Zebra mascot on "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver"

John Oliver Says #JustAddZebras Makes Weekly News Bearable on ‘Last Week Tonight’ (VIDEO)

Like many who watch the news these days and get frazzled, or angry, or just plain exhausted John Oliver has found a way to lighten up. It’s all about zebras. Yes, people in zebra mascot costumes have taken him from hopeless to hopeful and on “Last Week Tonight”, he explained why.

Using the #JustAddZebras, he demonstrated how inserting a zebra mascot to any bit of video can turn that frown upside down. Why zebras? Well, as Oliver noted, he has a fetish for news items that emanate from South American countries that are rarely in the news, meaning Americans don’t pay attention to them.

His other fave things in the world are people dressed as animals,  as well as animals in costumes, like his Supreme Court lineup of dogs dressed as the justices. But when you have zebra mascots in the country of Bolivia AND they are doing something so sweet, well that counts just as much.

Why the zebra mascots in Bolivia? Their stripes match crosswalks painted in the streets of La Paz, where traffic deaths are out of hand. The zebra mascots jump out into traffic to allow pedestrians to walk, or to just slow down the madness. Their love for the job delighted Oliver, and when he discovered that many are recovering addicts who are turning their lives around, well it just got sooooo much better.

Oliver turned the final few minutes of “Last Week Tonight”, into one long belly laugh, as a relief from coverage of the Trump administration’s week of headlines. There’s just so much of that anyone can take.

He ended the segment by inviting us all to engage in an arts and crafts project. Use any of the footage in the video posted on YouTube (see below) and adding #JustAddZebras to see if he’s right about a mood lightening situation. We’ll need it to keep our minds from numbing, what with the hearings this week on Capitol Hill. Can you find a piece of video, insert a zebra and make it all better? Give it a try if you are ready to scream.

Image/video credit: HBO, used with permission. “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ airs Sundays at 11 p.m. ET/PT


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