on romance with Quinn after seeing how he felt about Carrie, despite her living with Jonas. Showtime put together a reel with scenes of Astrid’s time on the show. It’s posted below. Enjoy!

“Homeland” airs new episodes on Showtime, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: Showtime, used with permission¬†

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