‘Homeland’ ‘Sock Puppets’ Recap: Quinn vs. Dar Guess Who Won?

Updated: Preview next episode. Has Dar had help all season?

“Homeland” returned to what it does best, and that is the spy business. In “Sock Puppets”, in addition to learning what that means in a tech world context, we reached the peak of Dar Adal’s treachery. Thanks to Max, we found out that there is a massive effort underway to spread more “fake” news than the country’s ever seen. It’s happening at the place that FBI Agent Conlin visited before he was shot to death in his home. That gets developed more in the weeks to come, but it had to be a stark reminder of current affairs and how truth has become a choice between dueling stories.

Dar knows better than to leave any loose ends, even when it looks like he’s accomplished what he set out to do. Unfortunately, of the two situations he dealt with, one produced the biggest loose end he could imagine. The other went well, at least for now. That was when Mejid Javadi had to go, as the only witness who could out Dar Adal as the mastermind ¬†behind the false story of Iran breaching the nuclear deal.

Unfortunately, Javadi wouldn’t go without reaching out to the only person he knows who will drop everything and get on the case. That would be Carrie Mathison who got a call as Javadi was being faced with Mossad agents ready to drag him out of the hotel. It was after he and Dar exulted in having fooled President Elect Keane. Holding the phone, on speaker, behind his back as he was being betrayed by the man he chose to trust, Javadi gave Carrie the ability to listen. She got to Saul, and they got to Keane.

She had to admit that she too backed the wrong horse in the race and called in the current Solicitor General, who she was ready to nominate to be her Attorney General. He got the facts and investigated whether or not the hard evidence supported a case against Dar for working in concert with Israel to lie to PEOTUS about the nuclear deal. There wasn’t enough, and Carrie was forced to choose between catching Dar by other means, putting Saul’s life and career in jeopardy, or letting the old spy continue to avoid justice.

The only hard info on Dar that would enable him to be arrested on federal charges implicated Saul too. That would be the lies told in reports to the CIA brass about what occurred in Berlin. Saul’s affair with what turned out to be a Russian double agent was kept under cover. Why Carrie would have told Keane about that in the first place just shows how she’s got a side to her that is inexplicable.

Carrie had a rough few days, what with the Dar mess and her facing a shrink for the first time. A court ordered therapy session made her squirm, but she heard loud and clear the words of the therapist. Sometimes a little girl deserves to come first, no matter what your line of work is. The evaluation resulted in good news, and Carrie will get a supervised visit with Frannie. Just think about that for a second. What do you tell your daughter about why she didn’t even get to say goodbye to her mother, then moved in with strangers?

Dar may not know that he’s headed for the lockup yet, but his other loose end reappeared and in a stare down he got the worst of it. The young man he mentored, took in from the cold and turned into a lethal weapon punched him in the face, It could have been worse, and he dared the loose end, one Peter Quinn to kill him if he believed Dar had not acted as a parent to him and loved him. It gave you the creeps, edging towards something that seems inappropriate perhaps illegal, dating back to Quinn as a teen, taken in by Dar. That was too much for Quinn to handle so he just knocked Dar down, after he tapped his phone.

Sure enough, the first call Dar made was to the man who believed he had ended both Astrid and Quinn’s lives at the cabin. Oops, off Quinn went to put an end to that, but not before he returned to all things Quinn. He eluded the local cops at the cabin, who found Astrid’s body. Then in a smart maneuver, he siphoned gas from a car in the parking lot of a sporting good store that sold guns and ammo. He promptly made a fire bomb, set a vehicle on fire and watched everyone in the store run out to deal with it, letting him take what he needed. All this with only one good arm.

Is this the season we get the end to the Dar Adal story arc? He’s such a good villain, but there will always be more. The damage to the Saul-Carrie relationship is just one more brick in that wall. The two have been through other episodes of betrayal, but it’s difficult to see how Saul would ever forgive her if she agreed to Keane’s plan. In a great snippet of dialogue, Carrie got on her righteous and very high horse, with Saul taking her down from that saddle.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have been f—king a Russian mole”, she threw at him. He fired back with maximum derision: “Coming from someone who f—ed a guy in a suicide vest, that means a lot,”

Okay, we’ve got multiple fronts burning. Quinn’s going after the guy in the ski cap, Dar is close to getting outed, Saul may land in prison, Sekou Bah is on the brink of being vindicated as a murder victim, and Carrie’s still without Frannie. Then there’s the discovery of the fake news farm. Season six is percolating now.

“Homeland” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. ¬† Image credit: Showtime, used with permission

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