Ryan Friedlinghaus returns with new episodes "West Coast Customs" on Velocity

All New ‘West Coast Customs’ With Ryan Friedlinghaus Roars Back To Velocity (SNEAK PEEK

All new episodes begin Tuesday night March 21 on Velocity under the title “Inside West Coast Customs”. Hang on for exciting new custom builds coming out of Ryan Friedlinghaus’ new and expansive Burbank custom automotive shop. Take a look at the place in this sneak peek:

Friedlinghaus and his shop are darlings of the network, and here’s why. “We welcomed Ryan back with fan favorite episodes of “West Coast Customs” in January. Audiences have responded, making those encores some of our top-rated programming for the quarter,” said Robert S. Scanlon, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Velocity and Automotive Content.

What’s in store for the “Inside West Coast Customs”? Did you notice in the video above, mention of a virtual reality bus? Yeah, well in one upcoming episode Kmart asks WCC to create a mobile experience for the entire family using virtual reality. The retailer intends to have it travel the country to its stores as a marketing tool. There’s always seems to be a time crunch for custom jobs and this one is no different. When Kmart explains that the first stop on the tour is at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, it’s lots of overtime at WCC.

How about the featured build on the season premiere? A couple asks WCC to customize their rare 1960’s split window VW bus. Both are fans of the steampunk look, so it’s now up to Ryan and the team at West Coast Customs to come up with a design that’s both practical and stylish, including the ultimate moon roof for gazing at the stars while on the road.

You want celebrity builds? “Inside Western Coast Customs” obliges with episodes featuring boxer-turned-promoter, the Golden Boy himself, Oscar De La Hoya. Justin Bieber and Kid Rock show up on separate episodes. Bieber wants a gift for a friend, so WCC goes old school with a pimped out 1991 Explorer, complete with 32” wheels and Lamborghini doors. Generous friend that Bieber. Meanwhile, he’s there to pick up his latest toy, a  custom 1936 Rolls Royce.

It’s going to be one busy season, so get ready!

“Inside Western Coast Customs” airs new episodes on Velocity, beginning Tuesday night March 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image/video credit: Velocity, used with permission

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